Building our own ENVIRO LAB here in CURACAO for TESTING and CONTROLLING of these Issues:

Building our own ENVIRO LAB here in CURACAO for TESTING and CONTROLLING of these Issues:

    Environmental Investigations
    Water Quality Assessment
    Air Quality Testing
    Asbestos Air Monitoring
    Hazardous Materials Testing and Surveys

Dear Sirs, I am in the process with several projects here in the Caribbean Islands and we would love to investigate what is in our drinking water , and we are in the process to use VETIVER Grass, systems to correct all the sewage water in many locations , which is being send. So we wanted to be able also to have our own Testing
Facilities here in the Caribbean because we can not trust No ONE ANY MORE. 

SO we are now willing to INVEST in our own equipment’s and professionals, so we can do our own investigations.

So this is the reason we are contacting your organization to give us a hand or advise in the execution of this Project and to help us in what needs to be acquired, to be able to monitor and investigate all the areas we have to perform. Thank you and we appreciate it very much.  

Sorry the Videos are in papiamento, but you can see the color of the Waters, and these are some of the situations which we have been experiencing on many of the islands.

So buy having our own labs, we can know what the conditions are , and apply the correct solutions and to stop what is the cause of the problems.

Again thank you, and have a blessed day

ROnald Wederfoort, my alternate Email:

Curacao Vetiver Youtube Videos

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