The Crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17 is a Hoax
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The Crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17 is a Hoax

UPDATED: July 19, 2014, title change, July 20 with added commentary, Updated, again, July 23, 2014

How could the acclaimed crash of a Malaysian Airlines 777 over the skies of Ukraine be anything other than a false flag act, considering the date of the supposed event, July 17, the same day as the ground and tank invasion of the Gaza strip?  Then, too, there is the issue of the date connection to TWA Flight 800, whose anniversary is on this very day which, in fact, was blown out of the sky most likely by a missile.

Video rewind: July 17, 1996: TWA Flight 800 crash

    On July 17, 1996TWA Flight 800 took off from New York’s JFK Airport en route to Paris. Just 12 minutes into the flight, the plane exploded over …

Plus, this is the maiden flight of MH17 – July 17, 1996, July 17, 2014, and Flight 17. That could be no coincidence.

Now, there were witnesses of this who described what they believed to be a mid-air explosion. Many such witnesses claimed seeing a missile aiming towards and then striking the jet.

Yet, what is seen regarding MH17? All that is seen is an explosion, not in the air but, rather, on the ground. It just so happened that certain individuals were in perfect position to capture that explosion or, rather, detonation. In this case a hovering helicopter is in place to document the image. It is not plausible that such a vehicle would be just in that position to do so.

Of note, now did the people who took this image possibly do so, unless they had advance knowledge?

If it got torn apart by a missile, how could it, then, explode on the ground in a fireball? The fuel is in the wings. The missile would have detonated that fuel, and the fire would have burned mainly in the air on the descent down.

Unlike Flight 800 there are no witnesses of fire in the sky, at least none that can be deemed as credible.With Malaysian Airlines MH17 all the fire that can be proven occurred without exception on the ground. Plus, that fire was set right next to the road, the road itself being clear of any char or debris.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

It was a considerable fire-ball. Notice the char on the telephone pole.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

The water trucks were there with the military conscripts ready to put out those fires, giving a relatively rapid response for the remote nature of the locality.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

Surely, amongst all this charred rubble there would be major evidence of the nearly 300 passengers that were supposedly on this flight.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

It just looks like a bunch of garbage was dumped into the region and set on fire. Note the two men walking away in the distance.

It was a sufficiently intensive fire to roast whatever this was into oblivion. Did the Israelis provide for this false flag act their Malaysian Airlines 777 that they had put in cold storage?

Where are those countless body parts? Where are the hundreds of charred corpses? The scene should be exceptionally macabre. Even so, there is imagery of corpses, this is not being denied. What is being disputed, though, is the official story that this jet was blown out of the sky by pro-Russian rebels.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

Moreover, it all occurred not in some exceedingly remote area, randomly falling down, but, rather, right next to a road:



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The occasional, random, that is strewn, wreckage is also found closely associated with roads. Yet, as a rule the road is free of any such large wreckage. In image upon image it is found that the wreckage is largely near the edge of the road.


Here it becomes categorically clear. The road is the conduit for the performance of this hoax. The plane was not shot down. It was ferried there and then blow up via detonation.


​Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

Dinar Updates Thursday Evening Chat  3-24-16    Part 1 of 2

wmawhite says():I was asked this question: Do you think once the dinar is international we will be able to exchange IQD for USD at most banks or exchange centers in the US?

clay says to wmawhite():and the answer is ….

jarhead says():really ??
jarhead says():taking too long he’s gotme worried lol

wmawhite says():first of all…………Iraq already has swapped currencies with other countries, such as India…..therefore, the IQD is international.

However, is it internationally accepted? Mostly no. Once the CBI is Article 8 compliant more banks/countries will agree to exchnage the IQD. But again, banks have the choice whether or not to deal/exchange a country’s currency.


wmawhite says():Those gurus that state that the IQD will be exchanged at all banks are factual wrong.

wmawhite says():I will give you an example.

_firefly_ says to wmawhite():Have to agree with you there !

Hutch says to wmawhite():as you have said, Art 8 is basically a seal of approval

msdiva says to wmawhite():i know for sure Wellsfargo said years ago they will not and i repeat will not sell or exchange the IQD

jarhead says():so do yall feel thats why all those dignitaries will be in iraq saturday…article 8 ?

wmawhite says():I spoke to several banks on the island of St. Marrten…in the Caribbean……..I aske dthem if they exchange several European currencies and the answer was yes….because they have european tourist.

