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The Desirable Balancing Force

It is important to keep in mind during this polarized time in Earth’s history; great strides are being made to move your society back to its balanced center.  Just as a pendulum swings from one extreme to another and back again, the movement will eventually slow and come to rest.  Some will say inappropriate or hateful things to garner a reaction, to receive attention they feel they so desperately need.  As you walk your path, do your best to remain peaceful and stay in your truth.  As the arcs lose their wild motion, you will begin to see people change.  It may be tempting to lose all hope and walk away from the chaos but, remember you are needed as part of that desirable balancing force.  Stay centered, stay grounded and know that, in the end, all will be well. ~ Creator

CURACAO : The Netherlands Head Office The Netherlands OOS International B.V.





Offshore Construction Vessel  Offshore Construction Vessel

IMO:  9650963

MMSI:  538004703

Call Sign:  V7YP4

Flag:  Marshall Is [MH]

AIS Vessel Type:  Other

Gross Tonnage:  46600

Deadweight:  30895 t

Length Overall x Breadth Extreme:  137.75m × 81m

Year Built:  2012

Status:  Active




ATD : 2018-10-15 00:06 LT (UTC -3)



Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel OOS Gretha is a multifunctional asset with the ability to offer various services such as: Accommodation, Heavy Lifting, Installation, Modification, Decommissioning, Renewables and Subsea Installation & Removal. With proven high up-time and large crane capacity of 3.600 tons in tandem, this unit offers many opportunities to the client. In combination with offering the facilities of the Floatel, OOS can deliver turn-key solutions to meet your business needs.



Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel OOS Gretha is a multifunctional asset with the ability to offer various services such as: Accommodation, Heavy Lifting, Installation, Modification, Decommissioning, Renewables and Subsea Installation & Removal. With proven high up-time and large crane capacity of 3.600 tons in tandem, this unit offers many opportunities to the client. In combination with offering the facilities of the Floatel, OOS can deliver turn-key solutions to meet your business needs. • Hotel capacity is 618 persons on board • DP-3 with the highest DP standards • Construction/crane vessel 2×1800 tons • Platform removal and installation • Excellent motion characteristics • Low running costs of around 25% lower fuel consumption in DP and transit • High transit speed of 11 knots


The Netherlands Head Office The Netherlands OOS International B.V. Oostkapelseweg 4 4353 EH Serooskerke P.O. Box 40 4353 ZG Serooskerke E: T: +31 (0) 118 726 200 Chamber of Commerce No. 20149791 VAT No. NL8204.64.624.B.01 The Netherlands OOS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. OOS Singapore Office 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #09-24 (E-Centre @ Redhill) Singapore 159471 T: +65 6732 1983 OOS China No.1 Xin An Jiang Road, Bin Jiang Street Haimen, Jiangsu Province P.R. China P.C. 226116 T: +86 0513 8128 7430

OOS International do Brazil Servicos Maritimos Ltda. Rua Internacional 261 – Vale Encantado Macaé – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil CEP 27.933-377 T: +55 22 2020 0500

A Whole Lot Easier…

As you move through this current shift, many emotions (from the past and present) may surface.  Some may be negative and others positive.  It is important to remember…all are valid!  The Universe knows it is not always easy being human. (Smiling) The choice to join your Earth planed was based on wanting to learn and grow, to change and reach beyond the ordinary.  Once you have a conscious awareness of this, things will become a bit smoother, more peaceful and a whole lot easier.  Just breathe, dear one, all will be well. ~ Creator

How Rockefeller Founded Deep State Pharma And Waged War On Natural Cures — Political Vel Craft

Western medicine has some good points, and is great in an emergency, but it’s high time people realized that today’s mainstream medicine (western medicine or allopathy), with its focus on drugs, drugs, radiation, drugs, surgery, drugs and more drugs, is at its foundation a money spinning Rockefeller creation. People these days look at you like […]

via How Rockefeller Founded Deep State Pharma And Waged War On Natural Cures — Political Vel Craft

The Pedo File 2.0: Epstein Black Book Curated by John Robles II for JAR2

Image result for Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black book name ALDRIDGE SAFFRON,  LONDON

       Epstein’s Little Black Book

Epstein’s Contact List

Jeffery Epstein’s Little Black Book as released by Gawker in 2015.

The blackbook in .csv file as released by Anonymous can also be downloaded from this website here.

Name Location Notes 1
Abousleiman, Joanna
Meet Joanna Abou Sleiman-Chevalier new Artistic Director of BEIRUT ART FAIR.
Adam, Nick
Lake Forest Councilman Adam Nick
75007, Paris
Image result for adam nick

Agag Alejandro
Chairman of Addax Capital LLP; Owner of Barwa Addax GP2 Series Team; former Chairman ofQueens Park Rangers F.C.

