A former Russian intelligence officer blew the whistle on Nibiru yesterday, shockingly announcing that “Nibiru is a real threat,” and that American leaders have repeatedly thwarted Russia’s desire to warn the world about the potentially cataclysmic consequences expected to unfold sometime in the early 21st Century.

Strelnikov Isaak Stepanovich, a former KGB agent who also worked for the GRU, Russia’s main intelligence agency, told a Pravda reporter that Russian authorities have been tracking Nibiru for PlanetX1at least thirty years. According to Stepanovich, Russian leaders including Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, and Vladimir Putin wanted desperately to reveal Nibiru’s existence, to warn the Motherland—and the world—that civilization as we know it would soon cease to exist. However, the White House used nuclear war as a threat to ensure Russia’s compliance in the cover up.

“In 1984, after Russian and American space agencies obtained infrared images of Nibiru, Gorbachev wanted to alert the world. He believed people are good and will coalesce behind a such a disaster. But Ronald Reagan insisted the issue be kept quiet, hidden from public. He feared global collapse of economy and worldwide social service if the truth about Nibiru were known. So he threatened to nuke Moscow if Gorbachev wasn’t ‘all in’ with the conspiracy. Russia no want nuclear war, so we played the game,” Stepanovich said.

By 1988, world governments were entrenched in the Nibiru cover-up; a considerable percentage of both Russian and American national defense budgets were allocated to maintaining secrecy—billions of dollars annually.

Stepanovich confessed that in 1992 Boris Yeltsin almost convinced Bill Clinton to “come clean about Nibiru,” and together they planned a joint press conference to be held in Brussels later that year. But at the last moment, Stepanovich said, “That nasty bitch wife of his, Hillary Clinton, twisted his arm and changed his mind and convinced him to nuke Russia if Yeltsin went ahead with the disclosure.” So, Clinton reneged on the agreement.

Other countries—Japan, India, China, Israel, Somalia—fell in line.

Steponovich said that Russia—then the Soviet Union—used its own deep-space infrared telescope to image Nibiru in 1983, He claims that a fued erupted between NASA and the Soviet Space images (4)Agency over who actually obtained the first authentic images of Nibiru, with each side accusing the other of manufacturing fraudulent pictures. Despite initial tensions, the directors of respective space agencies compared notes and concluded they had indeed photographed the Nibiru system, a solar system thirty-seven million miles in diameter consisting of a brown dwarf star and seven orbiting planets.

That analysis supports the contentions of contemporary  Nibiru Researchers  like Dr. Ronald Shimschuck, a recent Nibiru whistle-blower who is widely considered the world’s foremost authority on the subject.

Stepanovich says he has gone public because his moral compass has been askew far too long, and wants to spend his remaining days warning the public and preparing as best he can for his family.


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