A Blackout Will Come To The USA – Venezuela Blacked Out, USA Takes Blame For Stuxnet Like Attack

Published on Mar 8, 2019
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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this episode of Full Spectrum Survival News. Today is Friday, March 8th of the year 2019.

The government in Venezuela is blaming the united states for orchestrating if not physically partaking in the sabotage of an infrastructural plant within the country that has dropped the nation into darkness and chaos following one of the largest power outages in years, spreading malcontent and concern in an among an already affronted populace.

Members of the united states government have mocked the blackout to the Venezuelan people in internationally accessible media with a US senator tossing the condition into the faces of the Venezuelan government in what could be an act of boasting through sarcasm with a message that reads the following: ““My apologies to people of Venezuela,” us senator Marco Rubio wrote in a tweet. “I must have pressed the wrong thing on the ‘electronic attack’ app ”

Juan Guaido, the favored replacement to Nicholas matador initialized by the united states and other western nations used the event for propaganda to bring the Venezuelan people to action in a message that lends credibility to the fact that this infrastructural crisis may be the act of sabotage at the hands of the western governments.

“How do you tell a mom who needs to cook, an ill person who depends on a machine, a worker who should be laboring that we are in a powerful country without electricity? Venezuela is clear that the light will return with the end of usurpation.”

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