Agnew, Marie Claire & John
Welcome to Agnew, Johnson, & Rosenberger PLLC
Image result for agnew johnson rosenberger

Marie-Claire Agnew and Philippa Devas

Alal Azzedine
the designer who tempted Naomi Campbell back onto the catwalk last night
Image result for alaia azzedine

Albermarie, Rufus & Sally
started a men’s shirt company, Albemarle of London.
P.O. Box 394 NY,
Related image
Aldridge, Saffron
London 0207
Alexander, Pam
Pam Alexander joins Mark to discuss working on The Tonight Show as a receptionist, assisting in the talent department, and being Johnny’s personal assistant.
Image result for pam alexander

Algranti, Giacomo
Giacomo Algranti Ltd

Flat 4 London
Allan, Paul

Allan, Nick & Sarah

Hong Kong
Althorp, Charlie Althorp
Alun-Jones, Jeremy & Deborah West Sussex
Alvarez, Senor Vincente
Amon, Mr Philippe Switzerland, 2nd Home Flat D London
Amon, Roberta & Maurice New York, NY
Anderson, Lulu
Appleby, Robert & Alex London, Hong Kong
Arango, Maite #10 (home) Madrid, Spain
Arellano, Victor London, England
Arion Joaquin Fernandez de Cordoba, Madrid, Spain
Arion, Fernando NY, NY
Armstrong, Arthur & Cathy
Aron, Herve & Marine New York, NY
Ash, Lorinda
Ashley & Allegra Hicks London
Ashley, Nick & Ari London
Assaf, Charlotte & Vittorio New York, NY
Astaire, Mr Simon London
Astor, Viscount William
Atkin, Helene SF
Atkin, Mike & Ami Hoboken, NJ #5A
Aznar, Jose New York, NY S & S Capital
Baddeley, Jean Malaga, Spain
Bahrke, Peter
Baker, Danny
Bakhtiar, Shariar
Balazs, Andre #5A (h) New York, NY; Sheller Island, NY
Baldwin, Alec
Ballioi College, Oxford Oxford, England
Bamford, George/alice Gloucestershire
Bamford, Sir Anthony and Lady C
Bands, Doug New York, NY Office of William J. Clinton
Bannister, Clive London, UK
Banon, Javier New York, NY
Barham, Nicholas & Gretal London; Sydney, Australia
Barnes, Peter
Barnett, Craig
Bastone, Hillary
Batstone, Hiliary London
Batstone, Tim Natasha
Baumer, Lorenzo
Beaumont, Lord & Lady London
Belzberg, Lisa New York, NY
Benson, Steven
Bentinck, Baron Essex, England
Berggruen, Nicolas New York, NY; Suite 3104 NYC
Berkman, Bill 25th Floor New York, NY; home 10012
Bernard, Tara
Birchall, Martyn New York, NY
Birley, Robin Flat 2 London
Bismarck, Debbie & Bola Von London
Bismark, Vanessa Von New York, NY; Suite 401 New York, NY
Bisson, Jean Marc
Bjorlin, Jean Paul Box 800 NY, NY
Black, Conrad & Barbara New York, NY; London, England
Blacker, (Blogs & Jill) Mr & M
Blaine, David
Blair, Tony
Bloomberg, Mike New York, NY
Boardman, Samantha
Boardman, Serena
Boden, Johnie & Sophie London
Bodini, Daniel New York, New York
Bolsgelin, Edward London
Boisguilbert, Pierre de
Bond, Anabelle
Bonomi, Andrea & Giota Milano
Bookis, Nicholas
Booth, Mark & Lauren London
Boothe, Christina A.
Borgese, Paulo
Borrico, Michael NY, NY
Bossom, Hon Bruce and Penelope London
Boucherie, Sylvianne Paris
Bourke, Rick Greenwich, Connecticut
Bowles, Hamish Vouge [sic]
Brachelli Peretti, ferdinando Rome
Brachelli , Hugo
Braine, Caroline
Braine, Ms Katie & Serge London
Bram, Ben
Brand, Tony
Brandolini, d’Adda Paris
Brandolini, Nuno & Muriel NY, NY; Hamplon Bays
Brandt, Peter
Branson, Richard London
Briatore Flavio HarRey on Thame; Oxfordshire, U.K.
Broadhurst, Julia Capetown, SA Speedo
Broglie, Louis Albert de Paris, France 75016
Bronfman Jr., Edgar New York, NY 10022 Lexa Partners, LLC
Brooks, Christopher & Amanda New York, NY
Brooks, Miranda New York
Brown, Chris & Alison New York, NY
Bruce, James & Lucinda London
Brunel, Jean-Luc Paris, France; New York, NY Karin Models
Bryer, Tania London
Buck, Joan Juliet
Buffet, Jimmy & Jane Palm Beach, Florida
Bull, Bartle New York, NY 10022 Jones, Hirsch, Conners & Bull
Bullough, Hamish and Emma Suffolk
Burckle, Ron LA, CA
Burney, Mr Jules London
Burtril, Martin
Bushnell, Candice
Busson, Arki New York, NY
Butler, Charlie London, UK
Button, Terri London; Oxfordshire Visa International
Byng, Robert London
Cadenet de Alain London
Calacanis, Jason
Caledon, Nicky Caledon Castle, Caledon Northern Ireland
Calvo-Piatero, Mario/Arladne New York, NY
