“Sananda, AAMichael and Jophiel come to talk about teamwork in Higher Dimensions”

“Sananda, AAMichael and Jophiel come to talk about teamwork in Higher Dimensions”

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Sananda, AAMichael and Jophiel come to talk about teamwork in Higher Dimensions

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Host:  Dr. Kathryn May
Co-Host:  Meg Davis
Guests:  Sananda, Archangel Michael, Archangel Jophiel
Audio:  (18:55 – 1:41:10)

Notes:  Sananda, Archangel Michael and Archangel Jophiel join Father/Source to talk about what they are doing currently to help us here on the surface, how we truly work as a family and a team, and how it all helps us with our Ascension and our growing understanding of Soul.

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The Teamwork of My Beloved Children

Father/Source:  Hello dear ones, all of you.  How are you?  It’s lovely to hear your voice, Meg, and spring in Georgia is certainly a beautiful time, isn’t it?

Meg:  It’s lovely, thank you.

Father/Source:  Blooming trees are my favorites; {laughing} they put on such a display.

All right, well, I am going to talk with you a little about teamwork in the higher dimensions, and of course, our wonderful Masters are going to come to talk about what they experience.  But I’ll give you a little bird’s-eye-view from my point of view.

Of course, it has been my great delight, and when I say, “my” or “I,” of course I mean:  Mother and I.  There is no Father without Mother.  Our creation – all of our creations – have been a joint effort.  There is nothing that I create by myself without her help.

So when we talk about teamwork, we are talking about the team that are our beloved children.  Their Higher Selves, of course, are here with us in the higher dimensions.  Many of them incarnated among you.

And the time has come that so many of you are Awakening.  Well of course, everyone on this call has already Awakened.  But around you, you see people just beginning to ask questions, just beginning to be curious that maybe what they’ve been taught is not the whole story.  And, of course, if you have been listening to our calls, you know a whole lot more about the wonderful story that’s unfolding and the truths that we are delighted to bring to you.

And today will be no different, so I will be talking about the way I see my family, my beloved Masters.  And you know, you’ve been taught a bit about the ones who are here tonight:  Sananda and Archangel Michael and Archangel Jophiel.  They are a lovely team; they work together a lot.  And it’s no accident that they are here tonight because their team of Twin Flames also work together.  That’s no accident, is it?

Many of these things may seem to you on the ground as mistakes or accidents or coincidences.  When you ‘just happen’ to bump into someone in the grocery store and fall in love, and end up together, and you think, “Oh my, wasn’t that lucky?”  Oh well, my children.  That isn’t luck.  We arranged the whole thing, of course.  We didn’t do it alone.  You really asked for it.  You planned it while you were here, and then you went through this whole birth process and ended up there on the surface, not remembering what you’d asked.

But most of you have had some greater or lesser contact with your Higher Selves, and they whisper in your ear and say, “Wouldn’t you like to go to the grocery store right now?”  And you say, “Oh, hmmm, I think it is time for me to go to the grocery store {laughs}.”  And lo and behold, the same thing has happened with your spouse.  His Higher Self just said, “You know, you forgot to stop at the grocery store to pick up such-and-such.  And he says, “Hmmm, of yeah, I don’t have any such-and-such, so I must stop at the grocery store.”  He walks through the door.  You bump into each other, and now here you are years later.

We arranged it.  We get great pleasure, really, in arranging these things.  It’s such fun.  We love to watch you fall in love.  We love to arrange these wonderful meetings that you think are so ‘accidental’ {laughs}.

That’s part of the teamwork, you know.  You are a team all by yourselves, you who are there on the ground, you Higher Self, all of us.  You are a Higher Self – a Greater Self – and your incarnation and probably many more aspects of yourselves in other projects, in other dimensions.  We can all be in many places.  That’s part of the fun of it.

Earth Is Changing – Thanks to You!

But this time around, this life on planet Earth is very special.  So those of you, who are here on Earth, are very concentrated here, are working very hard, and your Masters are here with you working very hard. Sometimes they have other assignments around the Universes, but this is the focus for many of us right now – a major focus I should say.

And so those of you – who are familiar with these Masters, who are here to talk with you – are familiar with them because you’ve known them for many many eons.  You’ve worked together on this project that is the adventure of planet Earth.  And we’ve told you:  you are well-known around the universe because this project is so unique, and, of course, at times it really is what you would call a “cliff-hanger” because there have been so many ups and downs and dramatic shifts.

And you feel it happening now, don’t you?  There are very dramatic things happening on planet Earth.  There is a huge crew of you on the ground pushing the boulder up the hill, you might say.  Those who have truly risked their lives to be whistleblowers, to work in the financial sector, to learn the ins-and-outs of what the Cabal is doing, and to work together to put an end to it.

