WARNING GRAPHIC: Extensive Research of Deep State Cabal. Including GRAPHIC Screenshot of Hillary Clinton Victim from “Frazzled-rip”(alleged) Video [**UPDATED 7-10]

Listen to everyone. Trust no one.

*While the Greek TABLOID site “Slaughter/SFAGI.GR” was one of my early go-to sources for “Cabal”-related resources, they’ve quickly been relegated to full-blown sensationalist tabloid status(I should have known better)after their incessant sourcing from con-artist Timothy Charles Holmseth, despite my continuous emails and notations in the comments sections attempting to notify them of this, so they could stop citing him. They appear to be “click-whores”, while I am not, and any information I discover that may discredit a post, I will make note of, as I am doing now. For more credible international coverage, check out these Turkish media news reports instead. Additionally, the below👇 photo they provide, claiming to be Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedins’ sacrificial Adrenochrome victim, mayor may not be an actual screenshot from the infamous alleged video from the Weiner laptop. Rather a crime scene photo from an unrelated case in the U.K. I can’t confirm…

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