Cambell, Roddy
Cambell, Alistar
Camerana, Glancarlo
Campbell, Naomi London; New York, NY
Campo del Brooke & Emilio London
Candole, Andrew de London
Candy, Nicholas A C London, England Candy and Cany Ltd
Carello, Sara Massimo
Carey, William & Carina London
Carlbom, Camila NY, NY
Carrera, Barbara
Caruth, Sophie Wandsworth Common
Carvalho, Michel & Charlene London
Casagrande, Guido Milan, Italy
Case, Simon
Case, George & Pauline London
Castaneda, Debbie
Cator, Alby and Victoria London
Cecil, Mark & Mini Nairobi, Kenya
Cecil, Mark & Mini Herts
Cecil Stephenson, Aurelia Wilts
Cecil, Dr. Mark London
Cerina, Fabrizio
Cerutti Gian Cario Casave Monjerrato
Chatwal, Vikram New York, NY
Chenevix-Trench, John & Lucy London
Cicogna, Gianluca New York, NY
Cicogna, Geoconda London
Cicogna, Gianfranco London
Cicogna, Marina
Cicognani, Pietro & Alejandra New York, NY
Clerach, Linska London
Cipriani, Guiseppi
Cisneros, Gustavo and Patty New York, New York
Claverino, Amadeo
Claverino, Isabel
Cleese, John Alice Fay sea gary
Clempson, Graham & Emma London
Clive, Lucy London
Coben, Larry NY, NY USA Sunrise Capital Partners
Cochrane, Ms Mandy London
Cohen, Dalit London
Cohen,Peter FL
Coleman, Jo New York, NY
Coleridge, Nicholas & Georgia London
Colle, Jeffrey
Collins, Phil & Orianne
Conrad, Henrietta London
Constantine, Susannah Sten Ber London
Cooke, Clive New York; Southhampton
Cordle, Ms Rachel London
Cordle, Rupert & Camilla London
Cordova Hoheniohe, Fernando de Madrid; New York
Cotterell, Harry Herefordshire
Courcel Martine De
Cowdray, Marina Midhurst West Sussex The VIscountess Cowd
Cowie, Colin New York
Crabbe, Sophie London
Cudro, Alaistar
Curry, R. Boykin New York Eagle Capital Management
Cutter, Amanda New York and Brooks, Christopher
d’abo, Henri & Tatiana
d’abo, Mrs Jennifer London
D’Alessie, Carman
d’Arenberg, Prince Pierre Switzerland
d’Uzes Jacques de crussoi
de Baecque, Patrick
de Cabrol, Milly New York
De Cadenat, Alen
de Clermont-Tonnerre, Hermine Paris Princess
De Georgiou, Anouska London
De Soto, Fernando Spain
Dedieu, Jean & Paulette France
Del Bono, Luca London Quintessentially
Dell, Adam
Deluca Dina & Fouard Chartuuni New York
Derby Earl/Cntess Cass & Ted London
Derby, Ros & Jonathan Pacific Palisades
Di Vita, Charlotte
Dickenson, Debbie NY
Dickinson, Janice
Dietrich, Marc Antoine and Cath Paris
Dietrich, Paul & Laura Alexandria, VA President Meridian Emerging Markets, Ltd
Dimbelby, Johnathan
Diniz, Pedro Sao Paolo PPO Sports
Dixon, Alexandra London
Djerassi, Dale
Dolbey, Alex & Suzie Suffolk; France
Donne, Alegra London
Doss, David & Christy Prunler New York
Douglas, Diandra New York; Santa Barbara, CA
Dr. Eli Wiesel
Drax, Jeremy
Dreesmann, Bernard London
Driver, Minnie
Dubb, Anthony V. NYC, NY
Dubbens, Peter
Dubin, Gien NY, NY Dubin & Swieca
Dubin, Louis & Tiffany The Athena Group
Dubin, Peter
Duchess of York Ascot, Berkshire
Ducrey-Gierdano, Francesco Torino, Italy
Duesing, Paul Dallas, TX 75201 Leisure & Lifestyle Ventures
Duke of York Buckingham Palace, London
Dunbar Johnson, Miranda & Steph London
Dunne, Griffin New York
Dunne, Philip & Dominice London
Duong, Anh
Durso, Luigi Paris
Duthie, John & Charlotte London
Dzhabrajiou, Umar
Ecclestone, Bernie London
Eckon, Paul
Edsel, Lucinda London
Edwards, Andrew &Tracy London
Elian, Johnathan Greenwich, CT
Eilas, Brian
Ellasch, Johan & Amanda London
Elingworth, Carlie & Amanda London
Ellenbogen, Eric NY, NY
Ellingworth, Mr & Mrs
Elliot, Ben New York Quintessentially
Elliot, Gail & Joe Coffey New York
Ellison, Mandy & Ralph Palm Beach, FL
Elwes, Anabel London
Epstein, Ed New York, NY
Erba Noona
Espirito Santo, Manuel and Ros
Estlin, Jean-Marc Paris
Estrada Juffali, Christina London; Saudi Arabia Juffali, Walid
Evans, Chris
Evehart, Angie
Faber, David
Faber, Sally & Brooke Johnson Gloucestershire
Faibairn, Charlotte London
Fairfax, The Hon Rupert Ulfington, Shrewsbury
Fairweather, Natasha Moscow
Fairweatherm Ms Catherine London
Fairweather, Abassador & Lady London Pabick & Maria
Fakhre, Armado & Jasmine London