And there are those of you who are the Lightworkers, who are “holding the Light,” as you call it.  This is not a small thing.  With so many of you now taking part, whenever there is a group meditation, it has a powerful effect, and it’s increasing, you know, as the energies increase.  It doesn’t take so much for you to manifest what you want anymore.  You only have to think it and snap your fingers and things show up.  It’s not so obvious for some of you because sometimes it shows up in a little different form than what you had anticipated.

But, look how things are moving.  You won’t find it in your television news, of course.  They’re trained to talk about the same things every day, in the same way.  But you don’t have to travel far around the internet to find some real news, and when you read the real news, what you find is that there are remarkable cooperative ventures popping up all over the globe in some of the most unexpected places. New alignments – and those of you in the US might be thinking, “Oh that’s disaster; it’s China taking over the world, and we are going to be defeated!”  Well, it’s certainly not true.

Yes, there are new alignments.  There are new financial arrangements, and they were needed.  If those in the US, who have been in charge of the financial systems, hadn’t been so selfish, it wouldn’t have been needed.  But there was no way to make inroads into the criminal behavior that was going on, everywhere from the top of most corporations, to Wall Street, to police forces, to everywhere you could think of… the dark ones had infiltrated.

And so things have to change.  It might be a little upsetting to some of you to think that your favorite way of life might be challenged, but I guarantee you:  what’s coming will be much more fun.   So keep your eyes open, and above all, keep your hearts open.

Some of you have complained, “Oh, nothing has changed.”  Well, dear ones, you must be sleeping.  If you walk out into the street, you can feel the difference.  People are friendlier.  The energies on the surface of the planet are rising.  The vibrations are different, and – as our dear Katherine was telling you – even the animals are changing.  Yes, you will see that change very soon.  There also were difficulties with the plants, the insects, even the microbes, the viruses.  You will see, it will be easier to keep yourself healthy.  There will be no need for vaccinations or slews of new drugs being created by the most profitable industry, the drug industry.

And above all, those who are listening, make sure you never allow yourself or anyone dear to you to ever take those terrible drugs that are prescribed for this disease that they’ve made up called “depression,” and the other one, the disease they’ve coined as “anxiety.”  There is no such thing.  Human beings have feelings.  Feelings are not diseases.

It Is Time to Remove the Dark Cell

You need to remove the dark cell.  It is time.  And when you do, you will have to still work a bit on the programs that you have been subjected to and that you absorbed from around you – no one could have avoided that.  It’s no shame to have been programmed, you know.  It was so pervasive.  But if you are willing, personally… you just look for it, like you would when you are vacuuming the floor.  You look to make sure you get all the bits off the rug.  It’s the same thing.  Just do a good job of vacuuming up all the program and get rid of it.  You can send it to us.  Don’t take it personally.  Just be a good detective, and do your own self-examination work, and you will be rid of it in no time.  And be patient with your children while they do the same.

Peace Will Reign on Earth

It is a lovely day coming for all of you.  Peace will reign on Earth, and not just within your lifetimes, but very soon.  You may have not noticed because of the advertising on television for every conflict, every war, every small skirmish gets headline news, but things are subsiding.  Peace is breaking out, and you can celebrate it already because the more you celebrate the sooner it comes.

You will have your blessings, my dear children, all kinds of blessings, and the sooner you raise your own vibrations, the faster your blessings come.  It’s a very simple formula:  raise your vibration and you’re in position.  Well, let’s put it this way:  If you were an outfielder in a baseball game, would you rather be 5 feet tall or 20 feet tall?  When there’s a ball that hits the upper stands, where would you rather be?  It’s the same way.  Raise your vibration, and you can catch the fly-ball, hit the high note, be successful, create what you want.

And now I said I would talk about teamwork.  The pictures I am giving you are about teamwork, aren’t they:  a baseball team, a family, all the species working together.  And we do the same.  Now, up here – we’ll call it that; although, a higher dimension is not really ‘up,’ of course, we’re all around you, but we’ll call it that because it is easier to think of it that way – we gather in meetings just as you do.  How many of you are sitting with a group around you, listening to this call?  I hope many of you are, and even if you are not, look.   There are hundreds of you listening.  You’re all together, all at the same time.

Do you know what that does for the energies on the Planet?  You’re all feeling good as you are listening to my voice, aren’t you?  Does it make you feel warm and happy?  It certainly does for me.  You can feel the vibration of all the others listening.  We are a family.  We are a team.  This is how we work in the higher dimensions as well.

We have meetings.  Whenever there is a difficulty, or a problem to be solved, or a new project to plan, we gather together.  We think about it together.  And I have the wonderful privilege of looking on while my beloved children express their brilliance, each of them in a special way.  For each one is different and unique, and we are all one.  It is possible to be both, you know.  I am You, You are Me, and You are You {laughs}.

