Make Love!

Make Love!Of all the things you make every day, how often does that include love? This is not just the intimate love shared between humans, but a way to view the world. If you start each of your creations with love, it will grow and become something so much bigger than you ever imagined. Make love the basis of all you do! ~ Creator

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Self Love First

Self Love FirstGuess what?! I have a surprise for you; you do not have to tolerate or condone negative behavior. Yes, it can be a positive thing to look at the other person’s perspective, however, you need not put up with name calling, mental, emotional or physical attacks.As always you have a choice. You can choose to stay in an ‘attempt’ to change a person, but that will most likely never happen. Be it from a lover, friend or acquaintance; change starts from within and you may never be that catalyst. Be loving to yourself first and the rest will follow. ~ Creator

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