My day is done. The portals of Thy night encircle me. The peace of Thy Rest encompasseth me.

To Thy heavens decentrate me. O my Father, and thus renew me for reconcentrating upon Mother Earth for one more day of manifesting Thee.

I feel thee coming, ever coming, to sever Spirit of me from its sensed clay to take back to Source of me for reborning with its sensed clay image at the dawn.

Unto the calm of Thy Light, O Lord of day and night, take Light of me to rest in Thee for renewing when dawn reborns from night.

Destroy Thou that ego which is not Thee in me. Let my Self be thy self in me.

Let soul of me be patterned by Thy rhythmic thinking.

Meld thou Thy Light and mine.

Dissolve Thou my separateness and make me One with Thee.

Unite Thou me with thee by voiding me.

Exalt Thou me. Take Thou me unto Thy high mountain top in ecstasy, that my morrow may reflect Thy glory in manifesting Thee.

Within the Oneness of Thy spirit let me find surcease from action, as waves of ocean find surcease in ocean’s calm.

And in my surcease from body sensing, give to me Thy Omnipotential power to manifest thy rest in balanced actions of my new day.

And in those actions of my morrow, intensify Thou my awareness of Light of Thee, centering Thy image in clayed form of me.

Give me to know those things I now know not, that I may be reborn

with just one whit more of Light of thy Omniscience centering my feeble knowing. From Thy all-existent knowing, give to me Thy all-knowing, day by day, that I may more strongly manifest Thee each morrow.

Upon my heart those unsolved problems of my day are plainly writ for solving in Thy Light for my new day.

O Thou Lord of the high heavens and earths of Thy imaged mortal Self, re-illumine Thou the pale Light of my veiled immortality while upon a shelf of Earth I lay my slowly pulsing mortal clay to die its nightly death for daily resurrection.

Re—attune the discords of my malpatterned thinking with the

harmonies of Thy balanced rhythmic thinking.

Let the measure of Thy thinking be my measure, Thy rhythm be mine.

Resound the pulsing of my heartbeat to synchronize with thine.

Immunize Thou my man-formed clay from toxins of unrhythmic

pulsing begot from unbalanced thinking and from wrong action.

Void Thou the fears of my unknowing of the Light when my path is

thereby made dark.

Thus fortify Thou my de-sensed clay, image of Thy imagining and mine, for greater mirroring of Thy Light through Light of me.

Thus balance Thou my imagining with Thine that my imagining may be wholly Thine.

Thus reinspire me with more knowing of Thy purpose that I may more worthily fulfill Thy purpose.

Thus cleanse the clay of me. Balance it in rhythms of Thy balanced

thinking, to purify it in Truth for its new day of manifesting Thee.

Enfold Thou my Spirit, O heavenly night. Enshroud Thou me in Thy

veiled mysteries, and deliver my resurrected clay to dawn, again

renewed, again made whole.

Reborn Thou me in Thy Consciousness that I may again sing the glad song of the more cosmic day in Light of new knowing.

To Thee, O father of Thy heaven of this Earth where Thou hast set me to serve Thee worthily, I commend my Spirit soul in forgetfulness of all else but Light of Thee.


All motion is a simultaneous extension from and to the one still light.

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