An Urgent Appeal from Mother Earth   EARTH Drilling and mining resources must stop.

A personal message from Kathryn.

I don’t know how to write this, or even what it is I am supposed to be writing.

I have just come from a grounding session with Mother Earth, and the result has been profound and disturbing. I feel compelled to call on all of you for your special help because you are the people who can reach deeply to find what is needed to help Gaia right now. I believe it is crucial to our ascension.

I asked to be told; I even said, “Speak to me, Gaia. Tell me how I can help. Let me know what needs to be done.” I saw visions of oil wells pumping, fracking drills penetrating deep into her body, and I was reminded of the irritating, itchy spot on the back of my neck that has been annoying me for the past few weeks – a skin irritation

that refused to respond to healing efforts. It is on the left base of my skull, and it made me think occasionally about how difficult it would be for those to ascend who are truly in pain.

I saw my body as a map, my head as the Northern Hemisphere, my spine the center of the Americas. The spot on my neck where my skull connects to my spine would be Texas. The irritation flared as I recognized it. Images of oil rigs and Bushes, toxic spills and oblivious humans in charge of attacking Mother Earth to rape and pillage her natural resources.

She showed me crowds of elementals – fairies, elves, nature beings of all sorts. I was aware that I needed to call upon the human incarnations of Ariel and other Earth Keepers to enlist their shy troops to help come to the rescue.

We must find a way to stop these painful activities immediately!

Two facets of the work were clear: One, appeal to the Ascension Council to disable all drilling and digging that is causing pain to our Mother Earth. Two, enlist all nature spirits and their human overseers to create/instigate mischief everywhere there is destructive action toward Mother Earth. All of these activities must be stopped

before final Ascension can take place!

After about 40 minutes with my heart pressed against the earth, I arose feeling in an altered state. Everything around me appeared crystal clear, but multifaceted. I saw every flower and branch, every living consciousness, and was dizzied by it.

I walked into the house and smelled acetone – nail polish remover – and the reaction I felt was like a mad dog. I felt a sudden flash of rage, like an injured wild animal facing its attacker. I felt wild frustration, the impulse to lash out and destroy everything around me that reminded me of toxins, chemicals, man-made poisons. Connected to this was a feeling of frustration verging on hatred for those humans who casually ignore the destructive actions around them, focusing instead on combing their hair or proudly driving their fancy gas-drinking cars.

I have personally felt some of these things, but never to this utterly disorganizing intensity. I felt completely shaken, barely able to breathe, so overcome with frustration, sadness and rage that I was beside myself.

I remembered Father God once saying to me, “Mother Earth will only tolerate the abuse so long, and then she will simply shake off humankind the way a dog shakes water off its back.” I now understand the feeling that would lead her to do it.

I know that our efforts to ascend, to raise our consciousness have been helpful. It has created the possibility for all of us to jump from the old timeline in which Mother Earth would have been completely destroyed, and us with her, to the beautiful reality of Mother Earth restored to the Paradise she was meant to be. It feels to me as

if we are at a shift point – where we will fully accomplish the Great Plan, or something less.

If we are to reach the highest potential we must help Mother Earth to heal, to forgive us, and to accept our own responsibility for her suffering. We are the ones who can see the destruction, feel the pain of hundreds of years of injury. We can ask forgiveness and cleanse ourselves of the darkness that has lingered in our psyches – the residue of so many lives in collusion with the Dark Ones who manipulated us into accepting their destructiveness, which they convinced us was for the greater good.

While we are still here with two feet on the ground, we must do more than envision New Earth. We must take direct action to protect her, now. How that will be done will emerge from each of us personally – our inspiration, our networks, our friends and our location on the Earth. We are a formidable army of Lightworkers. Mother Earth needs our help right now. Every act which directly protects her from attack will resonate around the globe.

I know this message will create new ideas, new possibilities for how we can fearlessly stop the abuses, right now.

The more people involved, the safer it will be to take action in opposition to The Powers That Were. In the meantime, I ask for the Nature Spirits to come forward to help organize a most effective campaign of Liberty and Justice for Mother Earth.

With all my love,


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St Germains Update on Portal Construction and Ascension April 17 2014

St. Germain’s Update on Portal Construction and Ascension

St. Germain:

This will be a short message to all who were disappointed at not being able to ascend through the April 15 portal. For some of you it was not for lack of sincerity or preparedness.

It may surprise you to know that the portal you will use to make your transition to higher dimensions is a creation of a number of those who are here with you in human bodies. It is a joint effort requiring great technological expertise and commitment, high vibration energies, as well as approval from Above. We are happy that all these elements are present, but the final construction of the portal was not completed by the 15th.

It was not obvious to all that the work was not finished until our first wave of souls approached the higher levels within the portal but were unable to make the final transition. It has required the participation and cooperation of many to activate the portal in such a way that it will create the uplifting energies needed to carry all across the finish line.

It may sound odd to you, but this is in fact an enormous construction project – one which has been in the planning for thousands of years, but like all complex endeavors, it required some perfecting and testing to insure that it will function perfectly, safely and comfortably.

As we have told you often, this kind of massive ascension has not been attempted before, and so it requires special elements which would not be necessary otherwise.

We will be testing the newly energized portal this evening. We encourage you all to patiently do your own ascension work, raising your vibration and meditating to accomplish your own transition to higher dimensions. Monitor your every feeling, thought and action to be certain that you are truly prepared to maintain a vibration of Love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and generosity without any lapses into impatience or frustration.

How did you respond to the disappointment of not being able to go through the portal? Did you curse God, or yourself, or those of us who gave you this information? Breathe deeply, know that we are here to work on your behalf always, and trust that we do have your best interests at heart, even when it is difficult for you to see the truth of it.

Work with us, Beloved Ones. Send your powerful human energy from your hearts into the heart of Mother Earth. In Love and gratitude, energize the crystal which is her heart chakra and part of the source of energy for your ascension. See the glowing pillar of light which is the portal from the heart of Mother Earth to the great Central Sun. Feel yourself a part of the great transition which is ahead for all.

Continue to elevate, with peace and joy in your heart, and accept the loving energy which flows from Prime Creator into your heart chakra, connecting you with Creator and with the heart of your dear planet. Know in every cell of your body that We are One.

Together we will achieve the great success for which we have prepared so long.

I am yours in service to All,

St. Germain

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, April 17, 2014, 5 PM, in flight over the Atlantic Ocean.

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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A Message of Love from St Germain Sananda Jesus and Prime Creator April 20 2014

A Message of Love from St. Germain, Sananda/Jesus and Prime Creator

St. Germain:

Yes, Beloved Ones, the portal to Ascension is indeed in your heart minds. Your attention to the Harmonic Ascension Portal for all has focused your attention on your wish to be of service and your wish to ascend as soon as possible. This is a success.

We have encouraged you often by giving you specific tasks, or by showing you how we create – by envisioning a thing done, we make it happen. You are learning this as you come closer and closer to your own ascension, as the veil is lifting and you raise your consciousness to anticipate the glorious fulfillment of our Dream.

I am in love with you. You are brilliant Lights, determined souls who have worked together throughout the eons to make this great Ascension happen. Now you will complete your part of this marvelous project by rising to meet us in higher dimensions.

You are all wondering how to ascend, what you have to do to accomplish it. I can reassure you that there is nothing more you have to learn, nothing you have to build, and nothing you can study that will help you to ascend.

The feelings of exhilaration, ecstasy, gratitude and bliss are the leavening which will help you rise through the portal into our open arms.

Although the preparation may have taken years to accomplish – creating in yourself the state of love, mindfulness and deep awareness of your own thoughts, feelings and actions – the moment when you ascend is, and must be, an effortless moment. It is that moment of complete peace and joy when all is well, all is carefree, that you can release yourself to fly, as naturally as a hawk on the wind.

I await you with open arms and my heart filled with joy,

Your St. Germain


It is Easter Sunday today in the Western world. For many years, the people who have been influenced by Christianity have celebrated this as the day I ascended to higher dimensions. This is all right with me, since it is a celebration of life, not death, and it recognizes the truth that I did ascend in my body, just as all of you are preparing to do.

As I have told you in The New Scriptures, I intended to teach the lesson that we are all One, connected to our Creator. It was not my special privilege to be the Son of God. You are all children of God, just as I am. You are all precious in his/her eyes, just as I am, and you will all ascend in your bodies as I did.

There will be no death, no funerals and no mourning this time. It is the end of the glorious project we have worked on together, and the beginning of a new era of celebrating together in joy, in perfect Love and harmony.

You have asked: “What is ascension, and how am I going to accomplish it?” It will surprise you to know that my ascension – or resurrection, as they called it then – happened after I had been comforted and healed of my wounds by those who loved me. This healing, and the great Love I felt from my beloved Mother, my wife Mary Magdalene and my dear friends, lifted my heart and filled me with joy. I felt truly blessed to be so loved, and to know that I had completed my work here in that lifetime. It was then that I flew on the wings of Joy, back to the loving arms of my Creator.

I had hoped my example would be used to show the way for others to know that ascension is a natural process, one which can be experienced by anyone whose heart is filled with Love. For me, it was the culmination of loving service to my fellow humans – a satisfying life lived among those I loved deeply. I came to bring the word of God’s love, and to show others how fulfilling a life with God’s constant presence could be.

It was not a complete success because the message I wished to bring was submerged beneath imposed restrictions, rules and dictates which the religious hierarchy imposed in their strenuous efforts to control and profit from the hard work of the people. I did not proclaim myself to be a priest, or expect to be worshipped. I simply wished to tell the story of our Creator, who is Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Empathy and Wisdom. Creator does not punish nor judge. We are free to explore, learn and then return to the loving arms of those who guide and oversee our life here on Mother Earth.

