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Our hotel here in Jakarta Indonesia is located near a large mosque. Prayer chants can be heard throughout the day and night. Tonight those intonations are accompanied with the sound of fireworks. It is the eve of Idul Fitri, which in Arabic means newly reborn. Tomorrow, the last day of Ramadan, is a time of celebration for all the Muslim world.

For those here on the front lines in the global battle to expose and defeat Tyranny it is also a time of celebration; More importantly it is a time for continued vigilance – as we press our adversary in every direction – to the edges of the Earth.

On 11-23-2011 what was to become known as the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit was filed in the US  district court in Manhattan, New York. This action,  along with the plaintiff Neil F…

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Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for the continuation of aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip despite international calls for the termination of Israeli massacre in the blockaded enclave.

“We must be prepared for a lengthy campaign” in Gaza, said the Israeli prime minister on Monday.

Netanyahu further described Palestinian resistance fighters as a “cruel enemy”.

The Israeli premier also criticized a call by the United Nations Security Council for an immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza.

Rwanda, the current president of the Security Council, said late on Sunday that the 15-member world body agreed on a statement, which will be adopted in an emergency meeting later on Monday.

The statement called on Tel Aviv and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas…

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Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

US Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidUS Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Israel urgently needs more financial aid from the United States for its offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. 

On Monday afternoon, Reid, a member of the Democratic Party, warned that the Obama administration’s $225 million request to aid Israel during its current war may not be enough, as the Zionist regime continues to massacre Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel has been relentlessly pounding the besieged territory for 21 days. More than 1,050 Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded, including women and children. In retaliation, Palestinian resistance fighters have fired rockets into Israel.

The Israeli military is now threatening to escalate its war on the coastal enclave by warning Palestinians in…

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MH17 Chameleon: Operation Rapid Trident II

Our western partners, led by the United States of America, prefer not to be guided by international law in their practical policies, but by the rule of the gun. They have come to believe in their exclusivity and exceptionalism, that they can decide the destinies of the world, that only they can ever be right. They act as they please: here and there, they use force against sovereign states, building coalitions based on the principle “If you are not with us, you are against us.” To make this aggression look legitimate, they force the necessary resolutions from international organisations, and if for some reason this does not work, they simply ignore the UN Security Council and the UN overall.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia in his speech before the Federal Assembly, 18 March 2014

Operation Rapid Trident II

The announcement of U.S. BREEZE and RAPID TRIDENT II military maneuvers came on May 21, 2014 by Vice President Joe Biden’s office. Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is a newly-named director of the Ukrainian natural gas and oil company Burisma Holdings, Ltd., owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian-Israeli mafia oligarch, who is known as the «Chameleon». Kolomoisky has raised his own mercenary army, complete with the BUK missiles allegedly used in the shootdown of MH-17. Kolomoisky, the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast in eastern Ukraine, has threatened terrorist attacks against Russian-speaking officials in eastern Ukraine, including assassinations.


The 10-day NATO exercise code named «BREEZE 2014» has ended in Black Sea. The exercise, which included the use of electronic warfare and electronic intelligence aircraft such as the Boeing EA-18G Growler and the Boeing E3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), coincided with the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine, some 40 miles from the Russian border. NATO ships and aircraft had the Donetsk and Luhansk regions under total radar and electronic surveillance.

MH-17 was shot down over a region where Russian-speaking separatist forces have been battling against the alliance of the Ukrainian armed forces and a private mercenary force answerable to a Ukrainian-Jewish billionaire oligarch.

The U.S. Army has revealed that the 10-day exercise involved «commercial traffic monitoring». Because of the sophistication of the electronic warfare and intelligence used during SEA BREEZE, it can be assumed that commercial traffic monitoring included monitoring the track of MH-17.

NATO Breeze 2014 Kolomoisky Israeli Mafia MH17 Putin Assassination GreatGameIndia BRICS

Past NATO-Ukraine exercises in Crimea were called «SEA BREEZE». This year’s annual SEA BREEZE exercise with Ukraine, approved by the rump Ukrainian Parliament, is clouded in mystery with the Pentagon saying it was only «in the planning stage and we can’t announce dates yet». However, 200 U.S. Army personnel normally assigned to bases in Germany were in Ukraine during the time of the MH-17 fly-over. They were participating in NATO exercise RAPID TRIDENT II. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense led the exercise.

