CURACAO Oil and GAS storage thanks will be build on the Shore of Curacao to store all the OIL and GAS from the NEDELANDS. (Dammers _ SHELL Group)


Dear brothers and Sisters how are you all today, nice to help again to post some good

Information for all of you. I wanted to share this Dream with all of you, because the Oil and Gas

Issue with the Nederlands have increased, and they are not going to tell us the TRUTH.

I have been posting many Oil Riggs which have been visiting our island Curacao, and they have been doing many Perforation or drilling all around our beautiful island. I don’t believe they to came for vacation or to enjoy our Islands beaches.

Most of  these Wells which are located at the south side, are going to be connected with Pipes, and tubing which will be brought to the SHORE of the ISLAND where they will be stored in huge Storage tanks.

The signing in Aruba was the agreement of the GAS and OIL agreements among the islands nothing else.

Many of these leaders…

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