Now I have the chance to correct the misunderstandings which were taught under the name of “Christianity” – a religion designed for mass consumption as much as any fast food. Strict adherence to all the laws which are currently taught under the guise of modern Christianity will leave you as ill as a steady diet of super-sized junk food. It is an impossible program of self-hatred, contempt for the most precious of human traits, and hatred of those whose beliefs do not match exactly the pre-packaged, glossy promises of the false but very profitable teachings of those I think of as ego-obsessed, pretentious “preachers.”

Here is my simple lesson to help you follow your hearts: Good lessons leave you smiling. Really good lessons leave you laughing, and the best lessons make your heart sing with Joy and recognition. God is laughter. God is Joy. God exists in the giggles of a child and the sighs of a lover. A mother who feeds her family with love is doing God’s work, as is the junkman whose song makes the children dance with joy.

There is great magic in a life well lived. Only now, after the departure of the Dark Ones, are you all awakening to the great possibilities for happiness that exist all around you. You are newly discovering what children have always known – that elves and fairies do indeed exist, and that the trees around you carry wisdom and the memory of Earth’s history in their combined consciousness. Mother Earth herself has at last been able to reach into your unconscious mind to tell you of her Love and dedication to the care and nurturing of her beloved beings of Light – human, animal, plant and mineral – all under her loving care, even as they defiled and misused her.

The song of the whale and the dolphin have broken through into your awareness, and you are observing the expressions of friendship across species as never before. Does a snail feel love? Of course it does. Does a dog remember its human friend after death? Indeed it does. Is there life after death? Beloved Ones, there is no death; there is only life everlasting. Have you lived before? Of course. All is consciousness; all life emerges from the consciousness of Love which is Creation.

Once created, there is no end. You, Beloved One, go on.

Let us go on together. This is the time for celebration and joining as One.

I am Sananda, and I love you without end.

Prime Creator:

I can only applaud the eloquent words of my beloved Messengers, Sananda and St. Germain, and I thank our dear channel, Kathryn, for her tireless dedication in bringing you our messages, clearly, without question or doubt.

Many times we have used this process to bring you information which may have seemed incomplete or contradictory to you. This is an inevitable part of the process which does not allow us to show you what we see because you are blind behind the Veil. We provide you with knowledge and wisdom in parts, as you are able to absorb it, and we wait while you argue it amongst yourselves, digest it and then show you are ready for more.

It could not be otherwise, Dear Humankind. It was your wish when you helped to design this life that you be tested completely. Your ingenuity is boundless; your plots and dramas bear the mark of genius. Now it is time, Beloved Ones, to take credit for your genius and to accept the congratulations and celebration due you. You have “survived” your own mystery play; you have awakened to the truth that your Dream, even when it appeared to be a nightmare, was of your own making.

Now it is time to put away the instruments of your own suffering and join with Us in creating the great uplifting of spirits which will create Ascension for all of humankind and your friends and neighbors, the animals, insects and plants. The stars are aligning to create energies not felt on Earth since the beginning of Time. Time, by the way, was one of those ingenious tools which has allowed you to feel urgency – often misused as worry, of course, but useful nevertheless.

Now, allow that urgency of time passing to fade into the past, as you acknowledge that there are indeed transitions, turning points in the Cosmos, and you are a part of that great whole. It is your turn now, Humankind, to realize the fulfillment of your promise to yourselves, that you would one day return to Paradise to enjoy the fruits of your long lifetimes of suffering and toil as the prisoners of a self-imposed Darkness.

You have shaken off many of those anti-life principles which created your psychological prison. Complete that process now by leaving behind all negative thinking, analyzing and questioning. It only leads to fear, and fear was the creation of the Dark Ones. Allow yourselves the perfect vacation from doubt and fear. Instead, let your hearts lift you into the state of perfect Love, as I pour my adoring, admiring Love into your hearts and souls, that you may feel your perfection as I do.

Indulge yourselves, Beloved Ones, in the laughter which shakes your belly and creates waves of pleasure radiating outward to tickle others. Dance with a skip in your step, and sing your song of Joy as the wren lifts its voice to celebrate the new day. It is your time, your triumph and your new life which begins today.

I love you beyond words,

Your Loving Creator

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, April 20, 2014, 11:30 am, High Falls, NY

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or

deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,


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Metatrons Ascension Message Harmonic Portal Announcement
April 14 2014

Metatron’s Ascension Message and Tonight’s Radio show announcement

Listen to tonight’s April 15th, Historic radio broadcast at 8 PM EST!

Harmonic Portal Announcement!

Metatron’s Message:

You can download the audio message here

April 14, 2014

Now beloved ones, I would like to give you a little more information about the adventure that is about to begin for all of you who are listening to this call, listening to this message. I hope that Kathryn will be able to send this out to all of you. It is a historic moment in the history of the universe. You know that I am fond about talking about timelines and the physics of the Universe. I will put it as simply as possible.

It seems that my February message from another source was misunderstood a bit. I was trying to give you a sense of the perspective from which we view the activities on planet Earth. As you know there are various timelines, various possibilities about the way things can unfold, and they always depend upon the participation of those on the surface.

It is now the day before the lunar eclipse and the full moon. Actually, the lunar eclipse is going to begin very shortly. The full moon will come into its fruition tomorrow across the globe. And there are many, many energies in the Universe that will be coming together at this time. I have asked Kathryn to make an announcement. Of course, I was not alone in this. We always work in cooperation here in the higher realms.

This message I am giving you now was at the request of the Prime Creator. I always work with Sananda, with Mother/Father God. We are a team you know, just as you are a team, and you, our ground crew, have made this possible. You are a small group compared to the larger population on planet Earth. This is what I had in mind when I gave my original message. I was not talking about all of you waiting until 2038 to ascend, of course not.

Now is the beginning for you, when the full moon rises. It is called the Blood Moon because it traditionally appears red in the sky. It is also the beginning of Passover. I have asked Kathryn, on her radio talk tomorrow evening, to talk about Passover and the connection that it has to the energies of this time. Some of you have also been aware of the Cardinal Grand Cross. We will also be explaining that tomorrow night.

All of these astrological events have far more power, far more importance in this opening of the portal than any of you could have imagined for the timing of these things in the Universe. We do not think of it in terms of time but it is an event that comes in a periodic cycle. But this coming together of events is historic, for it has not happened for thousands of years. And now here you are at the threshold of a powerful moment in the Universe. You Beloved Ones will be on the first wave. This is what we’ve called it, the first wave of Ascension. You have prepared yourselves, you have worked hard, you have taken to heart the many lessons we have offered you over the past years.

Many channels have worked to bring our messages to you and we appreciate their work. We have told the world through our channel Kathryn that there will be no more channelings. After tomorrow, you will not be hearing radio programs, internet programs and written messages from channelers for it will not be necessary for all of you. Those of you that are reading these messages are the ones who will not need them any longer, so you see it makes sense doesn’t it? Those of you who have listened to these messages and have worked so hard to raise your vibration are the ones who will be speaking to us in person. So of course, there will be no need for channelers. If there should be a need for us to bring our messages to the people on earth who are still in the process of their learning, still in the process of raising their vibration, we will do so ourselves. So you see, this era of channeled messages will come to an end. That’s exciting isn’t it? We are not telling you that you will be deprived of information. Far from it. You will hear us yourselves. You will meet with us in higher dimensions. You will be welcomed with open arms. Isn’t that exciting?

You will see your ancestors, your beloved ones, your masters, your guides. We will form a great chorus to greet you as you come through the Harmonic Portal. This is what we have called the portal that will be energized and opened to you from April 15th , the full moon. You have called it the Full Moon of New Beginnings and it certainly is that. So from April 15th, the full moon, until April 22nd, the Cardinal Grand Cross moment, there will be a tremendously powerful portal opened to those who wish to ascend.

Those of you who want to be on the first wave, we welcome you. With open arms we await your arrival in the higher realms, and what it glorious celebration it will be! We are as excited as you are! Oh I know, you are used to me talking about the physics and astronomy and all the higher level intellectual considerations that have to do with this exciting event. But I, like you, like all of us in the higher realms, am excited beyond description.

This event, the ascension of humankind, well, you’ve been told it’s a historic event, it’s a miraculous event. We have worked so hard, you and I and all the others. We have worked so hard for eons, inch by inch, step by step, revelation by revelation. Everyone has done their part and now you will reap the rewards of your hard work. And you know this is a reward you have given yourselves. We have created the portal, the opening, the information to bring to you, but you have taken the step. You are the ones who have walked the path with courage, with faith, with hope. Regardless of how difficult that path may have been you have continued; regardless of how far away the goals may have seemed to be, you have persevered.

We have all worked together, but We cannot take credit for this beautiful, glorious moment. It was the result of a group consciousness and this group consciousness that you experience now, this joining together of hearts and minds, is the beginning of the New Era. And when I described coming of the Christ Consciousness, I was referring to the time when all humankind, every single being, and all of the kingdoms of Planet Earth, will reach the point of Christ Consciousness. That is our goal isn’t it Beloved Ones?

Yes, your ascension is your own personal goal, but it is just the beginning. You are the wayshowers, the courageous ones, the initiators and you, many of you, will return to teach the others. What a glorious time it will be. The teaching will be far easier than it was, for you will have so much help, mentors, other masters, here with you. The rising energies all will play a part in this uplifting of all the souls on planet Earth.

Will it take us 20 years? Perhaps not. We are a powerful force, you and I. All of us together, we have great power because of our bright energies. We join with our Creator. We are proud to be a part of this glorious crew whether in the higher dimensions or on the ground, it matters not. We are completely connected, all of us together. Of One mind, One heart, One hope, One faith that we are all One with our Creator. It matters not what religion you have practice. It matters not if you have ever practiced a religion. We know in our hearts that there is only one belief, and that is the belief in One, the trust in Love and the knowledge that Light is the greatest power in the Universe, that Light is Love, that we are Love and that we are One.

I send you my blessings in the Company of Heaven. I send you Blessings, I send you Love and I glory in being with you now in this wonderful Ascension. I await you with open arms.

I am Metatron.