BREEZE included the AEGIS-class guided missile cruiser USS Vela Gulf.  AEGIS cruisers’ AN/SPY 1 radar has the ability to track all aircraft over a large region. For example, the AEGIS test center in Moorestown, New Jersey, was able to see the Boeing 747 TWA Flight 800 when it disappeared from radar screens in 1996 near East Moriches Bay, Long Island. According to Lockheed Martin personnel who operated the AEGIS test center in New Jersey, the Navy ordered the SPY 1 radar turned off for «maintenance» shortly before the downing of TWA 800.

From the Black Sea, the Vela Gulf was able to track Malaysian Airlines 17 over the Black Sea and any missiles fired at the plane. U.S. AWACS electronic intelligence (ELINT) aircraft were also flying over the Black Sea region at the time of the MH-17 flyover of Ukraine. Growler aircraft have the capability to jam radar systems in all surface-to-air threats.


Operation Rapid Trident NATO Breeze 2014 Kolomoisky Israeli Mafia MH17 Putin Assassination GreatGameIndia BRICS

The announcement of U.S. BREEZE and RAPID TRIDENT II military maneuvers came on May 21, 2014 by Vice President Joe Biden’s office. Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is a newly-named director of the Ukrainian natural gas and oil company Burisma Holdings, Ltd., owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian-Israeli mafia oligarch, who is known as the «Chameleon». Kolomoisky has raised his own mercenary army, complete with the BUK missiles allegedly used in the shootdown of MH-17. Kolomoisky, the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast in eastern Ukraine, has threatened terrorist attacks against Russian-speaking officials in eastern Ukraine, including assassinations.

Burisma is a typical RUIM [Russian - Ukrainian - Israeli - Mafia] operation, with subsidiaries in such tax havens as Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands. It is part of Kolomoisky’s large umbrella corporation called Privat Group.

Before we move further it is essential to understand the background that buildup to the current crisis and the various colors of the Chameleon.

The Kosher Chocolate King & The Chameleon

Kolomoisky has publicly spoken of Ukraine as the «second homeland» of the Jewish people. Known as Chocolate King, Poroshenko has secret Jewish roots.

Kosher Chocolate King Petro Poroshenko

Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko is the fifth and current President of Ukraine. Known as Chocolate King, Poroshenko has secret Jewish roots. His father’s surname is “Valtzman,” a Jew, yet Petro Poroshenko uses his mother’s maiden name, “Poroshenko,” reportedly also a Jew.

Regardless of Poroshenko’s Jewish background, (or because of it), he is being pushed and peddled by all the main stream media venues throughout the West.

But what the press won’t tell you is that Poroshenko is a proven criminal who will still need strategic services of Oligarch Jew Igor Kolomoisky, to cement his rule as Ukraine’s unconstitutional president.

The coup-regime appointed Kolomoisky District Governor of Dnepropetrovsk in East Ukraine where the violent Right Sector set up their new headquarters. Boss of the Ukrainian Mafia, Kolomoisky placed a one million dollar bounty on Ukrainian Member of Parliament member Oleg Tsarev, who fled to Russia after being severely beaten by Ukrainian right-wingers in Kiev. Behind the Crimean crisis Kolomoisky controls power through his Privatbank, “quasi-military forces”, his privately-funded death squads,bounty-hunters from his allies of ultra-nationalist extremists, his gangs of hired thugs and soccer “ultras”; all to cement Poroshenko’s rule as Ukraine’s unconstitutional president.

Jewish Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky

The Kolomoisky-backed Right Sector/Svoboda militants wield power as dominant members of Poroshenko’s behind the scenes regime.

This “National Guard” murdered civilians and army “deserters” in Eastern Ukraine.

Right Sector holding top posts includes:

  • Secretary of National Security – Andriy Parubiy, founder of the Svoboda party/commandant of Maidan defense squads.
  • Deputy Secretary of National Security – Dmytro Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector bloc.
  • Deputy Prime Minister – Oleksandr Sych, member of Svoboda.
  • Prosecutor General – Oleh Makhnitsky, member of Svoboda.

With the growing entrenchment of the Right Sector in Kiev’s infrastructure, Poroshenko had little choice but to allow it a major measure of power.

Poroshenko’s underpinning expands from the strangest mix of bedfellows anyone could cook up :

The prospect for consensus in Ukraine’s racial and linguistic spheres thus looks grim.

The Right Sector bloc controls Kiev’s press which propagandizes ‘unity’ based on hatred for Russians. This bodes ill for Ukraine’s territorial cohesiveness since much of Eastern Ukraine’s population is made up of Russian-speaking residents.