We Are Together and I Love You

This is why I can love you all so much… because each one of you is special and unique.  You are all special and wonderful to me, and you are special and wonderful to each other.  It just happens that in the higher dimensions, the higher you go, the easier it is to love everyone around you because they’re all so charming and beautiful and loving and kind.

We don’t even need bodies, of course.  Everyone can move freely in their Light bodies, and yet, you always know who it is.  You don’t have to see the color of their hair or hear their voice.  You know who it is by their vibration because each being carries a different signature, a different vibration, just as you do.

If you’re walking down the street, and you see your old friend coming down the street toward you, you know them from a great distance away.  How is that?  You feel their vibration, so you become tuned to the people around you.  Like a good band or an orchestra, you learn to play together.  You learn to work together.  You learn to appreciate the talents and the abilities of those around you, especially when they’re different from you because it means you’re not all going to be doing the same thing at once.

And what a pleasure it is to have a team where everyone’s good at something, and many are good at many things.  But some have their specialties too, and that makes it so interesting and so much fun.  Well, look at the baseball team, for instance.  Some people are really good at being the pitcher.  Others are good running quickly around the bases.  Some are good at hitting.  Take any sport; this is why you have different positions, isn’t it?  Everyone expresses their talents a little differently.

So, here I have a wonderful team that is going to talk with you.  I am going to let them come one at a time, unless Katherine feels that she can channel all three of them at once.  She might try to do that.  Who knows?   She’s done it before {laughs}.  She’s laughing with me because I like to give her challenges.

So I’ve given you just a little point of view of how I see all of you.  Really, I just like the excuse to come and tell you how much I love you.  It doesn’t matter what the subject is.  That’s what I really want to do.  I hope you are feeling the love that I’m feeling.

And, yes, it pleases me when you love me back.  Why not?  I like that too.  Of course, I send you love regardless.  There are no conditions.   You don’t have to earn it.  You don’t have to work for it.  I love you just because you’re there, just because you are who you are.  And it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, or how long you’ve been doing it.  I love you, and I know that you will be back here at some point, beside me.  Whether you come in meditation, or you come between lives, or you Ascend with your body.

Humanity, You Are a Team and You Are a Family

It is such an exciting time because you’re going to have so many options, and you’re going to need to work as a team because you decided – all of you human beings – that you ARE a team.   You took it upon yourself to carry that classification, to think of yourself as a group, as a family who are responsible for one another, who love one another, and who will help one another.

And in that agreement, you all decided that you would Ascend together, as a species, as an entire population of a planet.  This has never been done before.  Yes, there have been Ascensions.  There are planets that have Ascended.  There are individuals, or even groups, who have Ascended.  But there has never been an entire planet and ALL the inhabitants who have Ascended together.

What a team this is!  More than seven billion of you humans now.  What a team.  It’s the largest team ever created.  How exciting {laughs}.  I admire you.  I admire you tremendously.  And as you know, we tell you:  you were created in our image.  Not each one of you is exactly like us – that’s not what it means.  But you have the qualities that we have, more than you know.

And your Higher Selves, as you call it, are here with me, enjoying this time together, smiling down, thinking about you, hoping that you are picking up all the nuances and the back-story of what I am telling you.  And they are very eager to make contact with you, as are your Twin Flames.  They’re all here waiting to make contact with you.  They need for you to invite them; for a Higher Self or a Twin Flame will never impose on you.  But they will come, gladly, if you call.
And once you call and say, “I really want to be close to you!  I want to make contact!  I want you to be here with me!”  Ah, you will never be alone, you will never be lonely.  It’s impossible.  How can you be lonely when you have your best friends with you?  And they are delighted to do that.

So you see, I told you each one of you is a team because you are.  So you have a team just waiting for you, your Higher Self, your Twin Flame, and your Guides, and your angels, who watch over you.  You might as well call on them because they’re hanging around waiting for you.  Call on them.  Join them.  Invite them to your party.  Invite them to your fun.  Count them in as your team, and your life will be a delight.  I guarantee it.

Now, I’d better turn the talking stick over, and let my dear Masters Sananda, Archangel Michael and Archangel Jophiel.  I am going to turn them over to you, and they will give you an idea about what it’s like to be a team in the higher dimensions, and how they like working on this team.

All right, it’s been lovely talking with you.  How wonderful it is, isn’t it?  That we’ve come into a whole new realm of being able to talk with you every week, knowing that you are there, knowing that you are asking questions, thinking hard about the things we tell you, and all of you growing and changing so fast.  It is thrilling for us to see.

All right, I’m going to step aside, and I will give the talking stick to Sananda.  He’s right here beside me.  Here you go, Sananda.  And I bow to all of you, my beloved children.

And now I’ll give Kathryn a moment, and let Meg come and speak with you, and then Sananda will be here with you.  So long, everybody….