Via Kathryn E. May, April 14, 2 PM, 2014, San Juan, PR

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,


Curacao Intelligence Service (CIS)

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St Germain Tells the Story of  Chihuahua  Ches Kidnapping and Happy Return April 11 2014

From St. Germain:

St. Germain Tells the Story of (chihuahua) Che’s Kidnapping and Happy Return

From St. Germain:

This is a story of hope, adversity, and the triumph of Love in action.

These are some of the events of April 10, the result of the kidnapping and rescue of little Che, Kathryn’s beloved chihuahua, who escaped to join his friends at the beach while all were involved in loading the car to leave the house where they were staying. The drama unfolded over a period of almost 10 hours, with intense negotiations with the kidnappers, who late in the game threatened to back out because of their fear of the police presence they detected. Eventually, all was happily resolved, but not without considerable emotional strain on everyone involved.

This is a message to answer Kathryn’s questions about the deeper meaning of this difficult event.

To Kathryn:

You touched many people in your search for Che.

Everyone you gave the notice to was touched by the love you feel for you little pet.

It made them think about their own lives. Many felt gratitude, appreciation, greater love for the animals in their lives.

Your interactions with the police made them feel important in their service to those from abroad. The successful completion, after the long planning and strategizing, helped them to see themselves as helpers, not law enforcement people. It was an important step, and will continue across the globe as the transition from crime to civil service takes place. They now see a new possibility for their jobs. They are telling their families the story.

K: So Che was the catalyst for lessons for all kinds of people?


K: And for me?

Well, it pushed you to the point of taking forceful action, while also turning to everyone around you who might be of help. It was right to involve the police, the neighbors, etc. Those you encountered on the “dog street” we suggested for you to search were reminded of how precious a dog really is. Thank you for canvassing that neighborhood. You and your team had a profound effect on those you told of your search for Che.

You were reminded of your strengths, and were put in the position to act quickly and forcefully when needed. It was a good reminder for you and an important lesson for others who tried to help out, who needed to see that Love is not the same as hearts and flowers.

We know it was painful for you, but we thank you for your patience and trust. We told you Che was safe, and you believed us. We would have transported him to higher dimensions immediately if he had been in danger, but we know you would have been very sad if he had been removed from your life at this time. We were “on it,” the whole time, I promise you.

You proceeded carefully and thoughtfully, searching out and trusting those who showed great skill in negotiating for you. Your team grew by the hour, as you enlisted the help of all you could find. Even John, whom you befriended, and for whom you will find an owner for his lovely kitten. He will read your website and be astonished, and his life will never be the same.

As for the criminals, the negotiations had a profound impact on them. The girl was afraid, the guy, belligerent. He tried to ignore your pleas, to remain hard. He even tried to convince himself that he was entitled to the money of the rich foreigner. When your emotional appeal forced him to say that if it were up to him, he would give the dog back, it began to play in his mind. You offered to come, to walk to where he was, to do anything to get your dog back. It began to affect him.

He began looking at Che, and saw the loving little soul he is. He meant it when he said he wanted to keep him. He was only dissuaded when he saw that Che wouldn’t eat. He believed you when you said Che would die if he kept him. You saw the sadness in Che’s eyes, in the photo he sent, and so did he.

The girl was very confused by Maime’s kind approach, when she took over the Spanish negotiations for you, her assumption that they were good people who had rescued your beloved pet and would return him immediately. Her words began to work on the girl, and she began to have doubts about the whole venture. They began to believe that you indeed didn’t have the money but that you would beg and borrow to get Che back.

It was not her intention to cause great hardship, but to milk the rich foreigners who had made trouble for them. That would have been easy, allowing them to feel justified. Then she learned that you had missed your plane, were searching with a broken heart, and Mari’s information that you came to help the people of Puerto Rico and that you live on donations sealed the deal.

After that, they only wanted to not get caught, although he still hoped to get some money. He was angry, but knew he had been outsmarted when the cop cars surrounded her. They knew what they had done was extortion – which was why she kept protesting that they had not asked for money. She was completely undone when you embraced her as she gave Che back to you.

The team held the light for you. Their hearts were with you, and their protection helped to touch the hearts of the pair. They will never again think of crime as the easy way to get money. When you have your blessings, you will again help them, and doing so, when they were so cruel to you, will seal their shift.

You will return, give the girl a large gift, and she will become a point of change in the area, with your help. This pair are a part of a large underground of marginal, depressed and disenfranchised people who are disorganized revolutionaries. He thinks of himself as a spokesperson for the poor, a sort of Robin Hood. Of course, it has turned to cruelty and arrogance, as it almost always does. They will tell this story to their friends, and it will become somewhat legendary among the marginally criminal element.

Many others were touched, too many to describe here. When you come to higher dimensions, you will see how much light you all created with your actions.

We asked you to remain in Puerto Rico to help change it, and you did it in the way you are most skillful – one person, one small group at a time. Your next assignments will not be so difficult for you personally. We know you need a little time to rest and recover.

It is pleasant where you are, and a place where everyone needs light. You will continue your work to break down the walls that separate the rich from the poor, which is everywhere demonstrated by the bars and locks and the great defensive wall, which set the tone of war-like defensiveness which remains today in Old San Juan. It is a prison for those who have and those who have not. It remains today as the symbol of colonialism’s destructive effects. This will be a focus of work as soon as the RV is completed and the Prosperity Funds are released.

We wished for you to experience the feeling of imprisonment personally so that you would understand the effect it has on everyone. You understand the deeper psychological effect it has on people – which you experienced first hand with the criminals. This is the barrier that needs to be healed. It is a tall order, but it will dissolve because of the basic connection to God which remains at all levels of the population, but it is especially strong in the heartminds of the poor.

You were sent here to Puerto Rico because it is one of the most concentrated and glaring examples of the psychological and economic damage which has remained as a result of the Reptilian structures which began generations ago.

Your work at El Yunque opened a portal to the heart of Gaia and beyond. It was the reason you were able to touch the hearts of even those who thought they were hardened against compassion for anyone of a different race or economic condition. It is the beginning of breaking down all prejudice, all divisiveness.

You will now go out into the streets of Old San Juan and elsewhere to carry the Light to all you encounter. You will enjoy it, as we did as Jesus and Mary Magdalene. You will be received with open arms wherever you go, and you will continue your work with individuals and a small group which will be arranged for you.

You need not go back to El Yunque. Your work there is complete. Mother Earth is in ecstasy after your deep connection and understanding of what she needed. You saw the potential for her path to the center of the universe, you felt her urge to fulfill her destiny, and you opened the portal for her to travel that path. Your deep capacity for empathy, and the natural urge to act on that empathy, to open the door when it was so urgently needed, allowed the opening to movement, and Mother Earth has begun the journey which was her destiny with such joy and excitement that all the beings who travel with her, the great mothership of souls, will feel the great Shift into the exhilaration of being in motion at last.

You will speak of your adventure on the radio show with Father God on Saturday, so that the whole community will have a better idea of the enormous changes which are occurring beneath their feet and within their hearts. Continue to post your daily meditations, and to encourage the buildup to the Harmonic Ascension. The translations are allowing the spread of excitement to all the corners of the globe. You will have reached enough of the ground crew to create an enormous uplifting of the vibration, and the daily meditations continue to bring home the message of Love in all you do.

You will be supported and protected as you continue your work. I will be with you and all the wonderful team of Lightworkers as you complete this mission of Love. Be at peace, Beloved. I am here with you completely, in admiration and love. I am joined by Sananda, and when needed, by Ashtar, Mother/Father God, Michael and all the others. It is truly the great completion of our destiny. We thank you and our beloved Anne for your tireless work. All is being fulfilled at last.

Endlessly in Love,

Your Adamos.

Transcribed by Kathryn May, April 11, 2014, Old San Juan, PR

Permission is granted to copy and share the messages given here, as long as credit is given to the website,, and there are no additions or deletions to the text.

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Prime Creator Tells the Bigger Story of Flight 370 and our Struggle of Light Against Darkness  March 30 2014

Prime Creator Tells the Bigger Story of Flight 370 and our Struggle of Light Against Darkness

I want to give you an update on Flight 370 and the state of the world.

The families of passengers are very unhappy with Malaysia Airlines, because they feel they have been lied to, which of course is true.

Jacob Rothchild offered to subsidize their operations just before the announcement was made that the plane had definitely crashed and all passengers lost. The airline did this without a shred of evidence to back up their statement. A few of the family members have been shown the press release you put out,* and they are confused by it, but are willing to keep their hope alive that their loved ones will return.

As you may have heard, Rothchild is the only one “living” who is entitled to benefit from the patent on some very sophisticated, very new technology which was expected to be a “game-changer” in the world of military weapons. The patents cover the controllers for the very weapon which disabled Flight 370. Ironic, is it not, that Rothchild used the weapon that the scientific experts on the plane had developed to get rid of them.

Of course, it was to his advantage to wipe out all those who were aware of the intricate workings of the weaponry. With the inventors and developers gone, Rothchild could be sure there would be no leaks and no competition in a world that is increasingly difficult to control. The weapon was used to disable the plane, crippling its hydraulic system. The wing flaps became locked in a position which caused the plane to climb abruptly. We saw the danger to the passengers, and decided to intervene to rescue it. We had an option – that of opening a portal to another dimension and whisking the plane and all the passengers, unhurt, into a higher dimension.

We want you to know that all the passengers are safe. They were given the opportunity to either ascend immediately or to remain with the Galactics. Some chose immediate ascension (without going through the death process) while others, about 75%, chose to continue in their own bodies. After a sojourn in Hollow Earth, they are now in Venus experiencing renewal in the light chambers. Those who wish to return to Earth will come with the mentors after Disclosure. They will help their families and friends to understand the ascension process and will tell the world of their adventures.

The ship will be found in the Indian Ocean, but no bodies will be found, because none were on the plane when it was allowed to crash. The media will expend inordinate energy trying to explain the inexplicable, but people will no longer be willing to accept their made-up stories. The search for truth in this saga will reveal massive deceipt and falsified evidence. The people will no longer be willing to accept anything as long as it appears on a news program. Among many other things, it will encourage everyone to develop greater discernment.

