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awesome angel

I think angels should always have great big, beautiful and grand wings. This one pushes the envelope of the extreme, but it’s still a remarkable piece of ART..What Say?? Ohh She is so beautiful..Her name is Arinna!! …Someone Asked “We have demons on our side. What have you?” i Said We Have “Angels.”

~ Galactic Human ~

Published on Jun 13, 2014

“WOW, absolutely powerful! Truly words cannot describe what I just experienced. Thank you for this gift. Many blessings to you and all who had a hand in making this masterpiece.”

The feedback from this meditation has blown us away! What began as a channeled and musical collaboration has become a world-wide shared spiritual tool.

Thank you for your comments everyone!! Get your own beautifully mastered version of Angel Contact by joining us at http://www.onemindlive.com and going to the Members BONUSES area.

Prepare for a magical and ultra expansive…

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dragon familys

Yup if its TRUE!!.. by any means this could be a Historic Move!!… Well CHINA has been playing an imp role… May be Thats why Chinese Economy took over the US as one of the biggest….. Time will tell if its for  REAL or Tell-a-TALE??….

~ Galactic human ~

In a nutshell……….the IMF has changed hands, the Federal Reserve and the World Bank are being taken over by the Dragon Family.  The US controlled cabal has gone before the World Court and been denied their request to file bankruptcy.  That means they are responsible for the indebtedness they have created.  It also means they are being stripped of most of their funds to perform there tasks and actions to control and dominate world issues.  The Dragon Family is in the process of taking over the dominant financial institutions which is also removing the Cabal’s power and control.

For over…

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raised by mantoids

Published on Oct 16, 2014

UK Councillor Simon Parkes raised by Mantid ETs: The great shift begins in 2017. If called to be Prime Minister I will serve

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Source: Veterans Today
Thanks to I. 

Rima E. Laibow, MD, Says US Army Documentation Proves It.

 A must listen to interview – your life may depends upon it.

By Stew Webb

October 15 2014  – I was invited on a Wednesday Night’s Radio Broadcast on Revolution Radio –Freedomslips.com by Laura Lee Solomon and Aurora Light Wing so I decided to bring in the experts on Ebola and tell what needs to be told. Dr. Rima Laibow the World’s leading expert on Ebola, Dr. William Croft, Dr. Preston James, CIA Whistleblower Gene Chip Tatum who published the first article on Ebola, and myself Stew Webb a Federal Whistleblower, Columnist on Veterans Today and Radio host of Veterans Today Radio News Reports.

Prior to the Radio Program I and Dr. Preston James called Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today to inform him Veterans Today had been Hacked and knocked off…

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Recent Invasion Of Friendly Green UFOs Is On!

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From Dolores’ fb page…

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anon awake

Support Anonymous sometimes its best to remain anonymous.for the good of a reciever and the giver.░▒▓►ღ╮#ANONYMOUS╭ღ  

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Upload and share/ copy and paste url on this video on facebook and twitter and as many sites as you wish, spread the word,lets get the masses woken up.

Also on Vimeo :https://vimeo.com/108932068

anon message

Published on Oct 3, 2014

A Revised Version someone read off to quote the original video above




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ET Arcturians Say Earthlings In Hologram, Thought To Be A “Real World”… Is Physicality The Hologram?

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digital world

~ Must Listen & Share ~

Also Chk : The Most Incredible Powerful Video I’ve Seen All Year “The World is Coming to an End”

Prince EA delivering another beautiful spoken word piece about why humanity needs to unplug from our digital worlds. And yet again – HE’S TOTALLY CORRECT!! WOW! This message is beautiful! Gave me chills! Sometimes I feel like the only one who feels like social media has taken over with self value. This is deep and very well articulated. So much truth in what he has said. In this day and age we are losing touch with humanity. This makes you think deeply about how you communicate with your friends and family. His message would have been more impactful if he would’ve thrown his phone in the sea :-)

~ Galactic human ~

We Live in a A.D.D Society. People With Consumer Mentality,
And people nowadays…

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There will be times where you will see your child, a partner, a sibling or loved one making a decision that you feel is an incorrect one.  You will squirm and fuss, you will question their decision, become angry and attempt to convince them that what they are doing is not right for them in the long run.

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