It’s a New Day and We’ve Got Your Back

Sananda:  Hi Meg.

Meg:  Hi Sananda.  How are you tonight?

Sananda:  Oh yes, this is great fun for us.  Well, it’s been such a week!  We’ve all been working so hard in the Temple and around the world at other things, you know.  It’s been a historic period for us too.

Father talks about teamwork.  Well, his teams are all out in full force.  We’ve been working round-the-clock, all of us.  We do – I should say we used to – work, sort of, in shifts, and take a little time off and stretch and relax in between but the last months, none of us have.  Well, we haven’t had any time off, like you.  We didn’t take any time off for a long time because it was so exciting.  We were on a roll, and this kind of roll is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before.

You all were all working so hard.  You were raising your vibration, and we promised you we’d have your back.  So every time you would do something really successful, to clear away old dark patterns, to raise your vibration, to reach out to others, we would come right in behind you to support you.  So you wouldn’t feel the same kind of, well, my picture of it is like when a wave recedes, and then another one smacks you. Well, we didn’t want that to happen, so when you managed to make progress, we wanted to come up behind you and hold you, so that you could manage to keep going.

You felt it, haven’t you?  We have your back.  And that’s what – part of what – we think of as teamwork; we’re working with you.  And we wanted you to know that we’re working with you, step by step, in a way that is more synchronized, more conscious, more in direct cooperation with you than it’s ever been before.
Well, at least than it’s ever been before since about 26,000 years ago.

There are so many Lightworkers now, so many Awakening.  It’s a new day, really.  We can talk with all of you, and so many of you are learning how to channel.  When you sit down at night before you go to sleep, and you say, “I want to talk to my Higher Self,” or “I want to talk to Sananda,” or “I want to talk to my Twin Flame,” we come, don’t we?  You’re learning.  You’re learning to talk with us.

That’s so thrilling to us.  You just can’t imagine.  So, we used to be “the invisible team” behind you.  Now you feel us there.  You know we’re helping.  That’s such a pleasure; it’s such a pleasure for us.
Of course we were used to working in – what you might call – ‘in the shadows.’  You didn’t know that we were helping you, and that was okay with us.  It’s not that we need to be thanked, not anything like that.

It’s just that we love the teamwork.  We love feeling that we’re working hand-in-hand with you, consciously.  You know we’re here.  We know you’re there.  We know that you know that we know… it makes it really fun {laughs}.

Teamwork in the Higher Dimensions

So, that’s what we do in the higher dimensions.  We all know what each other’s doing, and what our assignments are, and what’s coming next because we communicate constantly with each other.  I bet you’re curious about that.  It’s not so different from what you do.

Once you become really aware of your own radar, you can get very good at detecting how other people are feeling, even what they’re thinking.  I see you do it all the time.  You may not really be aware that’s what you are doing, but you look over at someone next to you and say, “What?” – even if they weren’t talking – or, “Do you need something?”  or “How are you feeling?”  That’s because you’re tuned into each other, more and more.

Well, that’s pretty much the way we operate.  It’s a little more explicit, a little more conscious.  We can speak with one another, of course, without voices.  We don’t need voices.  We communicate telepathically, and we have a way of remembering and storing information that’s much freer and more accessible than the way the human brain works, but similar.  So we don’t need to write down our schedules or take notes from our meetings; we remember.

And when we communicate, we can talk with one another with our minds, our hearts because for us it’s not separate.  But we can also decide not to communicate with one another, so if you really don’t want to be talking with someone, you just keep your thoughts to yourself.  So it’s not as if there’s a din going on around you at all times.  We have to be able to manage that, or it would be like being in a stadium with everyone shouting at once.  You wouldn’t be able to be able to think straight.

So, we have our ways of modulating, of directing our thoughts, so that we keep our thoughts within the group that we’re talking to, so that we direct our thinking to the ones we want to communicate with, just the way you do.  You know that, when you’re sitting in a room together, you’re just talking with the people who are in the room with you.  You don’t wish – and this has become an issue, hasn’t it?  You don’t wish for your television to be listening.  You don’t wish to be tape-recorded in everything you say and do, of course not.  It’s the same for us.

We choose how we want to communicate, and, of course, it’s a great pleasure because we have a lot of freedom.  We can speak with many people at once; we don’t need a microphone {laughs}.  It’s much easier really, but it’s not so different.  We have the same appreciation of each person’s particular point of view.

So, here we have Archangel Michael and Archangel Jophiel.  I’ll call them by their names now:  Michael and Jophiel, my dear brothers.  We work together a lot.  And so, as Father said, it’s no accident that our Twin Flames work together as well.  What fun.

So, here’s Michael.  He has a flair.  You all know the pictures you see of Michael.  It is no accident that artists love to paint him in great flowing robes and enormous wings and a silver sword, of course, and a shield and flowing hair and a great halo and so on…  He loves playing the part, as we all do at times.