Fakhre, Danny & Christine London
Fall, Meredith Paris
Fallah, Mrs London
Fallah, Ms Christina & Jon Robe London
Falletans, Olivier de London
Fanjul, Pepe
Faulkner, Terence & Cornelia
Feeley, Fiona London; Hampshire
Fekkai, Frederic NY, NY Frederic Fekkai Beauty Center
Feldman, Andrew
Felix, Helena London
Fell, David & Anne
Ferragamo, Leonardo & Beatrice Tavarnuzzo, Italy
Ferranti, Hugo London
Ferry, Brian London Studio One
Fiennes, Martin Oxon
Fiennes, Martin London
Fiennes, Ralph
Fiennes, Suzzana
Fifer, Chuck
Figg, Christopher & Charlotte Bucks
Finch, Charles
Finklestein, Howard
Firyal Princess NY, NY; London
Fisher, Dan NY
Flick Mook London
Foman, Bobby & Jeanette
Forbes, Zandy
Forbes, Chris (kip) Astrid NJ; NY VIce Chairman, Forbes Magazine
Forbes, Steve & Sabine Bedminster, NJ
Ford, Katie New York, NY Ford Models
Ford, Tom & Richard Buckley Gucci
Forman, John
Forman, Johnathan
Formby, Nicola London
Forte, Rocco & Aliai London
Fox. Andrew
Fox, William & Lucinda London
Fraiser, Violet
Francesco de la Garda, Mr Genoa, Italy
Francey, Kathy
Fraysse, Isabel Paris
Freud, Mathew
Frost, Mr. David & Lady Carina London
Frostrup, Mariella
Fry, Cosmo & Amanda London
Fulhurst, Teresa
Furstenberg, Heinrich & Milana Holserberg, Germany
Furstenbug Alex, Alexandra V.
Furstenburg Buravelli, Nina Rome, Italy
Fyson, Edwina London
Gaetani, Gelasio Roma
Gallman, Kuki Nairobi, Kenya
Ganero, Mario Jr.
Ganoza, Esteban Juan Lima, Peru; Trujito, Peru
Garcia, Ludmila Madrid, Spain; Marbella, Spain
Gardner, Adam
Garland, Michael
Garson, Jeremy
Gaspar, Nacho Madrid, Spain
Gaul, Harriett London
Geary, Tim
Gelardin, Jack London
German-Ribon, Catriona
Gertler, Eric New York, NY Privista
Getty, Mark
Getty, Pia and Chris New York, NY
Gibbs, Emma London
Gibson, Caroline London
Giliflian, Andrew South Africa
Giliford, Lord & Lady London
Gillmour, Andrew & Emma
Ginsberg, Gary
Gittis, Howard New York, NY MacAndrews
Giussani, Luca
Glanville, Mary London
Glass, Charlie
Goess, Pilar
Goldberg, Ellen Santa Fe Institute
Goldsmith, Isabel Beverly Hills, CA; London, England
Golinkin, Sandy NY, NY
Gomez, Thomas
Gomme, WIlliam & Emma London
Gordon, Jacobo Madrid
Gore, Juliet London
Gottlieb, Steve
Goulandris, Dimitri
Grabau, Lorenzo
Graff, Francois NY; London Managing Director Graff
Granby, David London
Grange, Jacques France
Grant, Jamie
Greece Princess Olga
Greece, MC & Pavios hth Prince Pavios
Green, Deborah
Green, Jeremy Capetown, South Africa
Green, Judy New York, NY
Gregg, Geordie & Katherine
Grenfell, Natasha London
Griffen, Ted
Griscom, Nina New York, NY Asst. Kelly
Gross, Pamela & Jimmy Finkelst New York, NY; Southampton, NY
Grossman, Lloyd
Gubelmann, Marjorie New York,NY
Guccioni, Tony
Gudelin, Christian Deutshce Bank
Guedroitz, Solina & Nicolas London Sally & Rufus’ bestfriends
Guerini Maraldi, Alessandro London
Guerrand-Hermes, Valesca New York
Guest, Cornelia
Guggenheim, Barbara & Bert Fie Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY Barbara Guggenheim
Guiness, Sabrina
Guiness, Mr Hugo London
Guissaini, Luca
Gumberg, Ira
Guttfreund, Susan & John
Hahn, Dr & Mrs Sardinia
Hall, Pippa
Halpern, Jen London
Hambro, Clementine
Hamilton, George Beverly Hills, CA
Hammond, Dana
Handler, Sharon New York, NY
Hanover, Ernst & Chantal London
Hanson, Brook London
Hanson, Lord & Lady
Hanson, The Hon Robert Tetbury, Glos.
Hapsburg, Marie London
Harvey, Victoria
Harvie-Watt, Isabelle
Haslam, Nick
Hatkoff, Craig & Jane NY, NY Victor Capital Group
Hauteville, Marc de
Hay, Henry & Patricia NY, NY
Hayworth, Reggie Oxon
Hazell-Iveagh, Clare Norfolk, UK
Hearn, Barry & Susan Essex
Hefner III, Bob
Heiden, Lisa NY, NY
Heineken, Mr Fredie France
Helen and TIm Shifter NY, NY
Helvin, Marie
Herbert, Jason
Hermes, Olga & Olaf New York, NY
Herrero, Juan & Helen Madrid
Hersov, Robert & Kim London
Heseltine, Mr & Mrs
Heseltine, Mr & Mrs London
Heseltine, Ms Annabel London, England Husband: Peter Butler
Heseltine, Rupert
Hicks, India Harbour Island, Bahamas David Flintwood
Hill, Anthony London
Himmelstein, Howard ZYZZX