We did not inform you of these details in earlier posts because of concerns about the safety of the passengers and awareness of the political sensitivity of the developing story. There were more players and more intrigue involved than you could have possibly imagined. Rothchild was of course not acting alone; he is representing a group of powerful and superrich Illuminati families. Their only concern was the care and feeding of their own bank accounts, and recent events like the impending revaluation which was slated to bring wealth to great numbers of previously enslaved Lightworkers had them on the run. This was a desperation move to recapture a massively lucrative advance in weaponry which would have put them ahead of all other organization on the globe.

This supremacy was made more urgent by the very recent testing of powerful new long-range Chinese missiles which would also have been a “game-changer” had it not been for the secret development of the electromagnetic beam which can track and shoot anything out of the sky with such efficiency that any new missiles would be useless. And so, there is no contest in terms of defensive capability, and little chance that the recent China/Russia collaboration will bring world dominance.

The plot thickens. The U.S.-built beam technology was produced by the clandestine government, an adjunct to the U.S. military, but so top-secret that few outside the project itself even knew of the existence of the program. The most obvious indicator of its existence was the disappearance of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, leaving the “official” government on the edge of bankruptcy every since World War II. Your President Obama became aware of the deception, and tried to bring the clandestine activities to the awareness of the appropriate Congressional leaders. He was met with shock from his colleagues, and threats, stonewalling and absolute denial by many of the most belligerent of his opponents, indicating clearly who was in the pocket of the Illuminati.

The Powers Behind the clandestine space program have waged a relentless smear campaign against Obama and the others who supported him since his earliest days in politics. They were in control of nearly unlimited amounts of wealth, collected through their activities in banking, the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the World Bank, and the manipulation of currency markets around the globe. They have spared no dirty trick to consolidate and extend their power. Meanwhile, the White Knights (our term for the ancient lineage of activists for God’s True Way), have followed step by step to control and monitor their reach. Until now, however, it was impossible for the White Knights to effectively counteract the negative effects of the Dark agenda.

During the past 16 generations, as the Dark Ones gained in technological advances through their alliances with the Dark Reptilian/Orion faction, the White Knights on the ground were awakening, sensing their true destiny as messengers of God. They began to align with each other and with their Creator in an increasingly heart-centered way. The vibrational energy began to rise on Planet Earth, as Ascended Masters and their students volunteered to incarnate over and over, fending off the propaganda and very effective brain-washing techniques of the Reptilian Agenda.

There have been grand successes of which you know little, because it is not prudent for the White Knights to reveal their true power, which has always been far greater than the Dark Hats. There has long been an assumption, misguided by arrogance, that if the Galactic Federation had the fire power to wipe out the Dark Ones they would have done so long ago. Of course, this is not true, since we do not operate according to the adage that Might Makes Right. We always prefer to allow all created beings to live out their destinies in alignment with free will, learning the lessons provided them in Divine time, no matter how long that may take.

Many of you object that it was not fair to allow the Dark Ones to prey on Lightworkers, to control the earth for centuries and to promote suffering in all their dealings. Of course from the point of view of one short Earth life it does seem so. However, this does not take into account the advance knowledge on your parts before you made the decision to come here that there are infinite possible incarnations in the Universe, but you chose this one because it was the only place you wanted to be to experience this historic triumph at last.

Of those successes I mentioned, I will reveal just one here, because it involves our advanced technology and effective protection of our powerful Lightworkers. You all know of the pain and sadness which resulted from the assassination of your beloved JFK. He was attacked by the Cabal because of his impending actions to bring about Disclosure of the clandestine space program and the extensive knowledge of extraterrestrial life, among many other things.

What you may not know is that JFK was rescued and replaced by a clone before the assassination. He is here with us, alive and well, on the ships, helping out, along with his beloved Brothers, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. You will meet these adored icons of freedom and justice when the ships land. Together with Sananda and many other Ascended Masters, they will come back to walk among you, with great joy. They have waited with great anticipation for this historic reunion.

You who are reading this message are aware of the recent strides which led to Earth’s alliance with the Galactic Federation of Light, who has come to the aid of humankind as a result of your genuine growth and awareness, and your heartfelt appeals to assist in overcoming the Reptilians and their allies, to reclaim Planet Earth for the Light.

It has been an epic battle of Dark against Light, Beloved Ones, and you have all contributed mightily to the success of the venture by continuing to raise your vibrational energy, organizing community support for one another in such a way that the Cabal has not been able to completely control and manipulate the human mind.

Every time a child questions why fairness is not the norm, every time an artist presents a vision of hope to the world, the Dark agenda shudders and loses ground. Every time you allow yourself to be swept up into the feeling of Oneness, when you listen to a beautiful Love song, every time you offer a hand to a fellow human in need, you contribute to the rising energy of Light, and to the glorious outcome which you all envision.

Now I will tell you more of the story. Behind the scenes, the courageous “boots on the ground” – a growing team of volunteers who seek the Light – have aligned with the White Knights. Across the globe, the faithful few are now joined by legions of joyful volunteers who are willing to risk the embarrassment of being called “crazy” or “conspiracy theorists” in order to create a new way of life for their fellow humans on Earth.

There will be a period of confusion, upheaval and much misinformation as the Cabal members, who are really just the diehard followers of the Reptilian philosophy, are brought to be tried in the town square. Their arrogance is such that they do not believe they will be called to account. Like Jacob Rothchild, they do not think the world will put two and two together to conclude that he might have had something to do with the attempted murder of his underlings, even though all have been sufficiently warned to “follow the money.”

There is still an inordinate respect for those who possess great wealth, even if the source of their wealth is the sweat of your brow and the blood of your fellow man. Where hard-heartedness in the pursuit of wealth is the highest value, Darkness will reign, at least for a time. There is now an impending Shift in the fabric of time, because the Lightworkers on your planet have gathered so much “steam” that they have created a tipping point – a turn of events which predicts the Ascension of all the Beings of Light, and the defeat of the Dark.

As most of you know, the Reptilians are gone from Earth. (Listen to our show of August 22, 2013 and the discussions which followed.) All has changed since that time. The scales have tipped toward Liberty, and steady progress has been made ever since. Now I will explain how this growing Ascension energy has affected this unique incident involving Flight 370. It would not have been possible for the Ashtar Command to intervene to save the airliner, had it not been for the atmosphere of Love and Light which sustained a steady high vibrational energy at the time of the event. You see, your individual feelings and thoughts determined the outcome.

You have called upon your Brothers and Sisters of the Stars to help you resolve this lingering suffering on your planet. Because of the increasing synergistic effect of your rising energies, it has been possible, under Universal Law, to intervene by assisting you in your ongoing project. This your glorious march to freedom, the release from bondage as slaves to the Dark Forces who controlled the economic, political, social and most devastatingly, the psychological zeitgeist of your planet.

And so it was possible for the Ashtar Command – a great collection of space ships and Enlightened Beings from across the Multiverse – to intervene on behalf of the passengers of this targeted flight. This is still unfolding. We need your support and high vibrational energies to help us complete this Operation Truth Out. The outcome – the determination of which timeline comes to fruition – will depend entirely on you, the Earth movers and shakers.

Now I will reveal the status of your President Obama and others who have supported him. He and his family are no longer safe living in the public eye, because the Cabal is in a state of unbridled vengeance against him and his family. They detest everything he stands for because, even with his mild presentation and conciliatory manner, he has enraged the Illuminati with his willingness to challenge their power. The Obama family is in a safe place. They have been cloned. If there should be an assassination attempt, it will be a clone which would die.

And so it has been decided in the Councils of the Federation of Light, in consultation with me, Prime Creator, that the U.S. President and others who have stood against the Dark should be kept in safety while the last gasps of the Dark Ones are revealed on the world stage. This will not be common knowledge, and all will be conducted to maintain calm and steady leadership, however we wish for you to know that your President will not be assassinated according to the Dark Ones wishes.

We have told you that nuclear war is not going to be allowed, and this is true.

However, we will allow the players who are determined to play out their vindictiveness and arrogance to show their true colors to the world. How else will our words be validated than to see the unbridled viciousness revealed? Who would believe the story of their centuries of malfeasance if they did not act out their callous and heartless program for all to see? I want to assure you that the beings who are dying at this time as a result of the direct influence of cabal actions or thinking are doing so as an act of service to humanity, according to previous agreements.

Those of you who have been aware of the back story, as it is called, will perhaps be impatient for the denouement – the end of the end of this drama, but we must ask for your forbearance. The evidence must be presented before the world, in order for the next wave of Rip Van Winkles to arise from their slumber. Walk with us in Oneness, Beloved Ones, as we reveal, little by little for the whole world to see, the absolute corruption of the ego which is being played out.

Now, back to the passengers and their destiny. The most positive outcome possible is to see the passengers return, tell their stories of comfort and friendship with their Galactic family. They will reveal to the whole world what wonders are in store for all of you when you are able to collaborate openly with the Galactics to bring absolute Peace and Harmony to Mother Earth and all her beloved beings.

This is our #1 timeline of hope, of all the myriad possibilities which could lie ahead for the Earth community. Think of all the ways this could play out: The families of the passengers accept the “inevitable fact” that their loved ones are gone, that it is “Fate” which controls human events, and everyone can go back to sleep, slaves without a clue about what is creating or sustaining their servitude (answer: their own submissiveness). Others who have newly awakened may rise to the occasion with anger and hatred toward the oppressors, instigating a rebellion which would end in slaughter for the revolutionaries and a plunge into further depths of despair and frustration for all.

No! This will not be the outcome this time, my beloved children. Your Ascended Masters, of whom there are many yet unnamed, will not permit their brilliant students and friends to be slaughtered again by the cabal forces in a holocaust of perverse and misdirected rage. Never again will Mother Earth have to absorb the blood of her dear children. Never again will Mother and Father God and I find ourselves in the depths of pain as our beloved ones turn on each other to vent their frustrations. This Dark phase is over. You have raised yourselves to a new level of consciousness. You are awakening to Oneness, the sense of belonging and absolute Love which sustains the soul.

