Venezuela Facts You Don’t Hear from the Mainstream Media.

Published on Mar 13, 2019
Clare and Mick give you details on the Venezuela situation you don’t get from listening to mainstream media. The pieces of the puzzle the powers that be are not eager for you to learn. And this is a way to spread the word on a large scale:Links:
We ask U.S. news media to interview Human Rights expert Alfred de Zayas about Venezuela.… #Venezuela #handsOffVenezeula #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela
As UN Investigator and Human Rights Rapporteur, Alfred de Zayas wrote the official report on Venezuela for the UN Human Rights Council yet big media outlets still have not interviewed him about his report on Venezuela nor have they mentioned his report.
Read more and please sign:…

Mainstream media is complicit with the U.S. regime change for oil agenda against #Venezuela and this video shows how and something we can do about it.…#HandsOffVenezuela

Clare Daly TD @ClareDalyTD
Fake News is alive & well about #Venezuela. Don’t believe the lies.…
and Mick Wallace TD @wallacemick ‏
The #US attempt at Regime Change in #Venezuela, sadly supported by #EU, is illegal under International law, and would be a crime against the people of Venezuela….…
The illegal US Sanctions are hurting the people of #Venezuela the most and the terrible decision of the EU and Irish Government to recognise the unelected #Guaido shows only contempt for International law……

Alfred de Zayas
Whoever goes to #Venezuela with open eyes and ears, as I did, will see a different reality from the caricature painted by the media #HandsOffVenezuela…

Representative Press
Matt, ask why the U.S. keeps trying to send aid when Maduro says he won’t accept it from the U.S. & the U.S. could easily fund Red Cross & UN relief efforts if the US really wanted to help. Maduro DOES accept aid from Red Cross & UN so isn’t that a question that begs to be asked?…
You monsters, Maduro lets Red Cross and UN aid in. If you want to help then direct the US to fund those relief agencies efforts in Venezuela. Do you think we are all stupid to fall for your “US aid” BS? ……

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