NOW why would GAIA the GODDESS BRIBE ME WITH LOTTERY FUNDS , and why not instead give every one a 800 Acc with FUNDS?

Image result for Prosperity funds for every one

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I understand what GAIA is going threw these couple of days, with the 5D

Energies which slowly are moving every one into the NEW Female

Unity Consciousness.

Time is speeding up, and soon it will be over, and we all will be FREE

also GAIA will be free to be her self again.

I have received a EMAIL from her, for FUNDS, my question why not give

every one a 800 Gold Backed account to end the WHOLE WORLD

poverty. and so we would a have a happy ending of this 3D reality.

So we could put everything in the past, and continue with a new Life

experience in the 5D Energies don’t you all believe so.

So i stay on my WORD, FREEDOM for all.

Have a Blessed day brothers and sisters.

Your Brother RONALD

   Skype: Ronald.Wederfoort

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