Hirsch, Jeff Photo Care
Hissom, Robert & Andrea Knightsbridge, London
Hoffman, Dustin
Hoffman, Hetty
Hoffman, Jessica Edgewater, Maryland
Holland-Martin, Ben London
Hollond, Mr & Mrs James London; Dorest Bea & James
Horne, Adam & Tierney London; Gloucestershire
Hovenian, Nina
Hovnanian, Shaunt Red Bank, NJ; Freehold, NJ Hovnanian Group
Howard, J. Kaplan Miami, FL
Howegego (Johnson), Lucy
Hau, Peter
Hunt, Laura Dallas, TX
Hunter Gordon, Kit & Georgina London
Hunter, Carlyn & Laurie London, England
Huntsman, Jon & Mary Kaye Salt Lake City, Utah
Hurd, Nick & Kim Reading, Berkshire
Hurley, Liz London Simian Films
Hurst, Anne
Hurst, Robert J. Vice Chairman, Sachs & Co.
Hussain, Ayla New York, NY 10012 CEO Sundari
Hussey, Simon London
Hutley, Henry London W11
Hutley, Lulu & Edward Near Surrey
Hutley, Mr & Mrs Guilford, Surrey
Hulton, Lauren
Hymes, Ivan (Eddie’s Irv. blend(?))
Inca New York, NY
Ind, Charlie London
Inzerillo, Gerard J. New York, NY
Ireland, George London W1V 9RQ
Irvine, Eddie
Isamel, Abdullah
Isham, Chris
Jackson, Michael New York, NY Samuel Gen (Attorney)
Jacobson, Julian
Jagger, Mick
Jagger, Hatti London, England
Jameel, Mohammed
James, Susie London
Janklow, Linda New York, New York Lincoln Center Theatre
Jarecki, Nancy & Andrew New York NY Hit the Ground Running FIlms
Jarecki, Nick New York, NY Falconwood
Jason (Canada)
Jeffries, TIm London; New York, NY
Johnson, Richard & Nadine New York, NY
Johnson, Lucy London
Jones, Ann & Mick
Josephson, Barry & Jackie (Barry w) Hollywood, CA
Karella, Kalliope & Michael Rena New York, NY
Kastner, Ron
Katz, Anton & Robin Plant New York, NY
Katzenellenbogen, Mark Capetown, South Africa
Keeling, Sarah
Kegan, Rory London
Keldan, Amanda New York, NY Amanda Kelden Jewelry
Keidan, Jon
Keller, Georgie
Kellet-Fraysse, Caroline London Jeanmarc Fraysse
Kelmenson, Leo-Arthur and Gayl New York, NY Boxell, Jacobs, Kenyonn & Eckh
Kennedy Cuomo, Andrew & Kerry McLean, VA
Kennedy Jr, Ted Mass., USA
Kennedy, Bobby & Mary Mount Kisco, NY; White Plains, NY
Kennedy, Ethel McLean, VA
Kennedy, Jo Brighton, Mass USA
Kennedy, Senator Edward McLean, VA
Kersner, Sol Capetown, S.A.
Khayat, Antoine, Jana & George London
Kidd, Jemma
King, Abby London; Gloucestoreshir
Kirwin Taylor, Charlie & Helen London
Kirwin Taylor, Peter
Kissinger, Dr. Henry A NY, NY; Washington DC
Klee, Rupert & Charlotte de London
Klesch, Johnathan
Koch, David
Kohl, Astrid Paris
Kotic, Boby
Kolza, Alex Von London
Kravetz, Anna
Krooth, Caryn
Kudrow, Alistar
Lal Dalamal London; Ikeia, Lamos, Nigeria
Lalaunis, Demetra NY, NY
Lambert, Christopher
Lambert, David
Lambert, Edward Greenwich, Connecticut ESL Partners
Lambos, Duff & John
Lang, Caroline NY, USA
Lange, Dieter
Larsen, Janet London
Laurie, Jonathan London
Lavlada, Laura D.B. de
Lawford, Christopher & Jean Pacific Palisades
Lawton, Paul
Lazar, Christophe & Marie
Le Bon, Simon & Jasmine London
Le Fur, Jean-Yves
Le Marq, WIllie New York
Lea, Piers London
Leeds, Jeffrey NY, NY 10021
Lefcourt, Jerry
Lester, Dominick New York, NY
Levine Philip Miami Beach, FL Baron Corporation
Liman, Doug
Lindeman-Barnet, Sloan & Roger
Lindemann, Adam & Elizabeth New York, NY
Lindemann, George (Sr.) & Freida Palm Beach, FL
Lindsay, Alex & Jaclyn London
Lindsey, Ludovic London
Lindsiey, Blake Malibu, CA
Linley, David
Liogos, Babis
Lister, Paul
Livanos, Arriette
Lo Cascio, Robert New York, NY CEO Live Wire
Loeb, Alex NY, NY
Lonsdale, Richard
Lorenzoti, Eva Vivre NY, NY 10021
Lorimer, John & Lottie London
Louthan, Guy J.
Love, Courtney Beverly Hills, California
Lowell, Ivana NY, NY
Loyd, Mark London
Lucas, Colin
Mack, Carol & Earl Rochelle Park, NJ; New York, NY The Mack Company
Macmilan, Dave & Bella London 5 Stanley Crescent
Magaziner, Ira C.
Maguire, Jennifer New York, New York
Mahler, Giovanni
Mahoney, Sean NY, NY 10014
Maller, Michael Brooklyn Height, NY
Mallman, Josh
Malek, Harry & Didi London
Malenga (Mandela), Machei
Malina, Marjorie
Malkin, Shelly & Tony Greenwich, CT
Mallinckrodt, Mr Philip
Manconi, John
Mandelson, Peter London, UK