I aske dif they exchange the Japanese Yen…..and the answer was no….because there is no market for the Yen… tourist.

jarhead says():next ?

msdiva says to jarhead():im taking this meeting with a grain of salt i want to be excited but cant

jarhead says(4):does article 8 mean they r global or does the currency have to rise to do that

Woodywoodpecker says():msdiva…..i understand

wmawhite says():So, I point is, IMO the IQD will be in demend throughout the Middle East and parts of Europe………………..however, some USA banks may not want to exchange the IQD initially, just as if they do not exchange many of the other 135 currencies in the world.

wmawhite says to jarhead():I have repeated numerous times what Article is and you what to know what????????LOL

msdiva says to wmawhite():so does this mean we may have to travel else where to exchange when the time comes

wmawhite says to jarhead():so, my point is*
jarhead says():jk jk
msdiva says to wmawhite():(y)

SoonRV says to wmawhite():wont these here?

wmawhite says to jarhead():(y)

jeffjane says to wmawhite():Do you think an exchanger would exchange – Like Dinar Inc

_firefly_ says():IMF Executive Board Reviews Noncomplying Purchase by Iraq and Breach of Obligations Under Article VIII, Section 5   Press Release No. 13/464   November 21, 2013

_firefly_ says():The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reviewed a noncomplying disbursement by Iraq totaling SDR 297.1 million (about $453.7 million) that was made on March 22, 2011, following the completion of the second review under the 2010 Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) (see Press Release 11/90), and a breach of obligations under Article VIII, Section 5 of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement.

The SBA was approved in February 2010 for a total amount of SDR 2.38 billion (about $3.63 billion) to cover Iraq’s balance of payments needs (see Press Release 10/60). Iraq received disbursements amounting to the equivalent of SDR 1,069.56 million (about $1.63 billion). The SBA expired in February 2013.

wmawhite says to jeffjane():Very possible………….but can you imagine the huge amounts of money a broker/exchanger would need to have on account just to start the process.

jeffjane says to wmawhite():I understand

jarhead says():the only thing that still loses me is why borrow…………JUST REVALUE

jeffjane says to wmawhite():let me know where you are going to exchange so I follow

_firefly_ says():The SBA expired in February 2013.

SoonRV says to wmawhite():wont these here?

wmawhite says to jarhead():Revaluing does not change why they are barrowing………..they are two separate issues..

wmawhite says to jarhead():borrowing

jarhead says():im tickled we got DUCE
jarhead says():yes iraq borrowing from imf

wmawhite says to jeffjane():that info will be everywhere….

Caravaggio says():Or one could deposit in a multi- currency account, and withdraw in whatever currency one wished?
jarhead says():excellent advice

R&R says to jarhead():IMO all the steps will “move them” into Art 8 compliance, and once in compliance, the IMF or Iraq (or both) will announce officially they are Art 8 compliant … and Section 4 of Art 8 requires “the convertibility of foreign balances” (i.e., int’l tradability)

jarhead says():not economically saavy
jarhead says():never have been

Hutch says():My favorite mythical creature?…. The honest politician
Hutch says():I don’t find it hard to meet expenses. They’re everywhere.

wmawhite says to jarhead():Iraq is barrowing in order to meet the revenue needs of the 1026 budget………………

wmawhite says to jarhead():borrowing………
jarhead says():but wouldnt rv make it better………..idk

wmawhite says to jarhead():no……they still don’t have enough to pay the school teach, the police, etc.

wmawhite says to jarhead():RV doesn’t change how much revenue is in the country……..1IQD is still equal to 1 IQD after a RV

jarhead says):even if their value is 3x the US dollar they r using ?
jarhead says():oh i get it   jarhead says():duh

msdiva says to wmawhite():okay im confused for sure now
msdiva says to wmawhite():who will benefit from the RV us or IRAQ
jarhead says():both

wmawhite says to jarhead():But they are not paying the teachers in the USA………we are talking about in Iraq….there is no rv in Iraq it is only outside of Iraq

jarhead says():they will get les iqd
jarhead says():less
msdiva says to jarhead():are you sure
msdiva says to jarhead():or JMO

jarhead says():because of change in purchasing power

wmawhite says to jarhead():Much is $1 worth in the USA?

jarhead says():$1
jarhead says():i get it
wmawhite says to jarhead():Answer: $1

wmawhite says to jarhead():How much is $1 worth in France?
jarhead says():uh

jeffjane says to wmawhite():LOL – 1 IQD is still 1 IQD in Iraq discussion again

wmawhite says to jarhead():About $0.80……

wmawhite says to jarhead():How much is 1 Euro worth in France? 1 Euro.

jarhead says():the iqd will b worth more thereforethe individual will get less of the iqd notes once value chand=ges

jarhead says():in country

msdiva says to wmawhite():So could this be a 1 to 1
jarhead says():no

jarhead says():if they pay right now$3 US dollars for a loaf of bread

jarhead says():if it goes to $3 to 1 dinar then they would pay 1 dinar for the loaf

msdiva says to jarhead():so you saying no 1 to 1
jarhead says():look sweetie
jarhead says():^^

jarhead says():yes it will b more than 1 to 1
jarhead says():it has no choice
jarhead says():if im wrong im totally lost 8-|

jd says():When this Rvs.Why cant a Iraqian pay in Dinar for a new car and drive it across the border and sale it for USD and then realize a hudge gain ?

wmawhite says to jd():He could…………………..

