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In the coming time, you may feel beset on all sides by the negative energy of others.  When this happens it is very important to remember

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Sheldan Nidle – February 24, 2015

3 Men, 13 Zac, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come carrying good news! The process of unwinding the gross influence of the dark continues. The Light through proper prayer and divine actions is very close to unwrapping the final obstacle put forth by the Anunnaki many millennia ago. This set of divine actions is to free the numerous funds and permit them to be graciously delivered. The Agarthans have in their possession keys to special chants and decrees made for this exact purpose.These acts can only be performed when the right divine time is before us. This special moment is now. Hence, Heaven instructs when and how to execute these final hymns. Gaia reaches the point in her travels when such hermetic devices can be successfully applied. Our liaisons are thus working with those of the Light who were selected long ago to…

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Hidden Nibiru Markets Revealed!!! Earthlings Sellling Pieces Of Nibiru, Pieces Of Nibiru Hidden In Plain Sight…Earthlings Build Homes With Nibiru Building Material

Dear earthlings,

This is not a cute puzzle to solve…. when you solve this puzzle, you will know that humanity is entering the most dramatic ever created by our Creator.

The zetatalk material AND the Kolbrin, both  mention the idea that RED CLAY comes from previous Nibiru passage… red clay from Australia, the Americas etc.  Red clay in fact, comes from Nibiru!!!!

Whoa earthlings…that means there are hidden parts of Nibiru everywhere!


Housing material

The story of Nibiru is there in our markets and homes….red clay… neat stuff eh?

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So Much Hurt

There’s so much hurt being passed around from person to person, and this is part of the reason you chose to come to earth and assist in the planetary restoration. You’re here to help heal the pain so many generations have passed down, and you’re achieving your goal with every challenge you overcome and every bit of spiritually inspired work you present to the rest of humanity.

As long as you can stay in a spiritually receptive frame of mind, you’ll have little difficulty using your spirituality and creativity to mend the broken hearts that are in need of love and recognition.

You really do raise the collective vibration and make it easier for others to awaken with every spiritually inspired thing you do, and it’d help you greatly to recognize this truth and let it inspire you in your dull, lackluster moments or the times when…

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markof beast 666

Published on Feb 6, 2015

News Articles:

Implantable Medical ID Approved By FDA


Stockholm: Members of Epicenter workspace are using microchip implants to open doors

FDA approves computer chip for Humans

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

​Solution for the absentminded? Swede gets microchip key implanted in hand

Office inserts microchips in workers’ skin

Swedish office gets under employees’ skin with RFID microchips

Talk about taking your work home with you! Swedish company implants microchips in its staff which lets them use the photocopier and pay in the canteen

Woman gets microchip implant so she can leave office keys at home

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oh beauty GAIA

{ Hi.. Marijas… All is well & am alive… NOPE am not Dead… Saw ur Email…. Like i said major Comp Crash… I have recovered almost 90% of all ma DATA…. I will Continue Posting at Turtle Pace as off now for a Few Days… Before Massive Data Comes by….. Take Care SiS…….. }

~Galactic human ~

Long-term constabularies have taken form in Gaia Energetic grid.

“Force” fields of Peace are strengthening concomitantly.

Fendings of Higher Aligned Spirit workers is ended.

Placements of planetary flight paths nears completion.

Arcs of Connection are finished.


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Fireball Rain From Nibiru Soon? Ancient Text Describes Nibiru Passby: Kolbrin Describes “The Event”: Zeta Research And Others Back Up This Theory,

Earthling, you want to figure things out… you knew it was bad… you know… all that stuff you push away… about what is actually going on in the world… hey you knew some wicked people were running the world…you knew there were some big earthquakes already… you knew the media is pumping tyranny… you now know this is the end of the age of Kali, and beginning of the Golden age… a Nibiru passby might bump things along one might say…

The Kolbrin bible passage, is something I recorded yesterday (posted above).

Also freedownloadgift from me: https://soundcloud.com/indian-in-the-machine/the-hour-of-the-destroyer-is-at-hand

I’ve listened to it over and over.

I am fascinated with how this ancient prophecy of future times, obviously sounds like a Nibiru passby.

…. and ….. gulp…..

It sounds like…

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According To Forensic Researchers…  Justin Bieber Is A Woman… See How She Did It


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Published on Feb 21, 2015

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Astronomers are puzzling over a comet that passed “insanely close” to the sun on Feb. 19th. At first glance it appeared to be a small object, not much bigger than a comet-boulder, doomed to disintegrate in the fierce heat. Instead, it has emerged apparently intact and is actually brightening as it recedes from the sun.

Unofficially, the icy visitor is being called “SOHO-2875,” because it is SOHO’s 2,875th comet discovery.

Karl Battams of the Naval Research Lab explained to Spaceweather: “It’s a ‘non-group comet,’ meaning that it does not appear to be related to any other…

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