Indiana and Chulalongkorn Law Students Work on Cybercrime Extradition Case Involving Russia, Thailand, and the United States

The Gitmo Observer


Mr. Dmitry Ukrainskiy, a Russian citizen, whom the U.S. seeks to extradite to New York to face charges of bank fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering. The Russian Federation also wants to extradite Mr. Ukrainskiy, to Moscow

The U.S. charged Mr. Dmitry Ukrainskiy, a Russian citizen,
with cybercrimes related to malware – malicious computer software breaches of
US computer systems — and seeks to extradite him from the Kingdom of Thailand
to face charges in New York. The Russian Federation seeks to extradite Mr.
Ukrainskiy on fraud charges, unrelated to the U.S. charges.

The Bangkok Criminal Court granted the Russian request to extradite, to which Mr. Ukrainskiy consented. Mr. Ukrainskiy did not consent to the U.S. extradition request, and the Thai court scheduled a hearing on the U.S. extradition request for 12 November 2018. If the court grants the U.S. request, then the court will have granted two competing…

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