Lists of Arrests & Executions of Celebrities & [DS]Politicians as of July 7, 2020 | “Updated Lists of @rrests & X-ecutions”

Listen to everyone. Trust no one.

BREAKING: Former CIA Station Chief Exposes Potential List of Indictments for Obama Era Officials | The above video is one of the best verifications I found confirming the FISA/Spygate related indictments only, not the celebrity #PedoWood arrests. Celebrity lists & vidz BELOW👇

Quick DOWNLOADABLE .DOC version of @RRESTS & X-ECUTIONS: as of 7/7 (.DOC DOWNLOAD) if you don’t have time to go through this lengthy post w/photos.

*I am in no way vouching for the 100% authenticity-of these lists. Its possible these “intel drops” could be a fictional narrative from a LARPer or con-artist. HOWEVER, we have plenty of other circumstantial evidence to go on relating to these “secret” arrests, and I’m not going to stop reporting on it. I know you all want to see this stuff as bad as I do. 👍 Kudos to Brian Robert of for doing so much leg work putting this all…

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