Alfred Webre: KEN BUSTED IN 3 STEPS!

Alfred Webre: KEN BUSTED IN 3 STEPS! BUSTED IN 3 STEPS! “KEN” NOBODY authors historically inaccurate poison pen piece to discredit Alfred Lambremont Webre, only to have KEN’s inaccurate article expose KEN as a fabricator and fraud

STEP 1: “Ken” [No last name, still hiding behind the cowardice of anonymity] writes wildly projective and factually inaccurate rant attempting to discredit Alfred Lambremont Webre’s brilliant analysis in  VIDEO: Alfred Webre: Positive timeline transforms planned 2015 U$dollar collapse into Sovereignty, BRICS Golden Age

KEN’s fabricated rant can be found at

The NWO and the New Age Mind-Screw: Part 1 – Alfred Lambremont Webre |

This is a Hit Piece on the Positive Timeline that buries Alfred’s role as whistleblower exposing SRI, Tavistock, Skull & Bones, and deliberately distorts the Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness analysis of the future of the world financial system and reverses the Positive Future equation with the discredited Illuminati equation, despite Alfred having clearly written:

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Ken being a paranoid individual with no real depth of understanding is already outed as such but his being an idiot does not mean Alfred and his falling for the BS of Kevin A’s fraudulent crapola. To me its enough of a reason to avoid Al for his inability to filter out BS. He does not have good ability to discern things any better than Ken does. To me it all became apparent that both of these guys are a lacking in ability to not get fooled by others.

David Wilcock has far better vetting capabilities and way more credible knowledge because his base that he operates from is based on science first and all the mystical stuff is built off of that. His conspiracy stuff is less credible simply because it is so difficult to find intel that is not corrupted with misinfo.

One of Kens points that he likes to make over and over again and I will destroy it for you right here as soon as I state what it is.

He says that all the Drakes and DW’s and Fulords are doing is getting us to by into others doing the work and freeing us. Maybe Ken is eeling that way and thinks that he will sit on his hands if he buys into this thought process I can assure you this is not the case.

News that freedom is coming means that we can start to have hope and make plans to take action.

Where a guy like Ken will sit back and wait there are those who see this info online and we are inspired to take action and prepare with acquiring things we think will be of value in the battles to come.

Not everyone is reacting the same to these gurus on the net. I say that based on the numbers of increased sales for guns that more people than before are prepping and setting themselves up to be victorious in the fight for freedom.

Groups of people are talking about the problem and they are taking the discussions up with local police forces to voice concerns to see how who and what is in place to deal with the contingencies that are now needing to be considered given all we now know as a result of the briefings that we get from Drake and David.

Ken has not done anything but try to divide and conquer

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