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10 People Who Shaped The Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

April 11, 2015

It has been said that cats rule the Internet, but there’s an even more sinister power you’ve probably heard of: the Illuminati.

Said to be lurking behind the scenes of every important human endeavor since man was first genetically engineered by space aliens, the Illuminati are certainly giving our feline friends a run for their money as supreme rulers of cyberspace.

There are countless bizarre and contradictory theories circulating online regarding the shadow organization.

Although the Bavarian Illuminati was a real secret society during the late 18th century, the subject has become something of a running joke among skeptics, as tales of extraterrestrial politicians and Satanic pageantry during award ceremonies have spread throughout the Internet.

But all stories have to start somewhere, and you can thank the people on this list for the current golden age of Illuminati…

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