However Chocolate King Poroshenko had another big problem – Ukraine’s economy in ruins.

Economic Warfare Russia MH17 BRICS Putin Assassination Kolomoisky Israel Mafia GreatGameIndia

And what did he do to fix the economy? Ask the IMF for another loan that will enslave Ukraine to Jewish bankers forever by signing the EU Association Agreement.

Putin had warned that by signing the EU Association Agreement—which will impede Ukraine’s manufacturing trade—will sink the last nail into what remains of Ukraine’s dying economy.

Putin had promised to “work” with the next president—now Poroshenko—albeit he’s at odds with his unconstitutional status.

“Where’s the money?” will be first on the list of Things To Do.

That “money” is $3 billion Kiev owes Gazprom.

In the weeks prior to the supposed downing of Flight MH17 several European nations decided against joining Obama’s new sanctions against Russia for allegedly invading Crimea and destabilizing Eastern Ukraine. The Europeans simply weren’t convinced. The vast majority of Europeans understand that Crimea held a referendum and decided to politely bow out of the fascist neo-Nazi run Ukraine.


They also understand that Gazprom is the leading supplier of energy to Europe and without them, they would be at the mercy of the same globalist for-profit entities. So, they rejected Obama’s call for humanitarian sanctions against Russia.

Its economic warfare designed to undermine not only Putin’s place in Russia, but also Russia’s ability to lead the alternative to the IMF and World Bank – BRICS.

Let Hilary Clinton explain it to you in plain simple English.

Along came the Chameleon

Kolomoisky chooses to «command» his army from the safety of Switzerland, far from the front lines and relatively safe from arrest if his ties to terrorist attacks are ever pursued by legitimate governmental authorities.

Igor Kolomoisky Israel Mafia MH17 GreatGameIndia Putin Assassination Gazprom BRICS

Kolomoisky, estimated to be the second-richest person in Ukraine, also has strong connections inside Kiev’s Borispol International Airport, where it has been reported that Ukrainian Interior Ministry troops stormed the air traffic control tower shortly before MH-17 was shot down. A Spanish air traffic controller, who possessed knowledge of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s involvement in the shootdown of MH-17, reportedly had his life threatened by people he described as «Maidan» troops, a reference to the Maidan Square uprising that toppled the Ukrainian government earlier this year. The Spanish controller, identified only as «Carlos,» understood that the shootdown of MH-17 was carried out by supporters of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Kolomoisky is a political ally of Tymoshenko and Avakov.

Source: Tweets by Spanish Air Controller - @spainbuca

Kolomoisky, until 2012, owned Aerosvit Airlines, which used Borispol as a hub, and Donbassaero, which was based out of Donetsk Airport. Aerosvit leased all of its planes, including a Boeing 767, from Boeing Capital. After filing for bankruptcy, Aerosvit and Donbassaero ceased flying in April 2013. Among other Kolomoisky airlines, Skyways Express, based out of Stockholm Arland Airport; City Express, based at Gothenburg, Sweden Airport; and Cimber Sterling, based out of Sønderborg and Copenhagen Kastrup Airports in Denmark, all filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Kolomoisky continues to be active in commercial aviation. His Private Group owns Dniproavia, which is based at Dnipropetrovsk Airport. Kolomoisky’s aviation and Israeli security contacts gives him carte blanche access to secure airport facilities in Europe and around the world.

Kolomoisky’s forces are armed with advanced weaponry, obtained both from Ukrainian weapons inventories and from purchases on the black market. Kolomoisky’s forces reportedly possess the BUK surface-to-air missile system said to have been used to shoot down MH-17. Kolomoisky’s forces, comprising Ukrainian regular military personnel; neo-Nazi units from west Ukraine, and foreign mercenaries, including Georgians, Romanians, and white supremacists from Sweden and Germany; and ex-Israel Defense Force Blue Helmet commandos, are mainly separated into four battalions: the Azov Battalion; the Aidar Battalion, the Donbass Battalion; and the 2,000-strong Dniepr-1 (or Dnipro-1) Battalion, which was responsible for the deadly May 1 fire-bombing of the trade union building in Odessa and the burning alive of people trapped inside the Mariupol Police Station on May 9. Dnipro-1 also maintains a 20,000-member reserve force.

Ukraine military trucks spotted transporting three BUK’s out of Donetsk Republic 19-07-14 after the shooting down of Malaysia flight MH17. Plates reveal trucks originate from Ukraine military base in Zaporizhia Oblast. Ukrainian license plates.

