Walter Russell: Electricity


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Reluctance = the resistance within a magnetic circuit, usually an iron core. Nature will always take the path of least resistance.
The terms ‘magnetic’, ‘magnetism’, and ‘magnetic circuit’ are used from a conventional perspective and are not used in a way to support a SEPARATE force of magnetism.


It goes without saying…that if we live in an electric rather than a gravitational universe, then this section is quite important in our overall understanding of Creation and how the simulated illusion is manifested.
Our first task in preparing to receive the following information is to discard almost everything we have learned in school regarding electricity and magnetism. What was taught were observations and interpretations of the senses, and many mistakes were made!!!
We need to set some new ground rules!!All division or polarisation into pairs of opposite conditions is opposed to that very division. All expressions of matter in motion want to return to Stillness. Electricity is the force which overcomes that opposition and keeps the universe in dynamic motion. If electric force ceased to be then the physical reality could not come in being.

Tip 1

Man cannot be electrocuted with current.
He is harmed by motion, motion in the surrounding loops NOT electrons in a wire.
The force of ‘gravity’ is about 0.23 x 10-42 less than the electrical force !!

Man has learned to design and work within a very inefficient system believing that this is the only electricity available. The concept of buoyancy is not widely accepted.

Man Vs NatureIllusion vs RealityCRTCurvatureCP vs CFAttractionac currentMagnetismGeometry

Man creates his electro-magnetic devices by wrapping wire around a symmetrical cylindrical core. The resultant effects produce a uniform expression of polarity. This is because man wraps his wires with a uniform diameter. The newly created N/S poles seems equally strong and each pole can pick up equally sized mass. Nature does not work this way.

Fig : 3

Nature creates her polarised conditions in cones rather than cylinders and thereby introduces an asymmetrical distribution of potential (N/S) which behave in a non-uniform fashion. In short, Nature creates her loops of force with varying diameters. The compressed apex of the N poles (anodes) can now pick up a large mass, while the expanded cone base (S-pole, cathode) can only pick up that same mass but only if it is divided into a powder.
Another way to say this is, that high density expressions will thus accumulate towards Nature’s anodes apices while the low density, gaseous expressions (divided mass) will accumulate towards the cathode base. There is a two-way desire to flow, and that desire depends on whether those bodies are primarily centripetally compressing or centrifugally expanding. The Earth’s core acts as our planets anode while the upper atmosphere acts as the planets cathode. This creates an electro-potential density differential which is the same for all of Nature’s anodes/cathodes. It is this potential density difference which is the cause of all curvature to motion or bending of light. Motion will thus bend inwards (centripetally) approaching anodes and bend outwards (centrifugally) approaching cathodes. What may look like a gravitational effect is entirely electrical in nature. WR is clear, that we live in a two-way universe. This implies that there is a desire to centripetally compress as we migrate from the cathode base to the anode apex.
However, there is also a desire to centrifugally expand as migration occurs in the opposite direction. This two-way universe is necessary to act as a resistive force to any one particular direction. This implies a ‘particle’ or charged body of a particular mass may be electrically suspended between the anode/cathode by these opposed forces fighting one another for supremacy !

There is no forces of magnetism or gravity in Nature. Magnetism and gravity only seem to exist !
They are effects, whose cause is electricity. There is only one type of electricity. Electric current does not flow in a wire, motion is expressed in loops around that wire – skin effect. Those loops surrounding a current carrying wire are Mind Thought-Loops !
Those spinning loops create the illusion of current running in the wire.

Polarity acts like a distillation column separating matter according to their individual electric condition. Centripetal/compressing motion migrates towards the anode, while centrifugal/expanding motion migrates towards the cathode.
Mind appears to be divided because there is an outside rim Mind pushing inwards with centripetal motion AND there is a central hub Mind which is resisting that inward push by centrifugally pushing back from the hub to the rim. It appears as though Mind is fighting with itself. But, in doing so a stable central hole/orifice is maintained at the center of the loop.
The way to read fig : 3 is as follows, there is centripetal and centrifugal motion present on each side of the curved dividing equator. Centripetal motion is dominant  on the right side in direction of the apex. Centrifugal motion is dominant on the left side of curved dividing equator. The dividing equator shifts from a straight central geometry in 4 stages towards the apex. This shifting equator may be likened to the motion of a boat which creates a bow wave ahead of itself and a wake wave to the rear.

Pay close attention to any shift of perception across a dividing plane !

See this blog article.

Flat disk in motion

Let’s look for a moment at a very particular property of flatness or more specifically a flat spinning disk. It is quite obvious that centrifugal motion is dominant, and as such matter/potential will accumulate out towards the rim. The faster the disk rotates the greater the experience of centrifugal force.
In terms of WRC we can say that centrifugal force dominates when curvature is minimal.
Minimal curvature is a condition we attribute to cathodes. How then might we accumulate mass at the hub centre and thereby create an anode ?
The answer is curvature. Once curvature is present then centripetal force is present. The greater the expression of curvature the greater the resultant centripetal force. In the example highlighted in the image, if instead of a rotating flat disk, we replaced it with a spinning cone, then the paint/mass/potential would change direction and migrate towards the central anode. Curvature thus determines direction, which in turn determines the expression of centripetal/centrifugal force, anode/cathode character or polarity.

Suspended Animation

If there was no ‘magnetic’ desire to return the positive expression of electricity to the zero inertial plane, then the Creation Idea would become stuck.
The image making facility would not be able to reproduce another image. There would exist a sort of suspended animation, whereby nothing would happen. The piston would not be able to return to push once again. As the human body grows to maturity at 40 years, it continues to die everyday, losing hair , skin, water etc. All generating bodies MUST radiate. In order to prevent the positive electric push away from inertia from simply running away with itself, it must be restrained somehow.
That restrain is the ‘magnetic’ force which tries to pull electricity apart and return its desire for action and expression back to the zero of rest.

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