THE CABAL has hidden your BIRTH CERTIFICATE TRUST Funds and made us all SLAVES, and now the TRUTH is out, WOW THEY ARE SCARED.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The CABAL is very very SCARED of what they have done to HUMANITY,
hiding their TRUST FUNDS which were their BIRTH CERTIFICATES which
are Worth BILLIONS.
And also Create TAXES, and enslaving all of humanity, knowing they all
All those those BROTHERS and SISTERS when they find out the TRUTH,
and have access to their TRUST funds and get back all their TAX ,
funds they have paid because of their LIES.
Think about how much ANGER brothers will have thors the CABAL, for
what they have done. What will happen to the CABAL as POLITICIANS,
JUDGES, LAWYERS, BANKERS, all of them in this game.
What the CABAL have done, they have done it on their self, and NOW
have to FACE the consequences of their ACTIONS.
I don’t want to be in their SHOES, This is Crazy what they done, who
would do something like that against his brother or sister?
Lets see what is going to happen to them, i hope they REPENT, and
ask for forgiveness and tell the TRUTH. And return the TRUST
Inheritance of Humanity.

Your Brother

   Skype: Ronald.Wederfoort


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