At the heart of Kolomoisky’s Army is a Nazi «Brownshirt»-style force of ardent Kolomoisky loyalists who have used guns, iron bars, and batons to seize control of factories and offices in Ukraine that Kolomoisky has expropriated from so-called «separatist» sympathizers.

Some of the Georgians who serve in Kolomoisky’s Army have reportedly been trained in the use of BUK missile systems previously sold by Ukraine to Georgia under the presidency of Mikheil Saakashvili. Kolomoisky has utilized ex-President Saakashvili’s «consulting services» in Dnipropetrovsk in the military and political campaign against the breakaway people’s republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Kolomoisky chooses to «command» his army from the safety of Switzerland, far from the front lines and relatively safe from arrest if his ties to terrorist attacks are ever pursued by legitimate governmental authorities. Kolomoisky has a powerful «insurance policy» against any legal recriminations. He counts on the powerful Israel Lobby in the United States to support his cause. Kolomoisky has publicly spoken of Ukraine as the «second homeland» of the Jewish people. And with «The Lobby» in his corner, Kolomoisky has indirect access to the highest levels of power within the Department of Defense, NATO, and the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The Israeli Twin

The presence of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 in Tel Aviv, the mysterious disappearance of a second Malaysian Boeing 777 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and the attack on yet a third Amsterdam-to-Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Boeing 777 over eastern Ukraine may be more than coincidental.

GA Telesis Boeing 777 MH17 Kolomoisky Israel Mafia Putin Assassination GreatGameIndia

A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, the same type that was used by MH-17 and the still-missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, which disappeared on March 8 while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, is stored in a hangar at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. The Boeing 777 in Israel, with serial number 28416,  Malaysia registration tail numb 9M-MRI, was sold to GA Telesis, LLC of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on October 21, 2013. The Boeing 777 was re-registered with the United States tail number N105GT and first stored at Tarbes Lourdes Pyrenees airport and on November 4, 2013, was transferred to Tel Aviv, where it was last spotted in a hangar.

GA Telesis was founded by its CEO, Abdol Moabery. GA Telesis, a global aircraft leasing firm, is now owned by Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Century Tokyo Leasing. Moabery, a former U.S. Naval officer, formerly worked for Aviation Systems International, Inc. as executive vice president and for C-S Aviation Services, Inc. as sales and marketing director. Both of Moabery’s former companies are partly-owned by George Soros, who is partly responsible for laying the groundwork for the Ukrainian coup that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych. C-S (Chatterjee-Soros) Aviation is co-owned by Purnenda Chatterjee, who runs the Chaterjee Group, an investment firm.

Chatterjee Group owns Winston Partners of Alexandria, Virginia, an investment firm co-founded by Marvin Bush, son of George H W Bush. Winston owns corporate entities in the Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Curacao, and Delaware. One of the Winston entities, Winston Capital Fund, has another Bush family investor, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Interestingly, Marvin Bush has served as an adviser to HCC Insurance Holdings, Ltd,  a re-insurer of the World Trade Center in New York. Marvin’s business dealings have also involved the purchase and leasing of commercial aircraft.

The executive chairman of GA Telesis Composite Repair Group, LLC, which would be responsible for retrofitting the Malaysian Boeing 777 in Tel Aviv is Aviv Tzur, an Israeli national who was previously the chairman of Ultimate Aircraft Composites (UAC), an Israeli-staffed firm that merged with GA Telesis. UAC, like GA Telesis, specializes in repairing and retrofitting aircraft. UAC also had contracts with the Israeli government.

The presence of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 in Tel Aviv, the mysterious disappearance of a second Malaysian Boeing 777 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and the attack on yet a third Amsterdam-to-Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Boeing 777 over eastern Ukraine may be more than coincidental. Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is a center for Israeli Mossad activity in Western Europe. Israeli-owned ICTS controls the security at Schiphol for passengers and cargo. It was ICTS that permitted Nigerian national Umar Farouk Abdulmutallah to slip past Schiphol’s normally stringent security on Christmas 2009 and board a Northwest Airlines Airbus bound for Detroit. While approaching Detroit, Abdulmutallah, who was permitted to board by ICTS in Amsterdam without a passport or U.S. visa, tried to detonate explosive materials sewn into his underpants.

The seizure of the air traffic control center at Borispol by allies of Kolomoisky shortly before the shooting down of MH-17 and Kolomoisky’s strong links to Israel, which benefitted immensely from the downing of MH-17 because it drew the attention of the world’s media away from its ground invasion of Gaza, which began just as initial reports about the fate of MH-17 were being transmitted, may be the real story behind the loss of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 and the horrible deaths of its 298 passengers and crew.