It is your time, Dear Ones. Help us to protect those who stand for Truth. Do not be lulled into egotistical self-aggrandizement which is the call to arms of the Illuminati/Cabal.

Join with us to bring a brand new and brilliantly original experience of life into existence. It is your time, beloved humankind. It is your time.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD, 1 AM March 30, 2014, San Juan, P.R.

Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,

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Prime Creator Announces The Beginning of The New Golden Age  JAN 20,2014

JAN 20 2014



Part 195

Prime Creator Announces

The Beginning of The New Golden Age

I am Creator.  I have asked Lady Portia to take this message to give to the world.

It is my great pleasure to make an important announcement.  All important changes in the Universe require a special event to anchor them, to serve as the official beginning or end of an era.  I wish to declare that today, Monday, January 20, 2014 of the current Gregorian Earth Calendar will henceforth be known as the First Day of The New Golden Age.   It will usher in the beginning of new prosperity, peace, mutual cooperation and joy throughout all the Kingdoms of the Earth and beyond.

It is a time of change, a time of awakenings.  You will be learning things you could not have even imagined a day or a week ago.  You are all being raised up into the Light, given glimpses, a bit here, a hint there, of what you will be learning when you walk across the imaginary boundary which has held you in your 3 dimensional world.  You will emerge at the culmination of your meditations into the higher dimensions.

These messages have brought you along, increasing the challenge you were given, to open your hearts and your minds to feel your way toward the Truth of One.

Often you were puzzled or frustrated or confused.  The information you have been given seemed contradictory, and therefore not true.  You were forced to either choose from amongst two or three “Truths” or open your minds to the possibility that there might be a whole other possibility – a greater Truth which might lead to further levels of unknown regions of the Heart.

It will come as a great surprise to you that We in the higher dimensions sometimes tell you half-truths.  We do not lie to you; there would be no point in that.  We are not untruthful in our dealings, ever.  However, there are frequent occasions in which we can see that you are not at all ready for the whole truth – it would make you angry and turn you away, or it might pass right on by your understanding because you didn’t have the background to understand it.  This is why we have led you, day by day, month by month, toward greater knowledge and wisdom.

It is not a simple endeavor, to lead an entire civilization which has been immersed in a rigid, intellectualized society of argumentative, quarreling and combative individuals, to bring all of them together toward a true meeting of the minds – which can only be accomplished by opening their hearts.  Yes, you have all been affected by the thousands of years of mind-over-heart and mind-over-matter arguments.  The last 600 years or so have been the worst, especially since Descartes proclaimed the mind superior to human emotion.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using the scientific method to identify trends and small facts about the things you wish to study.  In some ways, it has moved you ahead, especially where some of your technologies are concerned, but it has done more to stifle originality than to expand it.  The most brilliant scientists do their best work during their sleep hours, when they collaborate with highly advanced galactic societies who share their findings with those who are open to it.  Of course, this has sometimes ended very badly, as in the premature development of nuclear fission, which was then immediately used to develop monstrously uncontrollable weapons and equally dangerous domestic technologies.

The use of nuclear power to generate electricity is a ridiculously reckless and inefficient method.  Were it not for the enormous profits it has generated for a few investors, at the cost of the health of your entire planet, it would not have even been given a second glance.  It is only thanks to the enormous subsidies of numerous governments that the plants have even been built.  We are preparing to see all these unnecessarily dangerous methods completely replaced with the simple, efficient and clean technologies which will be given to you by your galactic Brothers and Sisters.

The technologies you will be given are far superior to anything currently in development.  You will be amazed at the efficiency and ease with which all your homes, office buildings, civic buildings and even stadiums can be cooled, heated and softly lit, without a single drop of fossil fuels, and without producing a single carbon atom’s worth of pollution.  This is just a small example of the momentous changes that will take place, to literally rescue and reward all the wonderful beings who reside on Gaia, your Mother Earth as you know her.

You, Beloved Earth Ones, have hewn to the path of Ascension, carrying the Light and the message of Love.  It is you who have created this glorious moment – you who have lifted your eyes to the Heavens in Faith.  You have envisioned the New World.  It is thus of your making.

We have taught you that your thoughts, combined with the energy of your hearts, create Reality.  You have learned to manifest those thoughts with great clarity.  When you focus on the vision of your hearts, powered by your great will, you are able to make wonderful things happen.

This is what you have done.  Together, you have focused on Abundance.  You have envisioned new housing for those who have lived in poverty, clean water for the people of the Earth who need it, food for the hungry, schools and loving teachers for the children who are starving for real knowledge, healing for the sick, and above all, peace on Earth.

So it shall be.  It is an auspicious time on Earth.  It is the first day of the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the celebration of Martin Luther King Day in the United States, and as the Chinese New Year approaches, the Year of the Horse becomes the new symbol – that of strength, exuberance and compassion.  It will be a year of enormous spiritual growth, expansion and Ascension for the entire planet.

Everyone on the planet – absolutely everyone – will experience the good fortune which will now fill all cups to overflowing.  Joy will replace fear as the predominant emotion.  Random acts of kindness will become the norm rather than newsworthy exceptions.

Open your hearts, Beloved Ones.  There are no more questions that need to be answered about when and how these changes will take place.  They have already begun.  You have been blessed with a program of prosperity that will be completely inexplicable to the rational thinkers, the practical managers and the unbelievers.

We are here, your Guides and Ascended Masters, and we are bringing to Planet Earth the most powerful force in the Universe: Love.  Awaken to the Truth that you will never again be made to suffer by forces outside your control.  Now, as you read this, humane political and social systems are being instituted across the globe.

We now await the proper timing for the further announcements to be made, which you have called Disclosure – the revelation that you are not alone in the Universe, and that your neighbors are friendly – once all the cabal and its minions have been subdued and/or dispersed.  What follows will be spectacular, astonishing even for those of you who have followed these messages for years.

Your minds will experience such information overload that only those with open hearts will be able to grasp the Truth of what is happening, for so many of the things you thought you knew were deliberately distorted.  All the news that is coming is good news. The revelations will make your hearts sing.

I am overjoyed to be able to tell you this, at long last.

Look around you.  The colors are brighter, people’s faces are younger, and all worry and care are evaporating like the morning dew.

Enjoy your blessings, My Beloved Children.  Your New Day is dawning today.

I love you without end.

I am your Creator.

Via Kathryn E. May, January 19, 2014, 11:30 PM GMT

Permission is given to share or copy this message in its entirety, without additions or deletions, provided credit is given to the author and website.

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Prime Creator Ohara  Learn Deep Self Diving   September 29 2014

Prime Creator (Ohara) :  Learn Deep-Self Diving


It is my pleasure to be speaking with you through our beloved channel, Kathryn.  I have not claimed more than my fair share of airtime during these past months as she channeled a message every day, because it was important for all of us to come forward to let you see how much we love all of you, and how clearly aligned we are in our vision of what you need to accomplish before your Ascension.

We see your struggles and your pain, and we see how easy it is for you to barricade yourselves inside a shell of your own making when you have been hurt.  It is a familiar human strategy to become defensive, hyper-alert and wary of trusting others – it is a natural extension of having seen too much suffering, too much pain as a child. 

The next phase in your program for “protecting yourself” is then to try to control and manage your environment, and especially the thoughts and feelings of those around you. It is only a small step from there to begin practicing and perfecting the skills of manipulation, deception and other passive-aggressive techniques, and when you see something that looks to your child-brain like a threat to your ego/pride, it is a single step further into aggression.

Why do I bring this to your attention now?  Most of you would flatly deny any involvement in anything of the kind, because you disapprove of such behavior and you have convinced yourselves you have moved far beyond it long ago.  Well, I assure you, my Beloved Children, that it is highly unlikely you have completed this process.

How will it be possible for you to look deeply into yourselves to search out all such dark inclinations, when the very idea fills you with distaste and dread?  How will you be able to look at yourself and see old habits and behaviors that you are embarrassed about even considering?  Why would you want to search for darkness in the corners of your being when it makes you uncomfortable?  Wouldn’t it just be better to meditate for a while till you feel happy?  Well, I must tell you:  No, it is better to do the digging now.  It will kick up your process of Ascension to warp speed.

Now, I will tell you about the “leading” statements in my message, above.  I suspect there were very few of you who said to yourselves:  “Why would I feel embarrassment, distaste or dread at the idea of seeing something dark in myself?”  You are far more likely to have just cringed and tried to not think about it.  Is shame really a “normal” response? Is it really inevitable that everyone feel that? You have probably just accepted that embarrassment or shame would be the only possible response. Did you catch the invitation to denial (burying your head) and avoidance? Were you tempted to take that road?

Now, let’s take this whole issue apart and put it back together differently.

First, there is no reason for you to feel ashamed of having learned something “unattractive” or dark under duress as a child.  It makes as much sense as blaming a child for being hungry or tired.  All children develop schemes – masks, really – to hide behind.  It becomes a matter of pride to develop the most charming or the most frightening mask with which to face the world.  Your preferences depend entirely upon family and cultural style, although you probably think it was your own idea.

Second, any hint of embarrassment, dread or shame indicates that you, my Beloved One, are being judgmental toward yourself.  Otherwise, why would it matter to your pride if you found something in yourself that was dark or unsavory?  It is simply a matter of training, not your innate character. If you don’t like it, you can change it. You, Dearest, are a bright star.  Your soul is a Divine diamond, a holy creation.  The kinds of behavior you learned – including being judgmental and disapproving of yourself and others – is nothing more than a bad education.  Re-educate yourself.

