The Voice Within: No Words Can Describe the Unknowable

The Annac Blog


An intuitive reading by Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Note from Wes: This reading’s title might seem to contradict my article from yesterday, “Spiritual Evolution and the Power of Words”, but while words are limited when it comes to spirituality, I still think they’re a great help along this journey.

There’s a subtle yet noteworthy difference between writing and channeling.

Writing allows you to give your perspective on various issues while also allowing you to access your greater awareness and pull some expressions and observations back up to the surface, while channeling bypasses the mind (while still using its translating capabilities) to offer the expression of your higher consciousness.

Your higher consciousness is always with you and always wants to help you along your journey, and to access its guidance clearly or properly, you have to be willing to release any false notions of what this connection should…

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