Baxter1243 says():JD… thats a great question… (y)

jarhead says():if he took the US dollars back to iraq it would be the same money he had to buy it

chickadee says():Just came in on tail ehd but I called Bank of America a few months ago and they said they exchange Dinar as long as you had a account.


wmawhite says to jd():and then what happens when he returns to Iraq and exchanges again back into IQD?
jarhead says():exactly

wmawhite says to jd):He is back where is started and probably a little more poorer because o fthe spread.
jarhead says():yep

wmawhite says to chickadee():What exactly did you asked them???

jarhead says():also an individual in iraq will not get big number currency like we have thats why they r drawing it in

wmawhite says to chickadee():Exactly………did you say “dinar”? because there are 9 countries across North Africa and the Middle East that use the name “dinar” to describe their currency.










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Here is additional strewn wreckage. There can be no doubt about the fact that this was plopped there. A careful assessment demonstrates the fact that this jetliner component is sparkling clean and is free of all evidence of char or explosive damage. What is the man doing with his hand? Is he not punching out the windows?

Notice how the grass on the far right edge isn’t even pushed over from impact. This piece of plane component was simply dropped there manually. This does look like strewn wreckage.

The same is true of this plane section, once again being placed there purposely by agents of the arch-Zionist cabal:}~

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

Here is additional wreckage dropped right by the road. Yet, the road itself is essentially free of such debris – how convenient:

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

Oh, but there are people. Yet, is it so gruesome after all? Of note, there is what appears to be a body on the far edge of the wreckage, right screen.

In addition, the bodies of at least three individuals are seen:

They seem to be in relatively good condition. They are surely not blown apart. They fell 35,00 feet and in that good of shape? They do, though, appear to be real bodies of deceased individuals.


How is it possible that these people could have survived the fire-ball without being roasted alive? Moreover, what are they doing just on the edge of the char line? Yet again, if the woman is dead, how could she be holding her arm up in the air. Yet, it is said:

Dozens of severely mutilated corpses could be seen strewn in the wreckage of flight MH17 that crashed Thursday in rebel-held eastern Ukraine but there were no signs of survivors, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

How about this for a pile of luggage? The captions read that it was gathered and piled there. How did it get placed there in such a convenient pile? There is no possibility that luggage could have survived in such a condition in the aftermath of such a missile struck plus fireball. Nor could it have fallen from the sky and still remain in such a state. It would have been scuffed and also dirty; there would have been stains. It could not have been in this condition:

Too, how is it that the wreckage or hard parts of the jet so charred, while the luggage and passports are pristine? This would indicate that, clearly, the luggage is also part of the staged act.

It is the passport grouping, though, that is proof of staging. This pile of passports is described as ‘passports found among the wreckage.’ That is impossible. They would not fall there together. Nor would they be in such a high-gloss, brand-new (and unused) condition. Nor would the stubs still be in them after going through a 35,000 foot free-fall. If those passports would have fallen out from 35,000 feet, the stubs would have been blown out.

This is absolute proof of the planting of fake evidence, which may be deemed “strewn passports and ticket stubs.”


Notes From Thursday 3-24-16 “WingIt” Call by DPChamp at WSOMN 




DPChamp:  **Notes from Wingit Call 3/24/2016

Gerry read this statement (source not identified) at the beginning of the call:

“Good morning, gang.  I want to point out a couple of things to you so you are prepared.

1) Tomorrow, being Good Friday, many banks and markets are closed

2) The issue from last week (Options, futures, and contracts not being delivered), that problem is still very much on the table.  Clearly the SEC and the NASD are not enforcing the law or rules

3) On Monday, most banks in Europe are closed

4) Problems with Credit Suess or SWISS are directly related to the Treasury’s non-deliveries, which is about to be made public…and this will tie in with Deutsche Bank scandal as well.