Third, before you attempt this challenge at home, you must be willing to turn away from all feelings of superiority, disdain, disapproval or reluctance to seeing even the most unattractive qualities – the biggest warts – in yourself.  Vow to search the farthest corners of yourself with the spirit of a private investigator – curious and determined.  Replace judgment with good humor, and be ready to cheer yourself up with a reassuring mantra, like, “Oops” or “Oh, well” or “Who knew?”

This sense of benevolent wonder originates in the center of your brain, in the place where all abilities and senses merge.  Watch the Visual Centering videos on YouTube to practice staying in that Light-channel where Love flows from Us to You.  If you are operating from an off-center place in your brain, you are depriving yourself of the delightful feelings of belonging, being in good company with yourself and us.

It is most important to conduct your search with the spirit of adventure.  Instead of dread, go deep-self diving with the goal of uncovering the worst of the worst – murderous feelings, attitudes of superiority or hatred, raging anger, or utter disdain for everyone in your path.  Pull it out of the treasure chest where you have buried all dreadful things and admire it honestly.  Say to yourself things like, “Hmm. Quite a powerful feeling for a child” and “Ah, of course he (the child you were) learned to think nasty thoughts.  It’s what his father did all the time.  He was a good mimic,” or perhaps “No wonder she was bitter and depressed (as I tend to be now). It was Mother’s Philosophy of Life.”

When you are successful in finding something truly dreadful about yourself, make a picture of the child you were, and talk with him/her about it.  No lectures!  Congratulate him/her for being resourceful and a good mimic.  Admire the intelligence and adaptability of the child, who really had no choice but to learn these particular skills.  But of course, you now have the option to unlearn them.  This is true freedom. So, forgive yourself for carrying it forward into adulthood.  Everyone does. Do not allow yourself to say anything intolerant or insulting to yourself, like “I should have known better.”  If you had known better you would have been born a grownup.

You see?  In the spirit of compassion and genuine appreciation for your ability to survive, be a good actor, adapt to difficult times, and so forth, you can look at anything, change anything, and do it happily.  It is not a crime to have been a mean person.  It is just an unfortunate learned pattern.  If you don’t like to think of yourself that way, change.  Take yourself in hand, with kindness, and offer to walk with the child you were, to provide comfort and support as you leave the dark secrets of childhood behind, not because they are shameful, but just because it pleases you to evolve and grow.

Understand, Dear Ones, you shape yourself just as you shape your life.  You are the putty in your own hands.  You were born to be resourceful, flexible and open.  Only training into the dark ideas of the cabal has taught you to think it is shameful to be wrong about something (and therefore you must always think you’re right).  The old saw about learning from your mistakes is true.  It is the best way to learn.  So, congratulate yourself on having the courage to look directly at yourself objectively.  Objectivity is really a kind of special love.  It is like saying to yourself: “I don”t care what you might have done wrong in the past, or what mistakes you have made.  I love your spunk (stubbornness, sneaky ways).  It shows you have imagination.

Then design a program for yourself to break the pattern completely. No tolerance for the old ways, but enforced with joy and kindness, and a gentle guiding hand.  Ask your Higher Self to help you discover all the roots of the old behavior and to keep you alert to any sign of falling back.  Work on your present behavior and attitudes the way you would take on any really important project, with diligence and resolve.

It is a truly worthy endeavor, this work of reshaping your thoughts, feelings and actions.  No other self-improvement project can have the long-term payoff that results in such peace of mind, comfort and self-respect.  It is a Masterful approach to living, and it will make every moment of your days meaningful. This is what we mean by walking the walk.  With every realization you will raise your vibration, and the more you uncover and clear away, the higher you will go.

Be daring, Beloved Ones.  Take it as far as you can go, and then keep going.  We will be cheering you on and applauding every light bulb inspiration, every secret unveiled. Now, amass your weapons:  a journal and a nice pen, a mirror, and most of all, a song of hope in your heart and a chuckle ready in the back of your mind.  Go ahead, create a miracle in yourself.  Your poor, long-suffering Self will breathe a great sigh of relief and learn to laugh at anything, just for the fun of it.

This is my gift to you, Dear Children. I wish you inner peace and happiness every day of your lives.  I hope you can feel the deep respect and pleasure I feel when I offer you these simple (but not so easy) exercises to do.  I admire your intelligence and willingness.  I know how hard it is – I have been there too.  Yes, I too have incarnated on Planet Earth.  My twin flame is there with you now, as are so many of your Masters, Archangels, Mentors and Guides.

You are so lovable in your true nature, I embrace you, Lightbearers.  You are in my heart always.  I am your Creator.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 29, 2014, 11pm, New York

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Father God Tells of Earths Galaxy and beyond   March 24 2014

Part 200, Father God Tells of Earth, Galaxy and Beyond

I would like to offer one more message to complete the book which is “When God Pinched My Toe” – the collaboration between Kathryn/Lady Portia and the Company of Heaven. We ask that it then be made available to the world in e-book form on her website.

It is time now to close this chapter of the story of the descent and final ascension of Planet Earth. Humankind has triumphed over the darkness which has kept them in the grip of unhappiness, suffering, illness and poverty for thousands of years. It is a story that goes back millions of years; it will be available and thoroughly understood once the planet and her beloved inhabitants have ascended to fulfill their destiny, which is to live in harmony and peace in the Paradise which is to be Mother Earth in her renewed state.

The Library of Porthologos is the depository of all records and information concerning the creation and history of all the Universe. It was one of the reasons Earth was created in this area of the Milky Way Galaxy. Humankind are the natural bearers of the knowledge of Creation; this is part of what is held in the codes of the DNA strands which are now being activated by the cosmic plasma waves and high vibrational energies from Prime Creator. It is an important part of what Earth will have to offer the world when she restores herself to the Light of Oneness.

The Library is located in Hollow Earth. It is available for the edification of all beings of the Light, and is currently under the care of the Agarthans who have been the protectors of all that is of the Light within Planet Earth. They are descendants of the high priests of Lemuria who have maintained a high dimensional civilization, waiting for the time when they could finally reveal themselves to offer their help, in league with all the Star Brothers and Sisters who have come from other galaxies and even other Universes. They have come via the use of “wormholes” – portals in the time/space fabric of the Multiverse which allow space travel across millions of light years.

Many travelers from afar are eager to take part in the learning available in Porthologos, and to establish links with other libraries across the Multiverse, in order to create a network of information resources which will be available to all. It will require the cooperation of humankind and their ability to organize and make available all that is within their soul memories – experiences, feelings, creative thinking and all forms of knowledge which they carry as a result of numerous incarnations here on Earth. This individual and shared knowledge will become available in holographic form for everyone who wishes to understand the creation and development of the human species and the planet which has harbored them through the phases of descent into Darkness and return to the Light.

You are now in the final phases of your recovery from having been under the control of invading colonizers – those you have known as the Reptilians, Greys and Draconians. Their grip has been loosened; their leaders have either turned to the Light to be restored or have been removed under the direction of Prime Creator. What remains now of their influence is the amalgam of thought patterns and residue of dark energy which was their legacy for thousands of years. This will be understood and addressed in a complete way when the Landings begin, and each human on the planet will be offered a mentor to help them recover and regain their balance. The goal will be to help every conscious being, including all the Kingdoms of Earth, from human to animal, vegetable and mineral, to raise their vibrations so that they can ascend to the level of the New Earth.

Now I will tell you about the changes which are to take place in the Hierarchy of Heaven when all of you have completed your Ascension. Mother God and I will be completing our assignment as the Creators and Stewards of the Milky Way Galaxy, just as you will eventually be completing your assignments as the Creators of the New Earth. It is part of our own ascension. We will be moving to a higher plane in order to take part in the creation of a new Universe – one which will offer expanded experiences for souls who have ascended in their work in this multidimensional universe and wish to experience new and previously unimagined challenges and pleasures.

As we move into other responsibilities, the Ascended Masters of your Earth along with those from other planets in your galaxy and beyond have been asked to step up to serve in our place. It will not surprise you to learn that your Sananda and Lady Nada have been asked to serve in our place. It will be an arrangement which will include a greater sharing of responsibilities, made possible because your Masters have worked together seamlessly and so effectively in the long process which has been the rescue and restoration of Planet Earth to the Light.

A new form of governance will be established in your galaxy which will rely more on the Council of One where all will combine their gifts and talents for the Greater Good, rather than the more hierarchical system which saw Us as your Omniscient and Omnipresent Masters.

The extensive talents and unique abilities of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, Archangel Michael and Celeste, Ashtar and Athena, Maitreya, Lanto, Metatron, Tartus and others will serve in capacities of responsibility in order to establish the Milky Way as a center of communications and training for the ascension of the entire Universe. Zaraya and Quazar will return to Hollow Earth to fulfill yet-to-be fully defined responsibilities.

St. Germain and Lady Portia, who are now acting as the Regents of Planet Earth, will be succeeded by Lucifer and Gabriella, whose dedication to the Earth Project has yet to be fully revealed.

St. Germain/Portia will serve side by side with Sananda/Nada as they do now, in an arrangement which might be compared to the Parliamentary Prime Minister/President assignments. You have learned of some of their exquisitely coordinated accomplishments in the past, as participants in the Jesus and Mary Magdalene Project, as virtual Chairman and CEO of ancient and present assignments, or teamed up as Advisors and Implementers, as Nada and Portia have done so well in this lifetime.

Of course, in the Spirit realms, the work is always in the service of increasing Light. All activities are designed to allow the growth of the soul in ascension toward Pure Light and Pure Love. All responsibilities, all work is directed toward this end; there is no other goal but to take part in the expansion and ascension toward the glorious merging as One with the great original energy we call Prime Creator.

In the coming weeks, you will be learning a great deal about what it means to ascend. Those of you who still have some work to do will be given all the help and encouragement you need to learn how to raise you vibration to the 100% level. In doing so, you will allow yourself the great pleasure of being completely without fear, completely at peace, and absolutely resolved to join your Ascended Masters in the glorious celebration which will mark the graduation day for each one of you.