Manfredini, Alessandro London, England
Mangope, Eddie Buhrmansoria Las Arcades Leopard Park
Manners, Eddie London
Manners, Miss Lucy London
Manners, Terssa London
Manzano, Jose Luis & Alejandra
Mappin, John London
Margolis, Eric Toronto, Canada Chairman (redacted)
Marks, Stephen & Alisa London, UK; East Hampton, NY
Marocco, Manilo & Pia London
Marsh, Jeremy London
Marterier, Astrid NY, NY
Martins, Peter Director: NYC Ballet
Marzotto, Matteo Valentino
Mason, Christopher New York, NY
Massimo, Parisi Baltic Models
Mattsson, Carolina Gothenberg, Sweden
Mavroleon, Caitlin
Mavroleon, Manoti London
Mavroleon, Mr Bluey Switzerland
Mavroleon, Nicholas & Barbara
Maxwell & Laurens, Ms Anne London Holva
Maxwell Mallna, Christine France; Oakland, CA
Maxwell, Debbie
Maxwell, Dr & Mrs Philip London
Maxwell, E. London; France
Maxwell, Ian & Tara London
Maxwell, Isabel San Francisco, CA
Maxwell, Kevin and Pandora NYC Telemonde Inc.
Maxwell, Marcella London
Mayhew, Mr John London
Mazandi, Yassi London
Mazzoti, Mateo
MC & Allenor Oxfordshire; London
McAlpine, Alistair & Romilly Venice
McDonald, John
McFarland, Anthony
McKenzie, Raymond New York, NY Lexard Freiza & Co
Mclancy, Cas
Mclane, Shannon Coso Beita
Mcleod, Jock & Pru London
Meister, Todd New York, NY
Mendoza, Neil London; New York, NY
Menzies, Kate London
Merison, Guy & Caroline
Merivale-Austen, Bruce London
Mermagon, Mr Jonathan London
Metcalf, Justin
Metcalf, Melanie & Julian Oxon
Metcalf, Julian & Melanie London
Metcalfe, Justin & Joane Palm Beach, FL
Metz, Robin Nomi’s
Meyer, Tony New York, NY
Micklethwait, Fey & John London
Milani, Gianluca Milan, Italy
Milford Haven , George and Clare London, UK
Milford Haven, Sarah London
Miller, Nicole & Kim Taipale New York, NY
Mills, Cheryl
Minot, Carie & Bell, George
Minot, Susan New York, NY
Mischer, Kevin
Modafferi, Daneila Milan, Italy
Moncada, Cico
Monckton, Rosa Dallington, East Sussex Asprey & Gerad Ltd.
Money Kryle, Mr Charlie & Kit London
Montemayor, Cesar Paris
Monti, Riccardo
Moore, Deborah London
Moore, Juliet & Chris New York, NY
Moore, Mr Geoffrey London
Morris, Stephen New York, NY Captia Advisors, Inc.
Morris, Nick & Lucy London
Mortimer, Gigi & Averell New York, NY President: Arden Asset Management, Inc.
Morton, Peter
Morton, Robert Producer, Letterman
Mruvka, Alan
Munro, Donald SF, CA
Murdoch, Rupert
Murray Philipson, Kate
Murray Philipson, Mr & Mrs
Murray Threlpland, Tertious/Cla
Murray, Jean Pierre
Nadier, Emanuel
Nagel, Adam
Nagel, William
Nardi, Dott M Jacope
Nastasse, Lile & Alex NY, NY
Negrete, Jelitza New York, NY
Neil, Andrew London
Neil, Andrew NY, NY
Newman, Hetty London, England
Newman Mr & Mrs John
Ng, Clive New York, NY
Niarchos, Constantine London
Nickerson, WIlliam & Jayne London
Nishio, Yoshi LA, CA
Noel, Alex
Noel, Hon Thomas London
Noel, Vanessa New York, NY
Noha, Cecilia
Noonan, Tim
Nuttail, Harry London Chairman: RNR International Ltd.
Oppenheim, Ms Marella London
Orchard, (Vaughn-Edward), Katie Willshire, England; London
Orlando, Fabrice
Osbourne, Rachel London
Oswald, William & Arabella Herefordshire; London, England
Otto, Beo & Edvige
Owen Edmunds, Tom & Kate
Oxenberg, Christina marc Yaggi NY, NY
Paini, Nicole London
Palau, Marcia London
Palmer Tomkinson, Tara
Palumbo, Mr James London
Palumbo, Peter London
Panah-Izadi, Nader & Brigitte Paris; London
Pank, Ms Victoria & Alby Carto London
Parker, Jackie
Parsons, Carolina
Paschen, Elise
Pashcow, Joel NY 10017; Palm Beach Gardens, FL; Great Neck, NY Atlantic Reality Trust
Pashcow, Stacey New York, NY
Pastrana, Andres Bogata, Colombia, South America; Madrid, Espana Ex-President of Colo.
Patricof, Alan & Susan New York, NY
Paulson, John
Pavoncelli, Cosima & Riccardo London
Pearson, Hon Charles London
Pease, Simon & Clem Camforth
Pedrini, Lorenzo Next Model Agency
Pedrini, Tito
Pekeler, Marcus
Peltz, Harlan New York, NY
Pennell, Mark
Perelman, Ronald New York, NY Revion
Petangi, Helsius
Peters, John Burbank, CA Peters Entertainment
Peterson, Holly
Peterson, Riki
Pham Linh-Dan & Andrew NY, NY
Picasso, Olivier & Alice Paris, France
