[REDACTED] Certain details MAY be true, Timothy Holmseth is A CON ARTIST & MOST DETAILS WERE FABRICATED “Cabal Children Rescued”

Listen to everyone. Trust no one.

Check out this piece for more credible research on this subject. What Timothy Charles Holmseth has done is hijacked some of the stories circulating in the alt news community and reports on it with all sorts of wild embellishments and his own perverse fictional details, while also posing as some kind of child advocate and member of a pedophile task force in the pentagon. That is in fact a wild fabrication and he only poses as some kind of advocate because he himself is a raging pedophile. You can learn all about Timothy Charles Holmseth in the piece here. I have left this original post up for reference so people know. I haven’t fully combed through my archive to remove all of his references so if you do come across him disregard anything he says.

While the Greek TABLOID site “Slaughter/SFAGI.GR” was one of my go-to sources for “Cabal”-related…

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