We like to play with our work because it’s joyful for us.  We love to watch Michael play his pranks.  He’s really good at it {laughs}.  He does love to joke, and he loves to do things with a flair because it makes us laugh, and it’s a good way of making a point, isn’t it, to add a little drama to what you are doing. It’s great fun.

Now, I don’t mean that he can’t be serious.  He can be very serious if he wants to, and if it’s appropriate. Sometimes we’re very serious.  You might not know from the way we talk, but, yes of course, there are times when we’re very serious, aren’t we, Michael?

Michael:  You bet bro! {Everyone laughs}

Sananda:  Okay, Michael, thank you {laughs}.  Yes, he does like to tease me too.

So, we are working on a project right now that all of you are now aware of:  The Temple of Light.  Of course, there are others there with us, but we have what you might call a “Steering Committee,” and among the main members of the Steering Committee are me, of course, Sananda, and Michael and Jophiel.  And we have chosen each other, ourselves, to fill these positions because we work so well together, like a well-oiled machine, you might say.

Jophiel has his own special talents.  He also has a very lovely sense of humor, kind of dry wit you might say. Very clever.  Not so, let’s see, I’d say, Michael is playful.  Jophiel, you might say, is droll {laughs}, a little more subtle in his humor.  It’s side-splitting sometimes.  Well, of course, we don’t have sides to split, but you know what I am referring to {laughs}.

So in the Temple, it really does require a sense of humor because the work can be quite challenging.  And when you’re working with millions of people who have been immersed in darkness, it can be quite a challenge.  We call on everyone to help when we need them.  Mother Mary is here often.  Archangel Raphael, and of course, all the Twin Flames – male and female – are here, from time-to-time, depending on what’s needed.

Now we’ve been working very closely because we’ve established the Temple of Light on Earth, as well as in the higher dimensions because it requires that we work with the bodies as well as the Higher Selves.  And you know, the Temple of Light here in the higher dimensions is where we’ve worked with the Higher Selves of those Cabal members, for instance.

I’ll give you a little… no maybe I’ll let Michael tell you about this, about what’s been going on in the Temple this week. It’s been very challenging, and we’ve been working on every level at once.   So I’m going to turn this over to him, and let him give you a bit of a description of the challenges we’ve encountered this week.
Alright, I’ll pass the talking stick.  Are you ready, Michael?  Okay, here you go.


Teamwork in Every Level of The Temple of Light

Archangel Michael:  Hi Everybody.  This is Archangel Michael, you call me, or, as Sananda said last time, you can call me, “Mike {laughs}.”  We do tease each other.

Well, things have been really cooking here, you might say.  The first group that went through many weeks ago now, are the ones that came from the Higher Selves that came from the darkest of the Cabal.  Their incarnations had been living in the 4th dimension or lower for thousands of years.  They were not prepared for the Light.

So we told you at the time we had our “Shock and Awe” program, where we presented ourselves in Technicolor and a hundred times the usual size, to get their attention, really, because – in their cases – their Higher Selves were no more developed than the lower parts of them:  their incarnations, their Souls.  So it was a real challenge.

Now, we did get most of them – almost all – to go to the higher dimensions, and they were renewed, restored, made whole again.  But they had the challenge of coming back to their incarnated Souls and having to deal with these bodies that were so damaged, so terribly damaged, that it was nearly impossible for them to re-enter the bodies and really create the pathways that would bring in Light.

So we called on our team on the ground, Kathryn and Christine and Eleanora.  They put their heads together.  Often the girls joined in.  We developed what you might think of as a ‘therapy program’ for the Higher Selves to use with their incarnated bodies.  Let’s call them their “incarnates.”  It is rather an impersonal term, but it’ll serve for now.

And so we recently called on them again, and when we do, we let them experience what’s going on in the Temple.  And it’s a little hard on them at times, but they feel the vibrations in the Temple. Often it starts with a big headache and the feelings of those who are here.  It can be annoyance, irritation, outright rage.  Many of them have vile tempers, you know, the ones on the ground, and their Higher Selves are having to deal with this and it’s very difficult for them.

The Challenge of Enlightened Higher Selves Re-Entering Dark and Damaged Bodies

So we’ve had another round of training for the Higher Selves who were having to deal with these bodies that are so damaged.  And this has been the challenge for the last couple of days, and we’ve asked our Twins there on the ground to help us.  It’s hard on them because they do feel the headaches and the fatigue and the stress that the incarnated ones are feeling.

So, we are no longer separate from you in a way that you might think.  Those of you who are tuned in, who are really open to the vibrations on the planet, will be feeling these same things, and this why we have asked that Kathryn keep a log and tell you about it.  She will release it soon to give you some information about what you might be feeling.  Some of you may think you’re coming down with something.  You might think you’re sick, or that your mood has changed, or that you’re behaving badly, or something like that.