It is an entirely individual matter, one which will be determined by, for and with yourself alone. No one can raise you up, any more than anyone can breathe or think for you. It will be entirely up to you how quickly or how slowly you decide to rise above this 3-dimensional plane to begin your life in a 5th dimensional form. It will be very different, yes, but there will be nothing about the transition that is painful or regrettable. All those who are dear to you in this life will be given the same chance for growth, and they will proceed at their own pace. No one will be left behind.

These mysteries will become clear to you when you leave this lower dimensional experience to raise yourself, with your present body, to the higher dimensional healing chambers, where you will be able to choose how you will represent yourself should you wish to use your body to once again descend to a lower vibration, to assist in the completion of the Earth project or for similar purposes elsewhere.

After you complete your Ascension, you will have the option to go wherever you wish in the Universe. The 5th dimension is the portal to other dimensions, other realities. Some of you who have come from distant planets to share this experience with us will be able to return home with your brothers and sisters; there are mother ships here from many planets to pick up their beloved ones. Others will decide to remain here with us until the entire project is completed. You have learned a great deal in your time here on Earth, and your service to your fellow humans will be greatly appreciated.

Every soul must be saved. No one, even those who have played the roles of the darkest of the dark cabal members, will be denied their chance to learn to Love again. It may take some time for them to grasp the truth that they no longer have the choice to continue with thoughts and actions which bring suffering to others. They will be taught to see the world as we do, in its entirety, including the intricate interactions which make it impossible to act in a vacuum. They will be educated with our powerful methods which include being able to experience holographically the lives and feelings of others. Denial becomes nearly impossible when the events which had been whitewashed and reinterpreted to suit one’s greed or arrogance are revealed and felt viscerally, in perfectly accurate detail.

You were each created with the capacity for love and empathy. It is in your make-up, even if one has been completely brainwashed into an ego state of suspicion, hatred, viciousness and violence. Healing for those individuals who have suffered excruciating physical abuse and sadistic psychological torture – and there are many – may require patience on the part of the student who must learn first to love him/herself before they can begin to love others. We are dedicated to providing gentle guidance, endless compassion, and if necessary, a bit of tough love, to convince each soul that it is not possible to simply opt out of Love and Light without uncomfortable consequences.

We have told you before, but we will reiterate now: we do not punish. No soul will be cast into Hell. There is no such place, and no action on our part which would resemble punishment. Each individual will choose their own path, with full preparation and knowledge of what they are to expect. All are invited to ascend with their brothers and sisters. Should anyone choose not to ascend, they will be provided another place in which to learn their further soul lessons, for this is the way of the Universe. All souls are born to a path of ascension; whether quickly or slowly, all beings in the Universe grow and expand. Just as the children around you grow into adults, and saplings grow into mature trees, so souls grow and evolve along their eternal path.

This path of Ascension has been granted to you by special agreement between humankind and your Creators. You are now at the end of a four million year cycle which will be complete when the last Earth soul accomplishes his/her ascension to the 5th dimension. At that time, Mother Earth will be granted her long-awaited opportunity to cleanse herself completely of the residue of this current civilization and will return to her original pristine state.

Once Gaia has completely recovered from the toxins and misuse of her resources, humankind in their new state of enlightenment and harmony will be able to return to live in the 5th dimensional Paradise which has been promised. Earth will then become a glorious center of Golden Age learning, a model of Ascension Completed for the whole Multiverse. And humankind will continue on its ambitious path to Create wonders for all the cosmos to enjoy and benefit from.

Many will choose to remain in Hollow Earth among the friends and loved ones who have traveled with them over long lifetimes; others will adventure far and wide across the cosmos; still others will join with us to help in the creation of the New Universe. All talents and abilities will be used in the fulfillment of each soul, without restriction by any oppressive structures or institutions. Little governance will be needed; 5th dimensional planets are governed by Universal Law – a fundamental understanding of the Cosmic Golden Rule.

Mother God speaks as one with me when I express the deep and endless Love we feel for each and every soul on our dear Planet Earth. We have tended to your aches and pains and wept tears of joy for your triumphs. We have shared in your feelings and your thoughts; we know your births and deaths and rebirths, and we have loved you every step along the path we have shared. Your triumphs lift us up; your expansion is ours as well. All the Universe shares in your magnificent achievement, for it is the catalyst which will drive the expansion of the entire Multiverse into a New Golden Age.

We share this historic moment with you, our beloved children, in great Joy. We wish you Peace, Harmony, Joy, Laughter, Abundance and much, much Love.

We are now and forever, yours in service, Mother and Father God.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, March 24, 2014, 1 am, New York

Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,


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FLIGHT 370 DID NOT Crash   March 12 2014

“Flight 370 did not crash”

Commander Ashtar

Ashtar Command

Wednesday, March 12 2014

Channel:  Dr Kathryn E May

Before Commander Ashtar speaks:

Kathryn: (Referring to Ashtar’s earlier letter BREAKING NEWS!  SIRIUS “UFO” BRINGS WORLD PEACE!  The message is posted on

“…the airliner wavers to one side and the other and back again – and meanwhile there are two shapes of “planes” on the radar, they come across the screen.  One suddenly speeds up four or five times the speed of any other airplane and then suddenly stops.  Of course it’s not an airplane – no one talks about this in the media.  The “plane” vanishes off the radar then the airliner vanishes seconds later. We posted that on the Facebook page, Healing for Ascension Tour.”

Kathryn takes a moment to bring Commander Ashtar…  ‘Let’s let him have his say… he is eager to come through’…

Anne DeHart: ( introduces Commander Astar:

Commander Ashtar is the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light.  The fleet of ships number in the millions.  They are above us, helping to protect our planet and to aid in bringing world peace. — Greetings, Commander Ashtar.

Commander Ashtar: Greetings … This was quite a coup we managed, and first I want to let everyone know that the passengers on Flight 370 are absolutely delighted and happy, spending time – yes I’m going to tell you where they are. I bet some of you have guessed. They are indeed in Hollow Earth. “There is no evidence because there was no plane crash.”

When they come back they will have quite a story to tell – they will be interviewed by TV interviewers, and stations all over the world are going to want to find out where they were, how it happened. In case the cigar-shaped ‘ufo’ which is now assigned to hovering over every conflict on the planet has not been enough, it will all come out when the people come back from Hollow Earth. They know all about our Galactic plan, and they were most ecstatic – have asked us to please use them as so-called hostages to create leverage to insist that all governments bring peace on Earth, to insist the governments must turn over all weapons and agree to enacting NESARA laws around the world, in every country.

This may take negotiations, and of course we have to wait for a few days while the thousands of people, airplanes, ships, helicopters, from 12 or 14 different countries are scouring the oceans searching to find some evidence, some trace of the crash, but of course they are not going to find anything. There is no evidence because there was no plane crash.

There was no plane crash. We scooped up the airplane as we have done before, took it to Hollow Earth

and all are safe and sound.  Now, it is a shame that the families are suffering and we wish we could put an end to that very quickly.  If any of you who know anyone in Asia or China.. any of the families – there were a large number of Chinese passengers – please get the information to them.

The passengers are safe and sound in the loving hands of the Galactic Federation of Light.  They are being wined and dined.  Of course we don’t drink wine, but we have a better replacement.  They are being well cared for and are having the time of their life. There is more than enough excitement, and I will give you another bit of information.

Many of them had their cell phones with them.  We are able to tap into the networks, so that eventually they will be able to send messages to their loved ones. First we have to wait until these crews of people who are sure they are going to find some evidence finish scouring the entire Asian continent.  There are stories ‘maybe the airplane turned around and went back.’  Of course it didn’t.

Our ships were just off the coast anticipating. We have millions of ships in the skies, you know.  We saw that the plane was in trouble – serious hydraulic failure which would have led to a catastrophic crash – and when we did what you might call ‘capture the airliner,’ we were very careful.  There was no harm either to the airplane or any one of the passengers or crew – they hardly felt a bump because we can catch and carry a large airliner with no problem at all; our ships are enormous.

“Please let the families know, the passengers are safe and sound in the loving hands of the Galactic Federation of Light.”

We were disguised on the radar as airplane-shaped in order to fly across Malaysia and to position ourselves so that we were close enough to catch the plane and of course it vanishes from the radar suddenly. You can all see this. They have seen it – those radar pictures have been suppressed but thanks to the Internet you all have it now. Kathryn has posted it, many others have posted it. So many have it – there is no way they are going to suppress it. And there, right before your eyes is the proof.  And yes we do need another name for our ships beside ‘UFOs,’ we are not unidentified, we absolutely are not, but we are flying objects, I suppose you could say, but we do need another term. How about Federation Ship?  We are no longer from outer space, we are right here in your atmosphere. Of course we originated from places all over the Universe.

We are going to …well, let me tell you our plan. We are going to use the cigar-shaped ships – of course there’s more than one. The one that was over the Ukraine that was filmed, now that film has been posted everywhere too. There will be better films to come, but unfortunately many of the trouble spots in the world are not easy to reach for Lightworkers on the ground or for those people who might be filming, for instance in Syria, in Somalia, there are no more American reporters in places like Somalia, but you will notice that whenever a conflict kicks up anywhere on the planet you will be seeing this ship, and it won’t be long before people will start to associate any kind of warmongering with the appearance of our ship.

We will be having several opportunities in the coming week to show ourselves and very soon people will start associating any conflict and any withdrawal of troop with our ship.  Already Putin has responded by taking his troops back to the barracks – that was a very wise decision on his part. Now, if necessary we will begin lasering a few tanks or weaponry, never when there’s anyone around, of course.. but there are many places where many of them are out in the open.

We can just melt a few tanks and see if that hits the news. As some of you know (there were a few pictures on the Internet), we have already destroyed underground storage facilities, the ones that were holding weapons of the sort that you may not even be aware of.  We have destroyed a number of those facilities; they are completely defunct now. You don’t see that on the News do you? Isn’t it interesting how they have been able to suppress this?