US NATO Encircle Russia Ukraine GreatGameIndia Israeli Kolomoisky Mafia Operation Rapid Trident

As always with operation of such magnitude multiple objectives are to be achieved.

The MH17 crash shares an anniversary with the demise of TWA 800, which Jack Cashill has compellingly argued was brought down by a missile on July 17, 1996 and subsequently covered up by the US government.

The maiden flight of MH17 occurred in 1997 on July 17.

On 17 July, seven NATO countries completed military exercises in the Black Sea, next to Ukraine.

On 17 July, MH17 was downed, apparently by elements of the Ukrainian government.

On 17 July at exactly the same time as MH17 came down Israel’s attack on Gaza began. MH17 was shot down at 14:15 hours UTC. Israel began its assault on Gaza at 14:00 hours UTC.

100 AIDS Researchers killed. About 100 of the 298 people killed in the Malaysia Airlines crash were heading to Melbourne for a major AIDS conference.

On July 17 within 5-minutes of President Putin warning his US counterpart, President Obama, that “war games” being carried out by NATO member Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) forces over Romania could lead to a “potential catastrophe”, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was destroyed over the eastern conflict region of Ukraine.

Putin MH17 Kolomoisky Assassination Israel Mafia GreatGameIndia

On July 17 Putin’s official plane returning from the BRICS (alternative to IMF, World Bank) meeting in Brazil, passed along the same flight path as the Malaysian passenger jet less than one hour before it was hit. Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. The presidential jet was there at 16:21 Moscow time and the Malaysian aircraft 15:44 Moscow time. Putin’s plane and MH17 have similar paint and markings. The red, white, and blue of the Malaysia Airlines logo “resembles the Russian tricolor”, similar to the one Putin was in. Possibly the confusion and misidentification led to the error.

Using The Ukraine Crisis To Overthrow Putin

If Ukrainians push the man in Kiev out of power, Russians might wonder why they should not do the same to the man in the Kremlin.

An editorial in Financial Times of February 2, 2014 calls for using the Ukraine crisis to overthrow Putin in Russia. Finally, the west must be prepared for a tough response from Russia in the event that Mr Yanukovich falls. A military response from the Kremlin is inconceivable. It is events in Ukraine that may do more to define Russia’s image. If Ukrainians push the man in Kiev out of power, Russians might wonder why they should not do the same to the man in the Kremlin.

With inputs from Shelley Kasli


Source: http://greatgameindia.com


Curacao Caribbean & International Compliance Solution. (CCICS) 

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Mr. Apter was appointed as Non-Executive Chairman and a Director of the Company in May 2013. Mr. Apter joins Burisma after a 27 year career in investment banking, including spending time at Merrill Lynch, Renaissance Capital, Troika Dialog and Morgan Stanley. For much of his career Mr Apter has worked in Eastern Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and the Balkans. Prior to investment banking, Mr. Apter was a corporate lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell. Mr. Apter has a J.D. from Columbia University School of Law (1982).




Mr. Kwaśniewski was appointed a Director of the Company in January 2014. Aleksander Kwaśniewski is the former President of the Republic of Poland (1995 – 2005). He participated in the famous “Round-Table” negotiations in Poland that finally brought the peaceful transformation of Poland and the whole Central and Eastern Europe from communism to democracy. Mr. Kwaśniewski is a co-founding member and the first chairman of the Social Democratic Party of the Republic of Poland. He won the presidential elections for the first time in 1995, starting against Lech Walesa. Mr. Kwaśniewski is a co-author of the new democratic Constitution of Poland signed into law on July 16th, 1997.

On March 7, 2006, Aleksander Kwaśniewski was appointed Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership at Georgetown University, where, as a visiting faculty member, he teaches students in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service about contemporary European politics, the trans-Atlantic relationship and democratization in Central and Eastern Europe. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group, member of the Atlantic Council of the United States, member of the Bilderberg Group, Head of the Supervisory Board of the Amicus Europae Foundation in Warsaw and International Center for Political Studies in Kiev. Moreover, Mr. Kwaśniewski is a Head of the International Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation and a Head of the Board of Yalta European Strategy.