You might think there’s something wrong with you, but in fact, it’s the dark vibrations that are being released by this group of Souls who are struggling so, still in their bodies, you know.  And the Higher Self is trying to make inroads, trying to infiltrate into the body to create new pathways.  Especially in the brain, it is difficult trying to create new pathways.

And we’ve had lots of good suggestions recently, and I bet some of you will have more.  Our dear friend Luis said, “Why don’t you just create a burning bush, and let them see it?  And have Father speak through it?  And that will get their attention {laughs}!”  We thought that was a brilliant idea.  Of course it is still difficult for us to come down through the dimensions to make ourselves visible to everybody.

It would be quite a lot of effort for us to be able to do that and be in the higher dimensions at the same time.  It would be difficult right now because the energies around the planet are still very dense.  And so we prefer to have you on the ground create the situations that will help.  But this one (the idea from Luis) sounds pretty interesting, so we are going to play with that idea and see how many ways we can stir up some interest.

And those on the ground, well, I’ll give you an example who they are.  For instance, those that have been trained by the CIA to be recruited into ISIS, and not just the CIA.  It’s also other secret agencies like Mussad from Israel and others from Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, but they’re the secret agencies that have trained these recruits.  Some of the Muslim, not all.  And they have gone through the darkest of the black ops programs, in which they are tortured.  They are abused in every possible way, and then they’re aggrandized and praised and paid enormous amounts of money.  More than most of them have ever seen in a lifetime, they are paid in one day.

Is it any surprise that they have been able to recruit some young men, most of them who just want to support their families or to help their religion or their country or their cause?  They don’t realize what they’re getting into when they sign up, but, at the end, they have been terribly damaged.  And the ones who are the leaders, well, they’re even more so.

So they’re the ones who wouldn’t believe, if we send them dreams.  We try.  They see it.  They feel it, and this is the way we work very effectively with some of you, but for them, we couldn’t break through.  They are so brainwashed that they can’t see anything but what they’ve been taught, and so it’s very hard to reach them.  So we like the idea of creating some kind of dust-up around them that will give them hints, images, signs.

Many people still believe in signs and omens.  This is what we are going to work with next, but they will have to be very dramatic in order to get the attention and to break through.  But once we get their attention, we can start working at night in their dream states and all day long with their unconscious, and little-by-little we can make inroads.  They’re a pretty difficult group.  Some we’ve made progress with.  Others we’re still trying.

Progress in the Temple of Light

So you see, the first waves of the ones who went to the Temple of Light have not yet begun to show dramatic changes.  We had hoped it would go a little more quickly, but we’re not discouraged by it because in each case we’re seeing the progress.  We’re seeing when we infiltrate.  We use the suggestion from Kathryn that we go through their immune system.  On many of them, that’s been working because that’s where we can… there’s still is a bit of Light in everyone who’s alive, so we can get in that way.  And then there are others, where we can present images that come from their religious beliefs, and that can be helpful.  And so it is an individual process for each one.

You can see why it takes so many of us, and why we have been working so hard, day-and-night.  We’ve now worked with more than 200 million Souls, Higher Selves, who are now back on the surface, working with their incarnates.  It’s thrilling, isn’t it?

And, every few days a new group arrives, and as more come through the Temple of Light, as the energies increase, the more we reach what you think of as the ‘hundredth monkey.’  The more people who do it, the more people do it.  That’s beginning to take hold.

So there’s good news from the Temple of Light.  It’s been hard work, but what a team we have, and you know there are millions and millions and millions of angels helping in every dimension, at every level, in every home, in every office place, in every school.  There are angels all around you, my beloved friends.  Some of them are younger Souls, some older, all there to help.

So, we have teams of millions and millions, even billions helping you.  So for everyone on the planet, there is a team.  It’s exciting, isn’t it?

And now, I know there is someone here who would really like to hear from Jophiel {laughs}.  She’s laughing….

I bet you’d all like to hear from Jophiel {laughs}, so I’ll turn this over to him.

And before I do I would like to wish my beloved a good night’s sleep and a good healing because she’s had some challenges dealing with something similar to what happened to Kathryn.  She also was attacked by a scalar weapon some time back.  She still had a few raw nerves to heal.  We’re helping her with that.

A Big Fan of Channeling

So we send our love to all of you.  What a thrill this is!  Many of you call on me.  I hear you.  I love coming to talk with you.  Please don’t hesitate to dial-me-up, if you’d like to speak with me.  I’m a big fan of channeling {laughs}.

You know, we know about everyone who has an opportunity to channel, we decide:  “Today you can go talk to John, and then tomorrow you can go talk to Kathryn.  We’ll get this one published by so-and-so,” and so forth.  So we have our friends and partners who channel for us, and we’re delighted by every chance we get.  So I like to go channel with other people too.  We don’t always say the same thing to everyone; it would be pretty boring if we did, wouldn’t it?

