Dutch FIOD Looks For Black Money At A Bank In The Caribbean

Dutch FIOD Looks For Black Money At A Bank In The Caribbean

fiodTHE HAGUE – From hundreds of Dutch customers of a bank in the Caribbean is suspected that they have deposited black money there.

The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) has started a criminal investigation through a tweet but does not want to make any further statements about it. It is not known which bank is involved, but it is assumed that it concerns a large bank.

Whether the investigation is related to the leakage of the Panama and Paradise Papers is also not clear.

The research of the FIOD focuses on several hundred Dutch account holders. According to the tweet, the first suspects had a visit from detectives last week. It is not forbidden for Dutch people to deposit money at a bank abroad, but they must mention this in the annual tax return. Those who do not do this risk an additional tax, a hefty fine or – depending on the nature – a prison sentence.

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