Mr. Biden was appointed a Director of the Company in April, 2014. He serves as Counsel to Boies, Schiller, Flexner, LLP, a national law firm based in New York and is Managing Partner at Rosemont Seneca Partners and Chairman at Rosemont Seneca Advisors. Mr. Biden is also an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s Masters Program in the School of Foreign Service. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of World Food Program USA and as a Director on the not-for-profit Boards of the Center for National Policy, the Truman National Security Project and the US Global Leadership Coalition. Mr. Biden is a member of the CSIS Executive Council on Development, the Chairman’s Advisory Board for the National Democratic Institute, and the President’s Advisory Board for Catholic Charities in Washington D.C. From 2006-2009 Mr. Biden served on the Board of Directors of Amtrak, serving as Vice Chairman from 2007-2009. Mr. Biden was honored to serve as an Honorary Co-Chair of the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee and to have served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Previously, Mr. Biden was a founding member of the law firm, Oldaker, Biden and Belair, LLP, was appointed by President Clinton to serve as Executive Director of E-Commerce Policy Coordination under Secretary of Commerce William Daley and was a Senior Vice President at MBNA America Bank. He is also a member of the bar in the State of Connecticut, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Mr. Biden received a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a J.D. from Yale Law School.





Mr. Archer was appointed as a Director of the Company in April 2014. Mr. Archer is the Co-Founder of Rosemont Seneca Partners where he has led the development of an investment platform which manages private equity, fixed income and real estate investments. Mr. Archer started his career at Citibank’s foreign direct investment group, Citicorp Asia Ltd., before serving as a Vice President at New England Financial and subsequently MetLife where he worked as a special analyst to the Strategic Management Group of both groups’ Executive Committees. Mr. Archer was the Founder and President of Sitaro LTD., a leading marketing software and services company acquired by CoActive Marketing Group (NASD – CMKG) in 2004. Mr. Archer served as a senior advisor to John Kerry during his 2004 Presidential Campaign and co-chaired the National Finance Committee. Mr. Archer is the General Partner and Chairman of Rosemont Realty which he founded together with Mr. Hunter Biden. He is also a Board Director of Burnham Financial and Wealth Assurance. Moreover, Mr. Archer is Director and Vice Chairman of Bohai Harvest RST, and is a Trustee for the Heinz Family Office. Mr. Archer earned his Bachelor of Arts from Yale University and lives in New York City.


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For those of you who aren’t yet aware, the Hague is pretty much controlled by the cabal . . . ~J

Published time: July 28, 2014 18:38

ARCHIVE PHOTO (Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin)

ARCHIVE PHOTO (Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin)

The Hague’s arbitration court was not legally empowered to view the case of Yukos Oil Company v. Russia, and the court’s “one-sided” ruling disregards previous Strasbourg court decisions on the issue, the Russian Finance Ministry said in a statement.

READ MORE: ‘Mega-arbitration’: Court orders Russia to pay $50bn in Yukos case

Viewing the case, filed by shareholders of former Russian oil giant Yukos against the Russian government, was not in the jurisdiction of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in the Hague, as Russia has not ratified the Energy Charter Treaty, the ministry said on Monday.

The statement, following the court’s sensational Monday ruling that ordered Russia to pay $50 billion in damages, also provided a detailed…

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www.starseeds.netChanneled by Fran Zepeda July 27, 2014

Lady Nada and Mother Mary:

Hello dear sweet ones. We come before you together again to bring you Love Everlasting in concert and in Union for this Now Moment in ever-cascading streams of Love Everlasting and Enduring for all to tap into Forever and Always.

We are your mentors and guides in this in this Now Moment and we deliver our Love to you this moment and always in complete openness and fullness of all your Hearts put together. For imagine that, dear ones – Love Everlasting in Union with all Hearts at the same moment; it is a monumental task to undertake, yet fulfilling and magnificent in scope.

And so dear ones, we are here to help you examine and accept your capacity to do this, to join your Love Everlasting with all Hearts and with your whole Hearts. What a…

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And America has… what?

USIntel at its best

united for genocide - 1b

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Resolution passes, despite US opposition, as body approves official inquiry into “all violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law” . . . SHAME ON THE UNITED STATES!!!

The United States was the only country in the world that voted Wednesday against the United Nations investigating human rights violations in Gaza unleashed by Israel’s military assault.

Of the 47 members of the UN Human Rights Council, 29 nations voted to set up a commission to launch an international, independent inquiry, effectively passing the resolution. Seventeen countries abstained, including Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

The inquiry will look at “all violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the occupied Gaza Strip in the context of military operations conducted since mid June,” according to a statement from the UN…

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