Picciotto, Michael
Pickering, Jane & William London
Pignatelli, Frederico NY, NY
Pigozzi, Jean NY, NY
Pittman, Bob & Veronique New York President & CEO: AOL Networks
Pittman, Sandy
Piepler, Richard
Plouvier, Dian & Denis Paris, France
Podolsky, Jeffrey NY, NY New York Editor Tatier
Polk, George
Polli, Edoardo Legler S.o.A.
Polu, Emmanuelle
Polu, Isabelle
Polu, Clary Paris, France
Porrin, Ivanisevic
Porter, Pliny Beverly Hills, CA Fireworks Pictures
Porthault, Emmanuele
Porthault, Mr & Mrs France
Porthault, Pascal Paris, France
Porthault, Remi & Isabel France
Poster, Meryl New York, NY 10013 Sr, VP Production: Miramax FIlms
Potter, Muffie
Prestin, Electra
Prevost, Catherine London
Price, Charles H II Kansas City, Missouri
Price, Judy New York, NY
Princess Firyai New York, NY; London
Pritzker, Nick Chicago, IL Hyatt Development Corp.
Pritzker, Thomas Chicago, IL Numero Uno
Propp, Rodney Birkman friend
Quartucci, Alan Sarasota, FL
Quinn, Topper
Rachline, Nicholas
Radziwill, Carole New York, NY
Rankin, Mr. Gavin London, England
Rappaport, Don
Rattazzi, Isabel
Raynes, Patty
Reardan, Kate London, England
Reynal, Michael
Reynal, Miguel Buenos Aires, Argentina
Reza, Ali London, England
Ritbiat, Nick Rebecca Willis London, England
Ritson, Thomas Rupert
Rivers, Joan & Melissa New York, NY
Robert, Joseph & Jill Mclaine, VA
Roberts, Deb
Robilant, Mr. Edmondo dl Maya London, England
Robinski, Kasia/Pod London, England
Robinson, Jo & Lisa Shields
Rocksavage, David
Roedy, Bill
Rolfe, Gail London, England
Ronson, Lisa London, England
Ronson, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hampstead, London England
Rose, Wendy & Jo
Rose, Charlie & Burder, Amanda New York, NY
Rosen, Andrew
Rosen, Denis & Sylvia
Rosencrantz, Ms. Claudia London, England
Rosenfeld, Donald New York, NY
Rosenstein, Rob
Rosenthal, Jane New York, NY
Roth, Peter, Thomas & Noreen New York, NY
Rothchild, Jessica
Rothchild, Hannah London, England
Rothenburg, Rich
Rotherwick, Tania & Robin London, England
Rothschild, Edouard de Paris, France
Rothschild, Evelyn de London, England NA
Roumugere, Caroline
Royle, Hon Lucinda London, England
Rucellai, Natalie
Rudnick, Della
Russef, Michelle New York, NY
Rust, Marina & Ian New York, NY NA
Rustow, Tim New York, NY
Rutalnd Duke and Duch
Ruttenberg, Eric & Perri New York, NY
Ryder, Mr. Nicholas London, England
Sacco, Amy
Sachs, Jeffrey
Saffra, Edmund
Safro, Wayne
Said, Wafic
Sainsbury, Mr. Jamie London, England
Salama, Eric
Saltzman, Elizabeth
Samuels, Mia
Sandelmar, Jon & Corrie New York, NY
Sangster, Guy & Fi London, England
Sangster, Mr. Ben London, England
Santo Domingo, Julio Mario Geneva
Santo, Mr. & Mrs. M. Espirito Portugal
Saud Prince Solman
Scerbo, Randall
Schiatti, Gianmarco
Schifter, Helen & Tim New York, NY
Sebag, Motefiroe Simon &Santa
Seilern, Christine New York, NY
Sejournet, Isabel de London, England
Shabtai, Benny
Shad, Brenda
Shearer, Andre & Angie
Shore, Chris and Maura New York, NY
Shriver, Bobby New York, NY & Florida
Shriver, Maria
Shuster, Susie
Siegal, Peggy New York, NY
Siegel, William (Bill) New York, NY
Sieghart, William London, England
Silver, Ron
Silverman, Nancy & Henry New York, NY
Simon, Bran Indianapolis, IN
Simpson,(Caruth) Sophie
Sindi, Rena & Sami New York, NY
Slayton, Bobby
Smith, Osborne London, England
Smith Peterson, Noona
Smith, James Nottinghamshire, UK
Snyder, Maria New York, NY
Soames, Rupert & Milly Worcestershire, England
Sobrino, Esperanza New York, NY
Solomon, Andrew New York, NY & London, England
Soros, Peter London, England
Soros, Peter New York, NY
Soto, Fernando de Madrid, Spain
Soto, Jaime & Marina de London, England
South, Hamilton
Souza, Carlos
Spacey, Kevin Los Angeles, CA
Squire, Hugo London, England
St. Bris, Edward Paris, France
Stanburry, Caroline
Stark, Koo
Starzewski, Thomas London, England
Steenkamp, Chris
Steiner, Jeffrey
Steinkampf, Chris & Nina Cape Province
Stengel, Andrew NY
Stengel, Rick & Mary New York, NY
Stern, Allison & Leonard New York, NY
Stevens, Michael
