40 Acts of Compassion


40 Acts of Compassion
Pay the toll for the person behind you…..
If your parents or grandparents live nearby, stop by when
they’re not home and clean….
If you supervise someone at work, give him or her positive
Encouragement is good for the Soul…..
Leave a room cleaner than you found it….
Make it a point to tell someone who looks sad that you hope
they have a good day….
For your birthday, when people ask what you would like for a
gift, give them 
a specific charity you would like theme to donate to
Give a compliment, Compliments can always make a person’s
Visit a neighbor…..
   Or someone in the
     or someone in
Pick up trash on the ground
       Instead of
stepping over it…..
Pick up a gift card for a restaurant or supermarket, put it
in a gift bag and 
anonymously leave it on the door knob for a busy family….
Register to be an organ donor….
If you knit, make a blanket for Project Linus. These are
given to babies and 
children who need comforting, If you don’t knit, donate
Leave a really generous tip for a server at a restaurant.
If there is homeless person who is a regular in your
neighborhood, buy him or her a meal….
  then sit and geet to
know the…
      Offer and accept
Handwrite a letter of encouragement to someone you know
letting them know how important
they are to you and what makes them special to you…..
Saying “Please” and “Thank you” is always
a goof thing…..
Talk to a cashier/Clerk/Store employee while you check out
and ask how their day is going…
   …and then really
listen to the answer…
Hold a door for someone…
   or for five
Invite someone new to your neighborhood over for dinner….
Put money in a parking meter for someone….
Love deeply.
Send a card to a friend or family member who doesn’t live
nearby and you don’t see often….
Live by candlelight for a night or take a shorter shower as
charitable act for the environment…..
Tell people who work in customer service that you appreciate
the work they do….
Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line….
Write a letter to a soldier serving our country. You don’t
have to agree with political 
aspects of war, just that this person in human being living
in a war zone…
Make food for your local soup kitchen….
Give a way a bag of clothes
    to Good will or
the Salivation Army…..
Visit an elderly neighbor or someone in a nursing home, even
if you don’t know them….
Call someone that you have not talked with so far his
Listen – really listen – to someone else while they’re telling
you something you disagree with.
Pay attention. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand
something. Don’t judge…..
Join the National Bone Marrow Registry. You could save a
stranger’s life….
Treat others your encounter with dignity and respect.
“Hello” and a warm smile
won’t cost you anything, but they mean a lot….
Let the person in line at the checkout go before you if they
have less items….
Bring food or candy to an event, class, or meeting…..
Give up your seat on the bus or train to someone who looks
Send or bring flowers to someone for no reason….
Say a silent prayer for people who walk by you on the
street, or anyone who is struggling…..
During the busyness of the day….
… and say, “I love you”…
… to those you care about most deeply.
Contributors: Cheryl T, Andrea M, Dawn (mom V), Jared J,
Carolyn A, Paula K, Connor W, Zach K, Monica Y,
Andrea J, Annalisa E, Ruth D, Adam W, and Jocelyn c
“LOVE has no meaning if it isn’t shared.”


-Mother Teresa

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