How are you all today my brothers and Sisters.? 

I wanted to share my experienced yesterday in the spiritual Realms where i have showed all (Dark Forces) of them, what Powers we will be possessing. 

Today, i have Started to practices to use the New Energies and see what you can do with them. So at 3 o’clock I woke up, and practice breathing and

storing the New energies in my Soul and Spirit.

As soon as i was fully Charged i was invited by Deep Forces to show them what i was capable of doing with these new Energies. They brought me to their Place where they were Living in Hundreds.

The feelings and thoughts which were going threw me when you see all of them in their habitat.

You can see how they Lived together they were nasty and in all shapes and type and sizes. And i was challenged to show them my Gifts using the New Energies.

They said show us what you can do against us, using your GIFTS.

The first thing i did was i told them lets create a place outside where I could Show them and we can test the gifts.

So all their armies were activated, and immediately i was on a open sand dessert field with mountains surrounding  it. They could change their reality as soon as we agreed on this we were there.

The First thing i did was to change my SHAPE because they also had animals faces and all different shapes and figures.

You can see them all attacking me. But i was not afraid, because i was with the CREATOR and my protection.

The image i Took is to as the CHINESE MONKEY KING which i have seen its powers and Gifts. So i took this shape because i wanted to represent this character.

I used all the GIFTS and the way he went against his enemies using Jokes and peaceful tactics to controlling his enemies.

So i did the same thing. which i will explain.

I could do anything i liked, JUMP mountains , Change my Shape from small to a Giant, even go threw the Walls. which i also did. This was the first time i used my GIFTS

My enemies were scared what i deed to them, they could not understand what i did, how i did those tricks. Soon when they saw that they could not go against this Gifts they went away.

I could JUMP Mountains and when landed on the ground the FLOOR ROARED and TREMBLED. I could see my self coming down in my first LEAP and seeing my self landing on the Firm ground.

I can not explain these experiences. But you are in control of everything in this reality now.

You can change anything you like in this ILLUSION , yes we live in a Illusion its all energy on a higher Vibration.

So its time to Practice everyday so we all can master our Gifts each one of us have our own gifts.

The key is to PRACTICE, and take back your Powers so we can re create a new EARTH.

I will keep you all inform, i will continue with my Practice daily, and also share those AWESOME experiences with all of you.

Your Brother Ronald


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