Stopford-Sackville, Charlie & Shons McKinner(sp?) London, England
Stracher, Kate
Sundiun, Stuart New York, NY
Sunley, Mr. James & Amanda London, England
Sutherland, Harry
Svenlinson, Peter London, England
Swire, Sophie London, England
Swire, Hugo London, England
Swire, Jenny
Swire, Mark London, England
Sykes, Lucy Ewen
Taaffe, Paul
Tabet, Karim and Cristina New York, NY
Taki London, England
Talbot Williams, Simon London, England
Tang, Mr. David, & Lucy Wastnag London, England *&* Hong Kong
Tate, Rupert London, England
Taubman, Alfred Bloomfield Hills, MI *&* New York, NY
Taubman, Bobby
Tavoulareas, Mr. Billy & Nicket Highgate (sp?) London
Tavoulareas, Peter London NW1
Tayler, Emmy West Hollywood, CA
Taylor, Felicia
Taylor, Pamela
Taylor, Sebastian London SW1, England
Taymor, Julie & Eliot New York, NY*&* Garrison, NJ
Tennenbaum, Harry
Teodorani-Fabbri, Eduardo Lake Forest, IL *&* London, UK
Theilmann, Baroness Francesca
Theodoli, Catherine
Thoistrup, Paola London, England
Thompson, Barnaby
Tisch, David
Tisch, Merrvi and Jimmy New York, NY
Tish, Anne & Andrew New York, NY
Titopupulo, Sonia
Todhunter, Emily Olypitus London, England
Toledo Ignacio, Alvarez de
Tollman, Bea
Tollman, Brett New York, NY
Tollman, Mr. & Mrs. New York, NY
Tollman, Syrie & Gavin New York, NY
Tollman, Wyne New York, NY
Toub, Veronica (Busson) New York, NY *&* Paris, France
Treacy, Philip London, England
Trump, Blaine & Robert New York, NY
Trump, Ivana
Trump, Ivanka
Trump, Robert & Blaine Brooklyn, NY *&* New York, NY
Tucker, Chris
Turlington, Christy NY
Turnbull, Governor Charles Governor of USVI
Turner, Jenny London, England
Turner, Miles Creswell London, England *&* Madrid Spain
Tyssen, (Chessy) Francesca
Urbiola, Jorge
Vahabzadeh, Iraj and Linda New York, NY
Van Hauen, Sophie London, England
Van, William Straubenzee London, England
Varsavsky, Martin
Velasquez, Patricia
Verdin, Julia Los Angeles, CA
Verdin-Mulot, Annie& JP Paris, France
Veronis, Jane New York, NY
Villani, Carmine S
Villenueve, Jacques
Vittadini, Emanuele A. Paris, France *&* S. Hampton *&* Milan
Vittorelli, Dott. Marco Milan *&* St. Tro
Vittoz, Martine
Vittoz, Patrick Cheshire
Vittoz, Vonnic
Vivian Smith, Charles London, England
Von Habsburg, Francesca
Von Hase, Bettina London, England
Wachtmeister, Eric New York, NY *&* Stockholm
Wagner, David
Wainright, Rupert
Waksai, Sam New York
Wallace, Mike New York, NY
Walters, Barbara New York, NY
Ward, Kevin
Warner, Ozzie
Warnford-Davis, Ms. Mandy London, W6
Wasserman, Casey & Laura Beverly Hills, CA
Wassong, David New York, NY
Wastnage, Lucy Hong Kong *&* London, England
Waterman, Felicity Los Angeles, CA
Watson, Victoria London, England
Webb, Victoria
Weidenfeld, Lord London, England
Weimberg, Jason New York, NY *&* Los Angeles, CA
Weinstein, Bob
Weintraub, Harriet New York, NY
Westheimer, Ruth Dr.
Weymouth, Mrs. Lally
White, Somers New York, NY
White O’Gara, Victoria Bellevue, ID
Whitworth, Alan & Wendy Cambridge
Wial, Jim
Wienberg, Anouska and Mark
Wiesel, Dr. Eli and Marion
Wigram, Liionel and Lydia Beverly Hills, CA
Williams, Alexandra & Nick COMPLETELY REDACTED
Williams-Ellis, David & Serena London, England
Wilmot-Sitwell, Alex & Fi London, England
Wilson, Carter New York, NY
Windisch Grazot, Manfred
Windsor-Taylor, Tim & Helen London, England
Winn, Steve
Winston, Elizabeth
Wippie, George
Wolper, Carol Los Angeles, CA
Wong, Andy
Wong, Theodore London, England
Woodall, Trinny London, England
Woods, Emily & Carrie
Woodward, Alexa
Woodward, Shaun & Camilla London, England
Worcester, Marq & Marc London, England
Wyatt, Jim
Wyatt, Steve & Cate VA
Yamani,Mai London, England
Yariv, Zghoul
Yates, Andrew (Piggy)
Young, Toby London, England
Younger, Tracy & Lee, Greg
Yugoslavia, Dmitri New York, NY
Yugoslavia, Prince Michel of New York, NY
Yugoslavia, Serge de
Zacks, Gordon
Zales, Alexi
Zangrillo, Paige & Bob Aspen, CO
Zawauri, Waleed London, England
Zecher, Bibi and Adrian(Julia Walters) Executive Assistant
Zeff, Mark
Zeller, John New York, NY
Zevi, Dino & Rosi London, England
Zilkha, Bettina New York, NY
Zipp, Brian