But I like to talk with all of you, and the more people who will write down my words, and put it out there, the better I like it {laughs} because it is a wonderful thing that all of you should know about all of us, isn’t it?  We are a team.  We all work together.  Whether it’s here or there.  We’re really mixing it up these days, and that gives us great pleasure.

Okay so Jophiel wants to talk with you.  I’m going to turn over the talking stick.  Okay, Joe, c’mon.


We Learn from You

Jophiel:  {Laughing} “Joe?!”  We tease each other about that stuff because we know you call each other those kinds of names.  So we all figured out names for ourselves that sound like what you call each other.
I had planned that I was going to say, “Hello, all of you {speaking in a deep tenor voice}.  It’s I, Jophiel.” {Everyone laughs} Because I know SHE (Jophiel’s incarnated Twin Flame, Eleanora, is present) likes that!

Oh I think I just embarrassed her..!” {All laughing}

{Speaking in a deep tenor voice}  Well, we may have a deep voice, if we wish.  It might be a little hard on Kathryn, but we’ll try it.

Well, you’ve had a good introduction so far from Father and Sananda and Archangel Michael.  Now, what do I have to add?  Well, one of the things I like to bring my… mmm… talents?  Well… gifts?  Whatever you want to call it… skills?  We each like to specialize a little bit.

I’m an educator at heart.  I love to teach.  So when Kathryn is working with the Higher Selves, I really enjoy listening to the suggestions and watching, when they work there in the Temple on the surface, and I pick up some little ideas, and I take it with me, and I use it in the training programs here.

So, you might be surprised to think that we learn from you, but of course we do.  We’re listening in all the time for good tips and suggestions.  And besides, you are there on the ground.  You know each other.  You know how human beings think and act and talk this week.

You’d be surprised how much things change.  If we haven’t incarnated on the surface for 10 years, things have already changed.  We have to listen carefully.  We want to know your slang.  We want to know your lingo, not to impress you … well… maybe to impress ourselves, but it’s fun.

We like to be a part of your lives.  We want you to know we sing your songs with you.  We listen to your jokes.  We learn your languages because we want to be as close to you as we can be.  And we want to understand what helps.  So we watch, we listen, we see.  This group (our Twin Flames on the surface) that’s working so hard, now they’ve covered just about every program and every possible human foible that can be uncovered.  We learn from that, and we use the things we learn when we’re working with the Higher Selves.

Now these Higher Selves – as you have been told – are sometimes very undeveloped.  They have lived only in the lower dimensions.  They don’t have the same kind of Light and skills and Presence and friendship – and certainly not the same kind of teamwork that we have.  In their lives, everything has been competition, suspicion, mistrust and deals.  They make deals with each other, rather than real loyalty and love.  They have blackmail points on each other, rather than real loyalty.

We have to understand this, if we’re to help them because it’s the Higher Selves we need to shepherd to convince them to go to the Light.  And so we work with the Higher Selves to get them to a point where they will agree to go to the Light.  And – if I do say so – we’ve been very successful at that.

And once they go to the Light, they’re in higher dimensions.  They meet God.  That’s a great surprise to them, and, of course, once you’ve met God, it is very hard to be dark anymore.  As you found, He’s accessible.  He’s loving, and Mother God melts all hearts.

So, we watch and we listen.  We pick up ideas, and then when these Higher Selves come back (to their incarnates on the surface), what a challenge they have!  They’re trained for it, when they are in the higher dimensions, but they’ve never done this before.  This is the first time they’ve had to enter into a body – as a being of Light entering into a body – that is so dark and so damaged.

So we have to be doctors.  We have to be psychologists.   We have to be parents.  We have to be brothers and sisters.  We have to teach them what it’s like to have a family.  And so, we are there with the Higher Selves, coaching them.  And this is one of my favorite jobs:  to help shepherd the Higher Selves when they go back to integrate with their bodies.

It’s a fascinating process, one that has never been done this way before.  And of course we, those of us who are interested in the science and the politics of it, and the philosophy behind what we’re doing, it’s fascinating.  And it’s challenging.  Every day there’s a new way of looking at this process.  Every day there are new ideas about how to proceed with this, how to create something brand new from what we have before us.

And so this is why we are becoming a team – in the higher and lower dimensions – all of us working together, constantly exchanging and sharing ideas and sending our love.

The Joy of Discovering Your Twin Flame and Higher Self

You know it’s opened up.  Many of you have discovered your Twin Flames, and now you’re sending love to us.  What a pleasure!  When you connect, when you make the connection with your Twin Flame, you’re completing a circuit, just like an electrical circuit, and wonderful things happen.  Sparks fly.