5) Of course, the Rockefeller/Exxon divorce is a huge hint of what is happening

6) Our friend, Pres from China, Xi, will be here in the US for a visit the end of month; he is not here for diddly winks, hand grenades, or his health.  There is something here he needs to sign that needs his personal attention…hmmmm…I wonder what that could be.  Any guesses?  Let’s just say that you guys should be in/out bank BEFORE then.  Understand…I am not calling it, but all of these pressures are working for you, not against you…and this weekend is the most likely moment to relieve those pressures.  Get it?

7) After chatting with *** at length this morning, we suspect that once he inputs all the codes to set this loose…[I’m not going to read that part…that’s letting out too much]

So do not worry, this is almost over.”


He received an email, which he read:

The USN and TRNs are live in US banks…confirmed.  Lower level bank managers being informed today, Thursday, for Friday private redemptions.  Confirmed all lower bank personnel scheduled for briefings this Monday morning.  800#’s expected late tonight for private group redemptions Friday.

pre-Easter = private exchanges – that is us

post-Easter = public exchanges

Easter RV = more than a metaphor

Compared the 72 hours’ redemption period to 3 days’ of Christ’s death and resurrection.


Gerry did report that for high amounts of zim, there will be payouts from 2-100 years.


Phillip:  Said he talked with his source who said, “Ban Ki Moon and LG set to be in Iraq Saturday.  Group leaders’ accounts were funded this morning.  The EBA and the public exchange is to be at least 7 days away.”  Phillip asked him if the dinar was going to be moved to the second basket and allow the dong and zim to remain in the first basket.  His source said, “not a chance…no chance they can do that.  US notes are out at the lower banks…set for Monday morning.


Art: thought we were going to receive notifications last night, but have heard could…maybe tonight…at the latest, probably Saturday night, which is Easter Sunday.  We are hearing all kinds of things.  You know, Ban Ki Moon and CL are going to be over there Saturday…they might make some sort of an announcement.  [discussion about whether they may be possibly celebrating entrance or acceptance into the WTO].  Other dignitaries coming Saturday.

I understand they have had to arrest a lot of bankers who were dirty people and were trying to steal money…into the thousands, I guess now.  That’s been going on for a long time.  They are trying to put the bad people out of business.  Now they want to make sure our money is safe when it gets in our accounts.  We thought it was going to happen every day but if they are doing that for the good of all of us, I’ll buy that…I’d rather have it safe and somebody not rob it out of your account somehow…that’s for sure.  They have been working on that for a long time.  [discussion of the payout of the zim].


Phillip:  Once you have the money in your account, it is digital money.  The only way to protect yourself is, once a month, you have to ask for a screen shot of your balance…that is very important.  I have family who has money and during discrepancies, the only way the bank will accept discrepancies is with a screenshot from the bank of the balance.


Special WINGIT CC Replay for Today, Thursday 3-24-16

Guests include Art, PT, Iko Ward and more

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” />

The passports would be in people’s close possession, in their purses, coat pockets, pants pockets, and other. There is no way this can be real. The passport prop scene is absolute proof that the crash is a hoax and that, rather, this was a staged event, a plot by Zionist perpetrators.

Even so, the lies are great, like all Zionist-orchestrated frauds. According to AFP-based reports:

Debris was spread out for kilometres and the tail of a passenger jet lay in a corn field with the Malaysian Airlines insignia on it while insurgent fighters and several fire trucks were seen nearby the crash site.

Eyewitnesses told AFP that the jet appeared to explode in mid-air before wreckage rained down over a large area.


If it exploded in mid-air, then how could it have exploded on the ground also? Also, again, what is being asked, here, is why is the wreckage found so close to the edge of the road in the majority of instances, especially if this plane broke up in the sky from a missile strike?

The crisis actors have come to the fore to give an element of reality to the fake. Note the camera-persons strategically placed in the background. The man in the white shirt seems familiar. Was he also involved in the Malaysian MH370 hoax?

He’s angry. What’s he going to do, punch the ticket counter attendant? There are three or four people holding him back. This is mere drama. No one reacts in such a way when learning of the loss of a loved one.

There is a heavy camera presence with this man also. Note the fake hand-over-the-mouth sign.

The MH17 scam is a hoax perpetrated by the arch-Zionist cabal. The purpose is to distract world attention from the great treachery being committed by this murderous clique against the people of Palestine. It’s the talk of people’s minds, where the first bit of conversation will likely be, “Hey, did you hear about that plane crash in the Ukraine? Isn’t that terrible, 284 people dead?” Now, no one will consider the treachery committed by the Zionists, as they roast and murder chilren, teens, pregnant women, and more alive.

There is also a degree of agenda in relationship to the local politic of Ukraine.

Yet, Ukraine is a compliant Zionist enclave. It’s the ideal place to stage such a false flag act.


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