You would think it would be big news, if an enormous six hundred thousand square foot storage place holding all kind of missiles and weaponry has been eliminated – several of them – you would think this would be something that would get the attention of local news, wouldn’t you? It did create quite a flash! Well, they have managed to suppress that too. It does tell you a lot about who’s editing the things that appear on the media: well we intend to put a stop to that. Of course we had to work around it for now, didn’t we?

You liked our clever use of the Turner Radio Network.  We were aware of this old name that was defunct, and it seemed a very nice way to begin, and of course, in my message the other night, well, it was sort of an elbow in the ribs, hoping he (Ted) would sign up with us, help us to get the word out. We haven’t heard anything from him, but you can bet there is information on his desk about all this (from the desks of the people doing the work on the ground).

I’m trying to fill you in a bit as we go

There is of course a large connection between the cigar-shaped ship and flight 370, and the introduction of the NESARA Law, which will shift the entire planet – the entire planet – to a new way of governance. We are so excited. We are just beside ourselves at this opportunity! Now we did have to take it into our own hands because of the complete black out of any ability to get any news across. .. and we aren’t yet ready to take over all the stations for announcements as we have promised. That is coming though!

The Galactic Federation of Light is here to help mankind and Planet Earth transition to World Peace through New Governance, Financial Reform and New Technologies.

We wanted to do this a little bit more gradually. This was the reason for the capture of the flight and the announcement about the famous cigar-shaped UFO and its capabilities. (See,  Ashtar’s message, “Sirius UFO Brings World Peace.”)  Now, you know that this story has been handed up the line and there are any number of military leaders having what you might call an apoplectic attack, thinking about how they have just been boxed into a corner – what can they do now, do they dare ignore it?  Well, they will try to do that for a little while. Do they also dare ignore an airliner that has just disappeared?

And these events happening so close together? Is there a connection they are asking?  Well, of course there is!  Some of them are getting the infamous description from the Turner Radio Network of the ‘totally awesomely awesome’ (as Kathryn called it), weaponry available on this ship.

Of course, we will never and have never used weaponry to wipe out countries and repopulate! Nonsense, we would not do that, but it sounds frightening, doesn’t it?  Especially to the cabal, as it is exactly what they would like to do.  They appreciate the power and the absolute control that is possible when you have such technology – that is the way their minds work…paranoia…and  constant thinking about control, and who is going to control what, what they are going to do with their control.  Well, we do not wish to control anyone.

We offer our strength, we offer the technology that we have developed over millions of years.  We offer it for your protection and your well being, for the good of all. We offer it to help you gain your freedom, and we are delighted to do this finally for the inhabitants of Planet Earth, and we are able to do it by agreement with Prime Creator and the Galactic Councils that have consulted about these things for centuries.

It has finally come to the point where we were given the green light to help out. Now as you can tell, we have used restraint. Our help up until now has been subtle, suggestive, but not in anyone’s face very much. Well it is time to make it more obvious and I can tell you we did have a very good time writing that piece, creating it to show the world what an awesome ship we have, what it’s capable of, and how they’d better listen up because now all those weapons that even the secret government of the US and other places, the European families and so on, are puny by comparison.

The secret governments have had a stranglehold on the planet for centuries, and you can bet they were feeling shocked and awed, because nothing they have ever produced even comes close to what we take for granted everyday because we have been improving this technology for eons – long enough to know that you cannot keep peace by making war.  We had no intention of ever intervening in a war.  We have never done that – it would be contrary to our Galactic Mission. On Planet Earth we do not intervene in your wars, we do not bless one side or the other.  We do show ourselves to remind people that what they are doing is dangerous and unacceptable. And as I began to tell you, we have decided that every time there is any kind of dust-up on the planet people are going to see a cigar-shaped ‘UFO,’ and they will be getting the information out to the world, and eventually everyone will know about it.

NESARA Law will replace the secret governments and Freedom and Personal Sovereignty will be restored.

Now the next phase: we are looking to contacting all the leaders of all the countries on the planet and letting them know – there are many nationalities represented on the plane – that we are open to negotiating with them and that the passengers will be freed when they have signed the NESARA LAW into effect in their country. Now, as soon as this gets out to the world – of course that’s going to be the next challenge – as soon as the world understands that the so-called hostages will not be returned until the law has been signed into effect, people are going to begin to hustle, they are going to fall all over themselves to try find ways to negotiate, or to try to torpedo our plan, or to agree but not actually sign it.  We know all their tricks.

And so we will be putting the pressure on.  We need your help with that, to alert all your local and national news outlets with this story.

Of course we are not holding the passengers against their will. We would never do that, and if they should want to go back home we will make the arrangements for that to happen, but there are many who have said they are going to stick it out until all the last papers are signed because they are delighted to be the ones who are bringing about world peace. They are now the diplomats, the representatives of their countries.  If we don’t get some action, you will be hearing from some of them. They are well-spoken, dedicated and they really understand the importance of this project.

It is an exciting time. It is a very exciting time! As you can see there are many levers to be pushed… there are negotiations to be arranged… there are delicate ways of approaching this so we don’t expect any of you to go off,  well, and start talking about this in hysterical terms.  We are proceeding carefully with respect to all concerned. There will be no real threats, but as you can tell, the letter we wrote carries with it an implied threat – what we are telling the world is we will no longer permit the kind of destructiveness and bad behavior that has been the norm on planet Earth.

And so…that’s my update for all of you. I hope you understand…

I will repeat this as many times as necessary. We do this for the good of all, we do this for the entire planet, and we do this with love in our hearts… because we are your brothers and sisters… we hold you precious in our hearts.  We know how you have suffered and we wish to help you by putting an end to it. Do not think from reading all of this or hearing my words, that we are going to take over. We are not going to take over anything or anyone; we have offered our help and if at any time the passengers should not want to take part in this they will be taken right back home.

The world doesn’t understand the way we operate. Many of you may not understand that in our negotiations is the depth of love and concern for all involved.  We do not make war, we do not create division; this is why we have taken part in this kind of diplomatic action.  We do not take sides, we simply try to help to arrange things so no one is hurt.  Now even the dark ones who have created the problems, even they will be given a chance to change their ways, and we will gladly give it.  We have no intention of creating dissension.

If you think deeply about the things we have told you,  you will see how carefully thought out this is, how we have presented an opportunity. At each turn we create opportunities for people to come forward, to be courageous, to carry the light, to join with us.  Always we offer our help with an invitation to join us, and of course joining us means the ultimate invitation to all the people on the surface of Planet Earth to join the Galactic Federation of Light. You have not been members up until now – it would have been impossible – Planet Earth was under the control of the cabal.  We do not permit cabal controlled-planets in the Federation, but now blessed Mother Earth will be given the opportunity to join with us at last.

“We bring Peace and Love and Brotherhood.

 “This is all about Ascension”

Of course those of Inner Earth and Hollow Earth are already members but the people on the surface will finally be able to join with us, so try to look into your heart, whenever you hear me speak, try and understand what it is we are doing, do not assume “This is a lie, we are tricking you.” You have seen a bit of strategy on our part, that’s all. Our intentions are to bring peace and love and brotherhood, the kind we experience in the higher dimensions. We wish you love, we wish you well, we stand by your side to bring you the paradise that has been promised in your ancient writings.

Do not find yourself spreading across the internet “oh this is a just another lie.”

Just because you have not seen such dramatic action before doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  Here on the Earth, you are building momentum.  You have crossed the line; there will be no more destruction, no more need to rescue you from nuclear holocaust.  That is not going to happen.  The cosmic plan has changed, beloved ones.

We will not permit nuclear war. You are working with us. Together we are creating this. Watch, listen, be aware and put your shoulder to the wheel. Be part of the solution, as you have been told; be part of the hope.  Let yourself be uplifted, it is all happening now. Unfortunately you don’t have a media that will tell you anything about the news. There are some sources on the Internet; there are channelings. This is all about Ascension, dear ones, it is all about raising your vibrations, and if you are trying to tear down someone you are not raising your vibrations.

Look into your heart and question “Am I just being negative because I have experienced so much disappointment before?”  I assure you, beloved ones, we are working hard in your behalf, and our beloved Saint Germain is working day and night to help.

We had to have pretty fast foot work to keep ahead of the cabal.  We have been gaining momentum ever since December 2012. I hope I have encouraged you.  All is well, progress is being made, surprise is around the corner. You are going to be delighted with the things we have in store.  Be ready to dance in the streets, open your heart, your minds.  Don’t try to figure it out; it will all unfold in the most delightful ways. It’s going to be far more complex than anything you can imagine.

I’m going to turn this back to Anne and let Saint Germain speak with you, and Father God, and so,

Salut everyone, it is I, Ashtar.

(The interview continued with information from other Ascended Masters.  Go to for this and other interviews concerning important recent developments.)

Press Release – Flight 370 Rescued, Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship

WhoNeedslight News

Click Here to download the black/white Word document

March 18, 2014, High Falls, NY.  A comprehensive announcement describing the rescue of Flight 370 has been recorded by WhoNeedsLight News.  The plane was suffering hydraulic failure, was in an uncontrolled state, at risk of imminent destruction.  Whisked out of the air in mid-flight, it was taken aboard an enormous spacecraft from Sirius, claimed to be part of the Federation fleet under the Ashtar Command, whose full report is available from

Radar pictures confirm the appearance of alien craft and the sudden disappearance of Flight 370. Confusion reigns in the search and rescue efforts because of the astonishing anomaly which points directly to extremely advanced technological intervention.

Read the full explanation from this source, which cites the connection between sightings of cigar-shaped UFO’s in the skies over conflict areas (recently the Ukraine), the capture and safety of the passengers, and a new demand for countries around the globe to participate in initiating NESARA law.

Commander Ashtar claims responsibility for the rescue and for the demands, in cooperation with the passengers, who have offered to act as “hostages” to bring about immediate world peace.

The entire interview can be obtained by contacting Dr. Kathryn E. May at

Click on link below: Messages/AshtarTranscript


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