You have something wonderful to look forward to, if you haven’t met your Twin Flame yet.  Don’t hesitate.  Ask.  You only have to ask.  “They will come running,” as you would say, and they’ll be there by your side.  No one can have too many best friends, can they?  Well, if you’d like to have a best friend, call on your Twin Flame, and you’ll be very glad you did.

Some people say, “Oh, I’m afraid.  I don’t want a relationship.  I’m tired of relationships; they never work out right.”  Well, nonsense!  Your twin flame is yourself {laughs}, not someone you are going to argue with, unless you insist upon it.  Your twin flame is there to love you, to admire you, to adore you.

With two halves of the same heart, the same Soul, as long as you don’t have some preconceived notion, or some crazy expectation that your culture has encouraged you to expect, you will simply fall in love, be delighted, be fulfilled, be constantly entertained {laughs}, and you will feel the warmth of love around you at all times.  If you have a partner in your life, that’s okay.  They have Twin Flames too.  Why shouldn’t you both be just surrounded by love all the time?  It’ll improve your own relationships.

You see, we don’t have any such thing as jealousy here.  We don’t experience competition.  It would be ridiculous for us.  If we see our beloved Twin having a good life, it warms our hearts.  It’s what we want for you.  We want you to be surrounded with loving family and friends.  And whatever your contract is for this life, it’s our contract too.  We’ve all agreed to it together.  So you see, there is no such thing as a jealous relationship, or a complicated relationship even – between you and your Twin Flame.

If your heart is open, you will experience nothing but delight.  And this, my dear friends, is part of your Soul development.  It’s an important part of what’s happening now on planet Earth.  You’re all becoming closer to us.  You’re discovering you have a Higher Self.  How many of you knew that five years ago?  It wasn’t so commonly known that you have a Higher Self.  You have a Twin Flame.  You have a Company of Heaven.  You have angels protecting you.

Well, many people knew about angels, but they didn’t know that we don’t really have wings.  You see, we don’t need wings.  We do sort of play with that image sometimes because people like it, but we are weightless, so we can move from place to place, anytime we want.  We don’t have to fly.  That image was adopted by the artists because they thought, well, if we are floating around, we must have wings.  We must flap them, so they gave us wings {laughs}.  But, if you like it, we’ll still appear with our wings.

We Are a Family

So as you see, we are a family – all of us:  you and me, your Twin Flame and you, your Higher Self and you – all of us, with Mother and Father God.  All of us, with the Company of Heaven, who are our friends, other Masters, Archangels, who have taken on the responsibilities and the job descriptions.  It’s not an honorary position; it’s one that people volunteer for, are accepted into because they’re eager to do the work.  They’re eager to be together.  They have a vision of what they want all of us to accomplish together, and we work together as a team.

We have small groups.  We have large groups.  We break of into groups – like the trio of us you see tonight. Sometimes there are twelve of us; sometimes there are three, depending on the job.  We mix and match, you might say, depending on what we might have to do.  But always we take great pleasure in the fact that there is tremendous talent around us, always.  And we appreciate one another deeply because we see the uniqueness and the special Light that each one has.

We feel the same way about you.  We look at our Twin Flames and we see:  LOVE.  You have that expression, “Love is blind.”  Well, that’s us.  We see your Light, and we fall in love.  It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to do anything to please us.  We just love your essence.  We love being around you.  We love enjoying your laughter.  We feel your love, and it makes our hearts swell with joy.  That’s all.

You know, you’ve been told there is nothing real but love.  Well, it’s true.  But when you encounter the energy of your Twin Flame, it’s love, and it’s electric.   So, all of you, meet your family, talk to your Higher Self, introduce yourself to your Twin Flame, greet your angels.  When you wake up in the morning, thank them for protecting you.  Acknowledge your team, and the team of your friends, and your children, and your family, and your spouse and your parents.  You are all members of this great and glorious team that is:  Team Planet Earth.

What a joyful time we are heading into.  I know we’ve promised you wonderful things before; we can see them happening.  I know we have to explain them to you sometimes, so that you will believe us, but truly, the planet is changing.  The world is growing in every possible way.

Look around you.  Look into the eyes of the people you meet.  You’ll see something different.  Look deeply into the people you encounter, even if they’re people you’ve known all your life.  Look deeply into their eyes.  You will be pleased with what you see.  Sometimes you may be amazed with what you see because everyone is changing.

Well, what fun this is.  I’d like to be invited back again {laughs}.  Well, now everyone on the team has heard me say that.  I expect another invitation, of course {laughs}.  What fun it is to talk to all of you.

Okay, I will hand this back to Meg, and then she will call on Kathryn, and we will do a bit of a wrap-up for you.

Namaste everybody.  This is Jophiel.

Transcribed by Muna & Christine for Kathryn E. May, March 31, 2015
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