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F Tice 

Keep speaking truth to power mate, former US Navy and Jax Gator living in the UK. Cheers. 🙂 ❤
Adam Huber 

FLARDA MAQUIS!!! The show ain’t over!!! Mafia overrules everything! What do we do to stop all the multuheaded overthrows foreign and domestic enemies are doing to us Americans.
Joseph Pessano 

My brother, I love the idea of independent states. Once we achieve this independence, how do we get all of the information that is being kept secret from us, ie- free energy, magnetic transportation…….the list is too long to list. How can we get the disclosure we deserve? I would love to hear your strategies on achieving this information release.
Kip Duncan 

Why doesn’t anyone hammer home video of homeless starving Americans??? If a humanitarian crisis exists? It is huge right here!!! Someone please document the hypocrisy of D C. Show the entire world how concerned D C is with the poor and suffering under tyranny!!!
buck baumann 

Bernie #99-2020
Heiner Ali 

We Have 1000’s of militias !!!
Spooky MGTOW 

FM, yes, but we have to take into account that the average Joe in this country, is so brainwashed by msm to believe that this country has the duty and godly mission to go and save Venezuela, Syria, Libya,Ukraine, etc etc etc, to save them, to feed them even when in all major cities of the US you see people looking for lunch and dinner in trash bins and dumpsters.
Oliver Dyer 

States cant operate independently if they allow BAR attorneys and a debt based currency. People are so indoctrinated most have no idea what being free means.
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Secture Vero 

FM, my brutha from anutha mutha…We get upset by the thought of foreign interference in our elections..aka…the way we want to be governed. We are fighting a coup in the USA while financing coups in other nations. IF we as the USA want to uphold Freedom we should be stopping the interference in nations internal issues. Fricking Juan Guido was never a candidate!!!!
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Murray Terry 


massive debt to China, oil production down, World Bank Panel wants almost 9bil.
Stranglehold I say
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KillJoy Sanchez 

It doesn’t seem to bother government that hundreds of thousands of immigrants don’t pay into taxation and millions more drain welfare benefits while never paying into the system .
Dan Faller 

City of London =DC =Vatican city
Dan Faller 

They want also to take over the agriculture, like they did in iraq .taking away their seed and replace with Monsanto. Suicide wheat
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skilledeye 1 

100% FM

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