My 800 CASE against the RBC Organization and bankers about the 800 Gold backed Acc#, Receipt Confirmation – Case # RBC-27869

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We have positive NEWS about the 800 Gold Backed Account which i have received
from the BRICS/AIIB Bank, and the BANKERS hiding the TRUTH.
I have filled a complained with the RBC bank, and provide all the evidence,
lets see what they will do, also i have explained them , i have
an Excel spreed sheet which these Brothers and sisters want also their
800 Gold backed accounts.
release of the Prosperity funds to combat POVERTY all over the WORLD.
I have told then I will drop the case if they come CLEAN, and tell the
   Skype: Ronald.Wederfoort

From: “” <>
Sent: Thursday, June 1, 2017 4:38 PM
Subject: Receipt Confirmation – Case # RBC-27869

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Your complaint has been received, including 0 attachment(s). If this complaint is submitted before RBC has had an opportunity to provide a closing response to you, the complaint may be referred to RBC for further review and response directly to you. If we refer your complaint to an RBC business, subsidiary or affiliate, we will notify you within 5 to 10 business days. Otherwise we will proceed with a review of your submission and will communicate with you.

We review and respond to most complaints within 4-6 weeks of this initial confirmation. More complex disputes, such as those concerning investment advice, disputed client card transactions or servicing issues may require a lengthier response timeframe. We will generally provide you with a final response within 90 days from the date of this acknowledgement; we will advise you if an extended period is required. Taking the necessary time to fully review your issue ensures we are making every effort to assist you in finding a resolution – we appreciate your patience. Our experience has shown that taking appropriate time increases resolution and satisfaction rates.

The details of your submission, along with your agreement to the RBC Ombudsman Terms of Service, are confirmed on the summary page you received upon submitting the complaint form. That page may be printed for your records.

If you have additional information to provide regarding your complaint, please access our complaint form at: . On Step 2 of this form, please indicate your additional communication refers to an existing complaint and reference the case number provided in the subject line of this confirmation email.

**NOTE: This message was generated from a server, please do not reply. Replies will not be responded to. If you have any questions as to the source or content of this e-mail, please telephone 1-800-769-2542 to leave a confidential voice message and your call will be returned within 5 business days.**

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